Questions About 120 Months

Would I survive in London with a maximum of 600 pounds per month?

My budget is a certain 500 pound salary I get from my part-time job, plus some money my family sends - amount is uncertain, I'd say another 100 p/m. So I've done some looking to see what's available out there and I am thinking I could hopefully find a cheap house share with bills included, e.g. around 95 p/w, ideally near enough to work so I wouldn't need transportation. I also think of budgeting the shopping not to exceed around 120 monthly. So, unless something urgent and expensive came up, I would be able to deal with it all. I will be looking for more hours of work, of course, but I wonder how I could cope if I decided to go sooner than later. I am a person who lives simply and healthily and doesn't spend money on alcohol, cigs, luxuries etc. I would say I'm scared but would also find it thrilling to have some quiet time and my own space. What else would there be to count as an expense? And what is your general opinion? Thanks I don't drink coke, but I know what you mean. I have

Quick! How can I make a couple bucks before the end of the month?

If I can prove I made a couple bucks by the end of the month, I get $120. Paypal payment (I have an account) and a true story of how it was earned would suffice as proof. Suffice it to say parents are involved ;-). Technically it could be $0.01 but I'm afraid they might balk at that. The best suggestion wins a prize :). Anything I can give over the internet, short of $120. First working suggestion gets a prize too, if they want. Something small I can give over the internet. Or maybe I could write a receipt for a payment transaction (me->you) for someone here? (What movie's that from again?) I think you'd have to pay me first, to show you hired me, though.

Prilosec needs a 4 month break?

Prilosec and Zantac. News reports that using Zantac correlates with mental decline have me paying more attention to previous guidance from my doctor that Prilosec would be appropriate for me, but the directions on the package are pretty odd. Do people really take Prilosec OTC for 14 days, not take it for 120 days, then rinse and repeat? That's what the directions say, but it's really hard to believe. Why are the directions like that? Is it supposed to be working that whole time?

Sample regression, x = months, huge bandwidths

I have two vectors, x and y.

x is a vector where each entry represents a month for a period of several years, so I have (let's say) 10 years of data, then length(x) = 120 and so on. (I have used the "posix.ct" command so they really are "months" in that sense, but couldn't I just have x as a numerical vector like c(1:n) or something, since I already know which month and which year a certain element of c(1:n) corresponds to? i.e if x = c(1:n), I know that x[13] is february of the second year and so on..)

y is a vector where each elements is an observation of a particular variable at a certain month. So the observed data is grouped like this (january,0.123), (february,2.125) and so on. I have two vectors for the months;

x1 = seq(as.POSIXct("YYYY-MM-DD", tz="GMT"),
       as.POSIXct("YYYY-MM-DD", tz="GMT"),
x2 = c(1:le

Inexpensive but Decent Beer of the Month Club?

Suggestions for a relatively inexpensive but decent quality beer of the month club (or something similar)? We need to get my cousin’s husband a Christmas present; the limit is $100 but we could probably go up to $120 if it were really worth it. We’d like to get him a subscription to a beer of the month club (he is a self-described “beer snob”) but everything we can find is really costly because they all seem to send twelve packs of four different types of beer each month, plus the shipping is astronomical. Do you have any suggestions for or experience with less expensive options? If not, is there something similar we could get him that is within our price range? He likes scotch as well but that appears to be more and not less expensive. All suggestions are welcome. Thanks!

How do I track referral credits over a period of several months for multiple customers without getting confused?

How do I track referral credits over a period of several months for multiple customers without getting them confused? Lots of confusing details ahead... At work, we have a referral program in place that allows existing customers to earn a "referral credit" when they send a new client our way. Most of our clients pay $40 per month for our services (on a recurring revenue basis). The boss is extremely adamant that the amount of the referral credit is $40 per month for three months, for a grand total of $120. The referral program is designed to reduce/cancel their billing for 3 months in order to fulfill the referral credit. The thing is, we do not have any software or anything to track these referral credits at present, so it all has to be done manually. We are generating much more business lately (yay!), and consequently we are seeing a lot more of these referrals. However, with each customer starting at a different time/month, it is be

Work eight hours a day for ~$24 an hour, or two hours a day for ~$120 an hour...

Should I quit my job now that I am making more money as a self-published author? I am a self-published author of a number of books, sold largely via Amazon KDP and B&N PubIt. It has taken a lot of hard work and time, but I am now at the point where my income from my writing is more than my income from my job. This is basically a dream come true for me, and it feels great! My wife and I are thinking of moving to another, nicer city, and to that end we have been saving money (about $14000 at the moment). The caveat? I would have to quit my job, and it makes me nervous. No, that's not right. It makes me terrified. I'm afraid that my income from writing will dry up and I will be left without income to fall back on. My wife works in healthcare and her income alone is enough for us to live on in our current city, but if we move to the new city, our living expenses will go up about 25%. She feels that we would be fine and that I have no need to worry, but I feel as if I

This is why it takes me six months to purchase anything.

My Verizon contract expired. I'd like a cheaper phone plan (currently on a grandfathered unlimited text/data plan) and also an iPhone 5. I don't mind paying for an unsubsidized phone if the savings on the plan even out. However... ...the thing is that I'm in NYC which has enough connectivity idiosyncracies that general "which plan is best for me" articles are kind of useless. So, this is what my usage looks like: ~500 texts/mo., ~120 mins voice/mo., ~2 GB/mo. I can definitely be more judicious about my data use, but the number of texts and minutes used is only going up in the near future (despite the diagram.) I'm currently paying ~$115/mo for the grandfathered Verizon unlimited plan. If I re-up my contract with Verizon, I can get an iPhone 5 for ~$250 instead of the unsubsidized price of ~$750 but I'll have to pay about $60 extra/mo. for less service. So re-upping the contract makes zero sense because I'll be paying an extra ~$1500 for less ser

Does anyone know how to calculate a mortgage with dual balloon payments?

I am looking at entering a contract for deed on a vacation property with the amount being financed of $127,000 over 120 months at 5.25% with a balloon payment at month 61 of $10,000 and paying another balloon payment for the remainder of the balance at month 121. What I am trying to determine is the monthly payment over the term of the contract with the two balloon payments factored into the equation. Thanks.

How can I cost my Health Insurance Provider money? Or at least get SOME benefit from my monthly premium.

I am a very healthy (THANK GOD) young male. I can't remember the last time I went to the Doctor to get "fixed" Besides a broken arm and some poison oak when I was a kid. But, we all know, if we don't have health insurance the terrorists win. So every month I fork over $120 for peace of mind, kn…

What is the best way to lose weight in a short amount of time (2 1/2- 4 months)?

I workout every day normally walk fast (4.7 mph) or run for at least an hour and I eat a low calorie diet. I try so hard and nothing ever seems to work. My family (mom and grandma) both have slow metabolisms and I assume that I do too. I'm 5'4" and 148 pounds and I would really like to lose about 23 pounds at least so that I am between 120 and 125. What would all of you recommend??

How to afford a car on SSDI $1,113 is my monthly income?

I'm on SSDI and have been taking public transit for a while but due to health conditions it makes it difficult to take public transportation. I'm thinking of buying a late model car for $3000 or less but I'm worried about how to maintain the costs of car ownership. My rent is $450, electric is $120 usually, Food is about $200, and everything else is $100. I have bad credit and live in Miami, so insurance is high here. Any ideas of how to afford a car?

Supplement my Weight-Training

Followup question: Recommend some good protein (and other nutritional) supplements to compliment my weight-training. [more inside] It's been a month since I started weight-training and it's going fine so far. I'm on a Upper-then-Lower alternate-day schedule. Now, I've concerns regarding my diet. As I mentioned in the earlier thread, my choice of food is restricted to a few places, like Subway, some pizza, some Indian and Chinese. A rough estimate is that I consume 1500 calories a day (excluding supplements). I would ideally like 1500 more. I could simply buys tons of protein supplements. One problem, I can't afford to spend too much. I can't spend more than $120/month on them (also, in which case, I'll have to economize on regular food, but I've some ideas there.) So, with that in mind, what are good nutrition/calorie strategies (and products)?

What are my chances of getting a car loan?

I don't know my credit score, but I can give you some details. I have been working out of college for 7 months. I make $32000 a year. I have been paying rent and utilities for 27 straight months without any late payments. I also have student loans, of which I pay $55/month and my parents pay the remaining $120/month. I have one credit card with a $1000 limit and never missed a payment and owe $0. The only other thing I pay for (other than usual groceries, etc) is car insurance. What are my chances of getting a $12-13k loan for a car? If it helps, I will be putting $5k down on it. I may also chose to go private sale for the car, but will still need the $12-13k loan and pay the difference in cash. ALSO, important...I won't have a cosigner. I don't have anyone who can cosign for me. Thanks everyone for the initial responses. I have already resorted to the fact that my interest rate is going to be a little high. If I could get a rate around 10-12% then I should be good with the monthly p

How much do you spend a month on your looks? How much is too much?

Not including clothes & make up... just grooming. I was just going over this and I spend about $30 every 3wks on haircuts. My natural hair color is kinda blah so in the winter I dye it bolder shade of brown ($40 every mo.) in the summer I get highlights ($55 a mo). On my nails when I have acrylics I spend about $40 a mo, when I don't have them I do the manicures myself most of the time & when I get it done it's only $10. Pedicures $25 a mo. & I touch it up myself. Eyebrow waxing $8 every 2wks. Bikini waxes about $40 a mo. And if I get a breakout I do go get a facial (approx $120 cause it works). I don't think I do anything out of the ordinary but when I add it all up it does seem like alot, especially since I have alot of bills to pay (car, ins, credit cards etc.). But I also have to look presentable to go to work & to feel good about myself. Could I be doing more to save money? If you guys have any tips to save money please share.. thanks.


okay so i'm 17, 5'5 and i weigh 131 pounds i've been going to the gym for a year now but never really dieted, but my weight has always been around about 125 until recently i got up to 132? i think a lot of it has to do with me gaining muscle especially in my legs and arms and back i'm leaving for mexico for march break and i go to classes every tuesday and thursday then every other day i go and do cardio by myself is it possible for me to be about 120 by the time i leave?! does anyone know of a diet plan? ps, i tried this diet last week to only eat healthy food when i was hungry, but i eventually only ate like 2 things a day being a tuna sandwhich and like yogurt, then i got scared cause i didn't want my body to think i was starving myself PSSSSSSSSSSS i have an INFRARED sauna, i've heard it helps you burn calories (most of it being water weight) because it speeds up your metabolic rate is this true? thanks for anyone that can help me :) LOL to samantha 500 calories a day will no