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Laptop doesn't boot up (not even to bios settings) and has corrupted partition table

My laptop fails to boot up. Since it fails even before I could enter bios settings, I thought it has to be a hardware failure. To rescue my data, I removed the hard disk and plugged it to another PC. There I noticed that the partition table is incorrect, but I was able to rescue my data using the testdisk tool. Is it possible, that it is indeed a software error (meaning I could repair my laptop by repairing the partition table), although it even fails to enter bios?

The laptop is a Samsung Series7 700Z3C. It doesn't boot up, whether there is a bootable CD in the drive or not and whether the internal hard drive is removed or plugged in. When pressing the power button, it just shows a black screen and nothing else. I can hear the cd drive running, but the CPU fan isn't moving.

It fails before I could enter bios, so I couldn't change boot priority which is set to hard drive first (I think). I tried to repair the partition table of the hard disk(see below), but the lapto