Questions About 436 Feet

Med mystery #436: what does the following pattern of symptoms suggest?

What started as an overuse injury has bloomed into a shape-shifting pain octopus, over two and a bit years. I’m not sure which pains mean what, or what to emphasize with my rheumatologist. (Maybe this is about me and maybe it isn’t, but I’ll say it’s me for the purposes of this hypothetical question, and nobody’s my doctor, either.) “I” have a combination of things going on that is confusing everyone “I”’ve seen, which includes “my” GP, three sports med docs, a chiropod, and an ortho. Am booked to see a rheumatologist. Current diagnosis: peroneal tendonitis, left foot/ankle. This is suspect because 1) it doesn’t quite fit. Most everyone agrees on that, but they’ve thrown their hands up and settled on this and 2) according to literature I’ve read, which it seems my providers haven’t, at this point it really should be tendinosis. Which, if true, would mean that NSAIDS are not only useless but bad for it, and also, only a few very specific physical therapies might help.

Who has the biggest ballpark in the Majors?

I always narrow it down to 3, Comerica (Detroit Tigers) Park, Miami Dolphins stadium (Florida Marlins), and AT&T (San Fran Giants). I always thought that it was the Giants but the Marlins' park is 436 to center and over 400 feet to right-center. Also, Comerica is a bomb, 420 to dead center and 425 to right and left of dead center. However, the San Fran Giants is an absolute bomb to right. Please enlighten me!

Installing Central Air/Heat?

We're looking at buying a house and we like this house that's out in a small town- it's 1309 sq feet and has a full basement so installation should be fairly easy. About how much would it cost to put in the sysytem and duct work? The house is only $75,000 and the taxes haha well they're only $436 a year so it would probably be worth it- I'm just wanting to know so we could talk about getting rid of the base board heat and the window units.