Questions About 670 Acre

Can I deduct Land loan interest if I place a trailer on the property?

I purchased 20 acres in northern Idaho and am carrying an 8yr interest-only loan at $670/month. I am planning to retire early (age 55) in 8yrs and plan to use this land to build my retirement home. In the meantime, I want to use it as a second home by permanently leaving my travel trailer on the property. Once I do this, can I deduct the interest of the trailer PLUS the interest on the land loan?

Student loans, bad credit, the whole nine yards... How can I plan for a home?

I am 31 and finally started working this year after getting my bachelor's degree in nursing. I have $68,000 in student loans (that are from going to school back when I was 18-22, defaulting, refinancing at 2.5%) and now I am working and paying them back. For now I owe $320 a month for 25 years :( Made my first payment yesterday.... I can get on standard repayment but it would be $670/month and our rent is $800. Right now I make $50K per year BEFORE TAXES and hopefully with time I will earn much more as a RN and my husband makes about the same as I do. My credit is awful, but it is 100% medical, if that makes a difference. I am trying to figure how to start planning. I have never made any money or had any money and neither has my husband, and we are so used to "just getting by" that we are grown people who are clueless how to make financial decisions. I want a house badly. I mean I am paying all this for rent and getting nothing however our credit is so bad from past surgeries from ours