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Request MeFi Legal/General Advice on Fraud

I need help tracking down the source of a fraudulent transaction that has left me in a state of disbelief. It is quite appalling actually. Legal advice greatly appreciated. This is quite a lengthy description due to the complicated matter and details involved, all of which completely blow my mind. I was recently let go/resigned/position eliminated in early September. It was a mutual decision for the most part due to some unresolved issues that had been lingering for months. (The company was in the midst of acquisition talks and my direct supervisor just completely refused to acknowledge my existence). I was promised a fairly large severance pay as well as unemployment benefit payments thru the state. I left the next day for a planned trip w/friends. I left all the paperwork (separation agreement) on my desk and planned on returning the following week to retrieve desk items and to sign the separation agreement. I returned home to a certifie