Questions About 45 Pitch

Pitching a screenplay

For unknown or novice screenplay writers, which is the best tack in trying to pitch an idea for the first time? Should a tv pilot, for example, be submitted as a simple logline and treatment, or should a cover letter, story-bible, script and character synopsis also be provided? For the past year I've been preparing an extensive story bible for a pilot idea I'm working on with a friend, but just the other day I read that Friends (a show that couldn't be any more different than what I'm envisioning, btw) was originally pitched as a simple 5-page treatment without any sample script. Perhaps because they were established screenwriters their scriptless idea was purchased on good faith? Frankly, the Friends concept doesn't sound like it could've been any more compelling on paper than was the final onscreen product, but that's just me.

What is a good process to follow when pitching ideas to publishers?

I have what I think is a great idea for a web / design-related book that I'd like to shop around. Can anyone who has been published before offer any advice, links, or a good process to follow when pitching ideas to publishers? (more detail in comments) A rough list of the publishers that could publish this book (to give you an idea of content): Peachpit, New Riders, GlassHaus, Wiley (professional division), maybe others I haven't though of yet. The book idea is more of a theory book than a technical overview, so O'Reilly isn't really a possibility. Oh, and I have writing experience, but more of the newspaper / magazine kind than with longer formats like books.