Questions About 3580

How do you think literary agents will perceive this query letter?

Winston Ssessanga 6183 Applegrove ln. Portage, MI 49024 (269)353-3580 Aug 1, 2009 Dear Mr. (agent), Most people who journey through life rarely ask themselves ‘What worlds will I go to after I’m finished in this one’? Here goes an answer for those who need it. There is a world right behind earth and what’s in it, is what many people dream about. This world is called Ssekimpi. On this day there is a young boy named Willie Presscot who won’t find his journey but his journey will catch up with him. He discovers many things in these worlds including a rugged Ogre who befriends him, a deranged and demented General who is almost to the brink of his own destruction, a young

LWJGL OpenGL Display

When you try to close a display, generally I use






But now I want to create a new one to replace it. I have a launcher program that has the start button. It runs off of lwjgl. When the user clicks start, it calls the destroy method, but first calls


Theoretically creating one display and closing the other. This instead crashes the Java Runtime Environment and prints an error. I was wondering if there was an already created method for doing this without crashing it, seeing as my method is not working. Here is the error:

# A fatal error has been detected by the Java Runtime Environment:
#  EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION (0xc0000005) at pc=0x050328e0, pid=3580, tid=5100

Widevine DRM on Android 4.X

As I know that starting from 4.X Android have built-in support for Widevine DRM. I'm making an application that streams a video content from Widevine protected server. However I can't find any documentation on how work with it. For example I have response from server that contains following:

"uri": "http://*******.com/prog_index.m3u8",
"type": "widevine",
"parameters": {
   "media_type": "stream",
   "media_id": "3580",
   "time": "1350642931"

What steps should I perform to play it in MediaPlayer?

Maybe someone can provide more information on how to use android.drm package?

Need Help regarding compiling Direct Sound using MinGW or any other C++ compiler if MinGW is not a very viable option

My problem is that I am trying to create a DLL of a C++ project which uses Direct Sound source and header files. There is a file called dsound.lib which i need to include. When I compile my code I get following errors

Compiling source file(s)... RtAudio.cpp RtAudio.cpp:3477:20: dsound.h: No such file or directory RtAudio.cpp: In member function virtual unsigned int RtApiDs::getDeviceCount()': RtAudio.cpp:3580: error:LPDSENUMCALLBACK' was not declared in this scope RtAudio.cpp:3580: error: DirectSoundEnumerate' was not declared in this scope RtAudio.cpp:3589: error: expected)' before "deviceQueryCallback" RtAudio.cpp:3589: error: DirectSoundCaptureEnumerate' was not declared in this scope RtAudio.cpp:3580: warning: unused variable 'DirectSoundEnumerate' RtAudio.cpp:3589: warning: unused variable 'DirectSoundCaptureEnumerate' RtAudio.cpp: In member functionvirtual RtAudio::DeviceInfo RtApiDs::getDeviceInfo(unsigned int)': RtAudio.cpp:3626

Need help amending my 2011 tax return.?

Hey Everyone, i received a letter from the IRS and they said that i owe $2000.00 from my 2011 taxes. Well I did a side job for someone and he paid me 3580.00 for a new fence. I just did the calculations and after all materials and paying subcontractor, gas, lunch and etc. it cost me 2772.00 fro the completion of the project. So the total profit was $808.00 but they want $2000.00. I need help filing a 2011 amended return and steps on how to do it. I also need SCHEDULE C. Question: why do i need toredo my 1040 and do i include the new details with in it, or do i use my old 2011 1040 and attached 1040x. Im lost , can someone expalin in detail what i do. Thanks