Questions About 2 117 Pounds

19 years old, weigh 117 pounds, sophomore in college. I have never been so disappointed in myself for staying in this shape for this long. Its time for change. Any helpful advice or tips?

Some background info if anyone's interested_ Im an chinese guy who currently weighs at a slim 117 pounds. yea..You can imagine how much shit i deal with being both asian and small. Being 19 years old now not only does my body not match my height (5'8) but im deeply concerned about testosterone lev…

breast augmentation in 2 weeks?

im a little stuck on which size to get. im 5'2 117 pounds. 32 a. i told the nurse the day of my pre op i wanted anywhere between a full b and small c cup. she said to go for the small c cup bc most women end up wishing they went a little bigger. im confused i dont want to end up looking super fake. so which size should i get? (im getting memory gel implants, btw) and how was your recovery? im getting it done through the areola under the muscle. only POSITIVE opinions please i dont want any of the "dont get them bla bla bla." personal experiences also would be a huge help!

Is it safe to use organic apple cider vinegar to lower your blood pressure?

and does it work? Someone told me 1 tablespoon of it 3 times a day will lower bp naturally without side effects. I am wondering if it is safe and it the acidity might cause side effects, like perhaps arthritis? I weight 117 pounds and have never had a weight problem. I have been on a low sodium diet for 20 years and eat diet with not much sugar, fat, or excess calories. No coffee, alcohol, etc. Try to take a walk every day and eat a well balanced diet.

What are the best foods to start out on after being on a liquid diet for 2 months?

My friend throws up for days at a time, going from a few days to a month or so between episodes. Dr.'s have been unable to diagnose her with anything, though this has been going on for years. Her latest dr. has had her on a liquid diet for about 2 months and she is losing 3-4 pounds a week. She is down to 87 pounds and throws up anyhow. She wants to eat something, but we don't know what the best thing would be after being on liquids for so long. Thanks! I really am not trying to kill my friend....she has probably seen 20 dr.'s over the 7 years this has been going on. They have removed everything they can remove, stuck so many lights down her throat you could light up New York with them and even done a gastric bypass when she only weighed about 117 pounds. Her skin hangs off of her body like the saggy baggy elephant. She is going to die if she doesn't get some food. They are discussing a feeding tube, but she wants to try something less drastic first, like eating, since she thr

Is My Zoloft Dosage High?

I am wondering if my dosage is high for my age, weight, and height. Ive been doing some research on the internet, now knowing zoloft is a major anti depressant, I feel I may be on a high dose. I am 16 year old girl, I weigh 117 pounds and I am 5'7. High dosage? WOW i didnt say my dose, it is 125 mg once a day. I also take 2 50mg tablets of seroquil, and 2 attarax. I had an eating disorder so.

Serious pregnancy question!! (Read details!)?

I'll be 16 in 9 days.. But anyways I had unprotected sex a few weeks ago.. Last week I took 3 pregnancy tests they were all positive I'm 2 weeks late for my period.. Last night I had terrible pains in my lower abdomen so mom took me to the hospital they took blood and a urine sample and said my pregnancy test came up negative on both sent me home and told me to take Tylenol for the pain... I took another home test last night and it was negative. I'm still hurting extremely bad.. And I still haven't started my period.. I weighed 105 pounds last months and now I weigh 117 pounds.. Everything is making me nauseated I've threw up like 4 or 5 times just in the past week... I'm broke out really bad.. And I feel terrible... WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?!?

How can I lose weight fast?

I am a fourteen year old girl and weigh 116-117 pounds. I am only 5 foot 2 and a half. I know that you have to exercise and eat right. I was just wondering how many calories I should take in, and what i should be eating mostly (i.e. carbs, proteins, etc.) And how much cardio should i get in as well? I am running a mile a day right now, but I am really busy, so how many days do I have to run? And I also weight lift, how many reps and sets should I do and for how many days? I just want to lose ten pounds fast. Plz help tyvm! :D