Questions About 299 Mi

The power outlet on my laptop broke, the company wants $299 flat fee to look at it?

I heard the power connector break inside my laptop computer and once my battery died the laptop blinked off. I called the manufacturer (it is well past the warentee, and was told that I have to give my credit card number and pay a base service fee of $299 that is not refundable and only covers one basic small repair. Is there a way to get this fixed any cheaper?

Anyone use the Peek Pronto for cheap, roaming access to email/text? At $299 for the device & lifetime access it seems like a good solution.

I have a cheap phone plan with not data. I'd like access to my gmail and transcribed voice mails from google/voice. Anyone use one of these and love/hate it? The $299 for lifetime access seems new and it's what caught my attention.…

Functions return 'undefined' on values over 2,299

I have a function which calculates taxes.

function taxes(tax, taxWage) 
    var minWage = firstTier; //defined as a global variable which is not 2299. 
    if (taxWage > minWage) 
        \calculates tax recursively calling two other functions difference() and taxStep() 
        tax = tax + difference(taxWage) * taxStep(taxWage);
        var newSalary = taxWage - difference(taxWage);
        taxes(tax, newSalary); 
        returnTax = tax + taxWage * taxStep(taxWage);//works
        return returnTax;//works

Firebug shows that after the return returnTax is defined to the correct value to matter what value is input.

function calc() {
carPrice = $('input[name="carPrice"]').autoNumericGet();
$('input[name="total"]').autoNumericSet(carTax); \ Jquery autoNumeric
var taxedWage = parseInt(wage)+carTax;
var toPay = taxes(0,taxedWage);\returns undefined ove

Does Stimulated Brillouin Scattering actually cause light to go faster than 299,792,458m/s or is this an illusion?

Recently someone told me that we can't trust the estimates regarding the age of the universe because the speed of light is variable and declining. Slowing light down is nothing new but he mentioned scientists are able to increase the speed of light beyond c (299,792,458m/s). Is this true? Does it b…