Questions About 2300 Tons

What is the best thing to feed my 12-year old cat with pancreatitis/urinary sensitivities?

My 12- year old kitty, Willis, has been visiting the vet for regular vomiting and bloody stools. His intestines feel hard and after a blood test, he is showing abnormally high amylase levels (2300 is what he's at, I believe). The vet has said he may have pancreatitis and we will try out some medications before we have to resort to more costly procedures. He gave me a bag of hill's prescription diet for intestinal and digestive health but I've heard bad things about hill's and if I'm going to pay so much money for his food, I'd like to put him on something more holistic/natural. What can i feed an old cat with pancreatitis? He's on pro plan for urinary tract health at the moment. He used to be my uncles so I'm not exactly sure what was going on with that but I know he was urinating a lot and outside of his box because he was in pain. What can I feed a cat like this? Are natural meats healthy enough to help his conditions? I don't want to buy grain-free or something I'm unsure about and

School me, please, for I am ignorant.

I am a nutritional newbie - I never took any classes on the subject, I'm a lifelong selective eater, and what little I know has been memorized, mostly in the last two months. I'm in need of some specific schooling on my current peculiar weight-loss situation. The question: what is making me lose weight? And how can I keep this happening? And why does it seem like I'm breaking all the rules here? The background: In September/October, I was prescribed Geodon, which spiked my blood sugar from 88 to 163 in a matter of a bit less than two weeks. This freaked everyone the heck out, and rightly so. Amongst many other changes, I was enrolled in the YMCA's Diabetes Prevention Program, and starting on December 20th, I started tracking my food intake daily. I have OCPD and OCD, and am totally confident that if anything, I am underestimating my caloric intake (due to ignorance of things like "how much fat do you add if you fry a tortilla.") I believe these

I'm good for it, I promise!

Should I attempt to buy a home with my poor credit (if it's even possible) or work on rehabing my abysmal credit? I'm looking to buy a home. Here are some details I think might help me (and you!) unpack my question: -- My credit score is around 590. -- I live in a very rural area with tons of foreclosures. -- I have about $18000 in student loan debt, currently in deferment. -- I have about $2300 in other debt (between a hospital bill and a debt to a college. I can afford, with current savings, to pay both these off but I was keeping that money close as a potential down payment.) -- I had applied for a mortgage on a foreclosed house. I was turned down because the lender wanted a credit score of 620 and the house was about $80000. -- There is another house, of which I know the full history and looooove, that is also a foreclosure and is listed for $34900. -- I have rented our current house for 5 years and have excellent rental history. -- I am empl

What are my chances of getting into college?

I'm gonna try to keep this short. GPA: 4.5 weighted, 3.8 unweighted Rigor: I'll have taken around 10-11 AP Exams by the time I graduate, of the 6 I've already taken its all 5s and one 4. Rank: Top 10 out of 730 students. SAT: 2240, retaking in Oct for a 2300+ (Superscored I have a 2330) ACT: 35 Subject Tests: 800 Math 2, 770 Chem PSAT: 233, probably NM semifinalist/finalist Vice President and Varsity Captain of Speech/Debate (Tons of awards and national rank) Captain of DECA Co-Founder and President of FBLA Co-Founder of a startup aimed at providing underprivileged kids inexpensive debate resources Interned with a company releasing a social networking app Co-Founder and Lead Programmer at my own app development team Assistant Tennis Coach with my City's rec program for two years Web Developer for some of the clubs around campus Editor at a tech news reporting website My goal: The goals are EECS at Berkeley, MIT, Stanford, CalTech, CMU, and Harvard. I'd be cool with U Michigan

how to fix central air conditioner compressor?

Thanks both for the information. I turn my AC on and the outside uit doesn't work. I checked the fuses outside the house and they were both gone. I replaced new fuses and they both burned immediately again. I think that somewhere the wire is shorted to ground and I am afraid that the compressor is shot. I checked the compressor terminal and it shows continuity. I was told the cost will be $1800 for replacement and $2300 for a new outside unit. Is the price reasonable? I think that I have 4-ton unit. Thanks