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List of African American inventions?

Alright I saw one answer from some ignorant douchebag basically claiming that "black" people haven't contributed to society. I'm here to educate that very douchebag. List of African American inventions: air conditioning unit Frederick M. Jones July 12, 1949 air ship (dirigible) J.F. Pickering 1892 almanac Benjamin Banneker 1791 — approximate date automatic car coupling for trains Andrew Beard 1897 automatic cutoff switch Granville T. Woods January 1, 1839 automatic fishing device G. Cook May 30, 1899 automatic gear shift Richard Spikes February 28, 1932 automatic lubricating system for railroads and machines Elijah McCoy October 27, 1891 automatic shoe making machine Jan Matzelinger 1883 baby buggy W.H. Richardsopn June 18, 1899 bicycle frame L.R. Johnson October 10, 1899 biscuit cutter Alexander P. Ashbourne November 30, 1875 blood plasma bag, blood bank Charles Drew 1945 — approximate date caps for bottles and jars A.E. Long & A.A Jones 1898 casket lowering device A.C. Richardson

To all you people who hate "black people", explain this to me?

Since you hate people of black decent, you obviously don't like: Jackie Robinson, Barack Obama, Ursula Burns, Rosa Parks, MLK, Frederick Douglass, Tiger Woods, Will Smith, Lil Wayne, Benjamin Banneker, Mary MeLeod Bethune, Tyra Banks, Oprah Winfrey, and that's just a couple names off the top of my head. Since you don't like Obama, you hate the thought of free health care, you really don't like the environment(Mar. 30 2009 – Obama signs the Omnibus Public Lands Management Act of 2009, which serves to protect two million acres of land and creates a new system of land conservation for the Bureau of Land Management.), and you must despise a fair paycheck(an. 29 2009 – Obama signs the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act. Reducing discrimination based on gender, age, religion, or race.) Ursula Burns: CEO, Director of Xerox Corporation. Xerox reported revenue of $17.6 billion in 2008. Burns received a bachelor of science degree from Polytechnic Institute of New York in 1980 and a master of scienc

A huckleberry over my persimmon.

Where can I pick huckleberries in New York State that is accessible by public transportation and hiking? The NYT reports that in 1884 and 1897 there were enough huckleberries in the state to make collecting them a profitable enterprise, but where are they today? I grew up picking huckleberries in the mountains of Oregon, freezing them and making pancakes with them all winter and would like to do the same here in NY, so ideally they should be the sweet-tart variety that are desirable for eating without noticeably large seeds. The above articles mention the Gunks and also Ulster, Orange, Sullivan, and Greene counties. I'm looking for locations accessible by a combination of public transportation and hiking from New York City. I'd prefer to take a train over a bus and don't mind hiking up to 10 miles round trip.

white people aren't the only smart ones?

Some Inventions Made by Black People air conditioning unit: Frederick M. Jones; July 12, 1949 almanac: Benjamin Banneker; Approx 1791 auto cut-off switch: Granville T. Woods; January 1,1839 auto fishing devise: G. Cook; May 30, 1899 automatic gear shift: Richard Spikes; February 28, 1932 baby buggy: W.H. Richardson; June 18, 1899 bicycle frame: L.R. Johnson; Octber 10, 1899 biscuit cutter: A.P. Ashbourne; November 30, 1875 blood plasma bag: Charles Drew; Approx. 1945 cellular phone: Henry T. Sampson; July 6, 1971 chamber commode: T. Elkins; January 3, 1897 clothes dryer: G. T. Sampson; June 6, 1862 curtain rod: S. R. Scratton; November 30, 1889 curtain rod support: William S. Grant; August 4, 1896 door knob: O. Dorsey; December 10, 1878 door stop: O. Dorsey; December 10, 1878 dust pan: Lawrence P. Ray; August 3, 1897 egg beater: Willie Johnson; February 5, 1884 electric lampbulb: Lewis Latimer; March 21, 1882 elevator: Alexander Miles; October 11, 1867 eye protector