Questions About 305 W

What is the status of JSR 305?

I have seen the question JSR305 vs. JSR308 (Java Type Anotations) - Which is going to be the standard? and I understand the difference between JSRs 308 and 305.

I also understand that, at this time, 308 is slated for Java 7, and 305 is not, and I am curious about the overall status of 305.

Specifically, I am using Google Collections and JSR-305 in some of my projects (in a similar manner to what one of the Guice best practices advocates) and was wondering if there is a more "future direction"-friendly approach I should be using instead. I am planning to also ask about this on the JSR-305 group, but that group does not have much activity and I was just wondering if an

Is a chevrolet 305 rebuild kit (minus pistons) the same for a 350?

I have a 1980-1985 buick 305 that needs to be rebuilt. (it has a chevrolet transmission mounting, I am putting in a 700R4) I have seen master rebuild kits (on eBay) that say they will work for the 305, 327 and 350. Are the engines that similar? I don't need to replace the pistons, just the rings, bearings and seals. (I also know the oil pump may be slightly different between the two) I have a friend who keeps telling me to dump the 305 and go with a 350. (he says parts are easier to get for a 350) The engine I have is plenty powerful for what I am using it for, so if the engine parts are mostly interchangable then I will stick to my 305. Thanks!

Any help with a 305 engine horsepower boost?

I bought a 1996 Silverado with a low mileage 305 crate engine in it and I would like to boost the power. My friends tell me to put a 350 engine in it but the 305 only has a little more than 25,000 miles on it and I just don't see the sense in wasting the life left in it. I would like to boost the power to at least 250 to 275 horsepower if it can be done without much expense. Any help will be appreciated.

I love playing piano, wich one should i get? a yamaha ex 8 or yamaha cvp 305?? help!!!?

I love playing the piano, so i want to buy one.. I make techno and trance music...but i want to get into i need a 88 key looking towards a yamaha xs 8 because its a workstation and you can do lots of kool things with it to produce also looking at a electric piano called the yamaha cvp 305 wich has alot of kool features in it...does anyone have any experience with these??? i would like opinions please. thanks

How do I install my distributor and set my timing on my chevy 305?

I recently rebuilt my chevy 305 tbi in my silverado. I made the mistake of not marking the distributor before i pulled it and now i don't know how it should be put back in. I know i have to have the 1st cylinder at tdc (atleast that's what i've been told) but i can't seem to find any markings on the distributor or the intake manifold to help me reinstall it. Also, I realize I'm going to need to use a timing light to get it adjusted right, but doesn't the engine have to be somewhat running to do this? Last question: In the very likely event that I can't get the distributor in right and it's a lost cause, do you know what it will cost (roundabout #) to have this done for me? Any help would be great. The more details the better!