Questions About 3000watt

Best way to wire 2 single voice coil subwoofers to a 1600watt mono amplifier?

Hi, I just bought a Hifonics XX-Zeus Mono D-Class 1600watt/RMS amplifier. I currently have 2 Rockford Fosgate 4ohm 250/400 Peak RMS Subwoofers Boxed. I was wondering what would be the best way to wire this amplifier to these subs until i get my new 3000watt subwoofers? Please be descriptive with your answers, i don't know most technical audio terms in car audio heh. Thanks.

How do I hook DMX light fixtures into my stage system?

I work in an old school, my system runs like this: 54 or so connections on the stage and catwalk devoted to everything from source 4's to fresnels and strip lights and Altman 360q's. Those connections run to our backstage patchboard in which I assign the circuits to 1 of 15 dimmers. dimmers 1-10 are 3000watts and 11-15 are 7000watts dimmers. this then runs to the actual dimmers which are up in the light booth area. Here is where it gets interesting. I don't know how but this system was once analog and now is running DMX-512 Protocol. In the dimmer box area there is a new black box which I can't access without unscrewing it from the panel and potentially wrecking something. Out of the dimmer box however runs the DXM cable which runs directly to the light board (a leviton 7024). How did this happen and does this open me up to running LED's and such on the stage? I understand I could perhaps put them in stand alone mode and control dimming but I'm unsure about color changing

Dj amplifiers suitable for home theater usage?

3k watt amp 4k watt amp wow! Talk about some real power! In regards to my first answer: I heard this tiny 35 watt amplifier with what looked like light bulbs and tiny fuses with coils and little knobs.Literly looked like a ciruit bored on top of a box! lol When the music would play the bulbs would lightly lite up!It produced the most warm rich and natural sounds I have ever heard in my life! And it costed like over $2k..for a 35 watt amplifier!