Questions About 80kb

Java program to download images from a website and display the file sizes

I'm creating a java program that will read a html document from a URL and display the sizes of the images in the code. I'm not sure how to go about achieving this though.

I wouldn't need to actually download and save the images, i just need the sizes and the order in which they appear on the webpage.

for example: a webpage has 3 images

<img src="dog.jpg" /> //which is 54kb
<img src="cat.jpg" /> //which is 75kb
<img src="horse.jpg"/> //which is 80kb

i would need the output of my java program to display


Any ideas where i should start?

p.s I'm a bit of a java newbie

transcoding mp3s? To aac?

I just bought a new 8gb ipod nano. I've got about 11gbs I want to shove onto the player. So, I'm thinking about stepping down the bit rates of my mp3s. How should I do it? Most of my music is 128kbs mp3. My newer rips are higher, but that's a small minority of the collection. I'm keeping all my music in it's original form on my computer, so I'm not worried about losing some quality. I usually listen on mid-range earbuds (not the white ipod ones) in a fairly noisy environment. I'm not an audiophile, I don't think my ear is very sensitive. So, I checked, and at 80kbs I could fit it all on my nano. But should I transcode to aac? Will that sound better than an 80kbps mp3, considering the source was an mp3? Will I never notice with my non-expert ear, either way?

Can't we all just share?

How to share files between a Mac and a PC over an 802.11g network? There is of course Here's the deal. She has a Mac with an external hard drive, I have a Windows XP PC. We can't seem to see each other on the network. To share files we currently send them over AIM but it seems to throttle the sharing to 80KB/s which is soooo slow. How can we share files over the network quickly (like 1MB/s or so)? I have seen firewire connections, but that is out of the question as my laptop does not have firewire.

AJAX/DHTML date picker that doesn't suck

I'm looking for a lightweight, reusable, "server neutral", DHTML/AJAX style date-picker calendar widget without any Internet Explorer memory leaks. Not looking like ass is a plus. Free is great, reasonably priced is fine. Does anyone have a favorite? To give you an idea what I'm looking for, here are a few I've rejected. 1. YUI Calendar. Well engineered, but 83 KB of code is a little too heavy. 2. Frequency Decoder Unobstrusive Date-Picker. Very slick, but has a ton of IE memory leaks, and with 61 KB of code we're still a little heavy. 3. Zapatec. Heavy, and it's a bit pricey for an unrestricted licesnse. 4. CalendarXP. No built in "pop-up" support, it's a bit pricey for an unrestricted licesnse, and on the edge of "heaviness" (about 40kb - 80kb, depending on how you implement things) Thanks in advance!

Slow wireless

I'm getting slow wireless speeds with the Intel 4965AGN and a Linksys Wireless-b router (BEFW11S4). Do I need to buy a new router? Just got my new laptop today (Fujitsu S6510) and I'm getting relatively slow wireless speeds. There's nothing wrong with the router, because my old laptop connects at the same speed that it did before (downloading at approximately 150KB/s). However, I only get speeds of 35KB/s - 80KB/s max with the new laptop. I already disabled 802.11n on the new laptop, which brought speeds up from 12KB/s to 35KB/s, but haven't found a way to get it any faster. I installed the latest drivers for the Intel card, downloaded the latest PROSet software, and flashed my router the latest firmware. Google searches seem to turn up other people with this problem, and the only advice that I haven't tried is to buy a new router (this router is about 3-4 years old and only supports 802.11b). I noticed that Intel PROSet has a "g" next to my wireless

Why OOM-killer invoked even when huge amount of RAM is free

On EC2 ebs-backed xlarge ubuntu instance, oom-killer is getting invoked. From /var/log/syslog output below, it appears that ZONE_NORMAL is running out of memory:

Node 0 Normal free:11344kB min:11556kB low:14444kB high:17332kB active_anon:10936284kB inactive_anon:144kB active_file:688kB inactive_file:740kB

but why is ZONE_NORMAL allocated only 11MB of 15GB total RAM? Or is there some other reason for running out of memory?

RAM available on machine (xlarge instance) is 15GB. Sum of rss column in the log below is 3.7GB and that of total_vm is 11.4GB.

Dec 11 08:53:53 ip-10-60-61-71 kernel: [19427969.456146] node invoked oom-killer: gfp_mask=0x84d0, order=0, oom_adj=0, oom_score_adj=0
Dec 11 08:53:53 ip-10-60-61-71 kernel: [19427969.456153] node cpuset=/ mems_allowed=0
Dec 11 08:53:53 ip-10-60-61-71 kernel: [19427969.456157] Pid: 639, comm: node Not tainted 2.6.38-1-virtual #28-Ubuntu
Dec 11 08:53:53 ip-10-60-61-71 kernel: [194279

Which term: Bandwidth, Throughput, Download Speed, Else?

Throughput, download speed, bandwidth, or something else -- which of these am I trying to say? I can download a huge file, topping speeds of around 140 KB/s. Is 140 KB/s my maximum download speed? And isn't that speed the same for all information I can receive, or just file transfers? I was trying to tell a friend that my DSL recently got bumped up in speed -- when I noticed that my previously-familiar download speed of 80 KB/s (kilobytes per second) is now suddenly in the 120-140 KB/s range, without a change in service plans. He tried to tell me that "download speed" isn't the right term, but couldn't offer an alternative or bother to explain the differences. I'm from the 2400 baud modem era, and typically estimated my max bandwidth (my word) by the maximum apparent speed at which I could download a large file (a RAR for instance) the quickest, and assumed that's the maximum by which information of any kind could reach me. When I moved up to a 56,600 bau

My dad refuses to change our 1.5MB AT&amp;T internet service that we pay $30 a month for. What other internet services should I recommend to him for around the same price?

I'm sick of having 80kb/s download speeds and having my internet crash from opening my laptop. I know I've seen 10MB speeds for $30 from some companies but I can't remember them. Can you guys name a few that we should look into? Edit: Trying to open the responses is causing my internet to crash. T…

How do you increase your upload speed?

Is there any way to increase the upload speed on googledrive or dropbox. I want to upload all my movies online but it takes too long. 16 hours just for 2Gb. Some people upload 500mb files in 5 minutes.Some people aren't able to upload more than 80kb/sec. Why does it take so long for me and why are some people able to upload quicker than others? I have a decent internet connection. What does the upload speed depend upon? your internet connection?

Is someone hacking my wired internet connection?

Please excuse my noobness <3 I have comcast and a network of 3 computers in my home. We have a main computer and mine that's hooked up through wires, and my mom's laptop that picks up on the connection. Her laptop is secured by a password and she says that the main computer must have one too but idk.. Her laptop say that the security is good with its a WPA-PSK type.. But google searches show how easily that can be hacked.. How can I check and see if the main computer has a password, and how can i know if my connections being hacked? More importantly, if it is, how the hell can i stop it? We're at the 2nd highest plan on comcast, so I'm assuming that you divide that speed by 3.. I'm therefore supposed to get at least several MB/s, right? I hit 1MB/s the first few days and now i'm at an average of 100kb/s.. We had a lower plan a few weeks ago where i was supposed to get at least 3MB/s, i was at 60kb/s, 80kb/s tops. Please help me, it's getting extremely frustrating. for my family

Pick a camera for me?

I take many business photos. They only need to be E-mail size. very low pixels, about 80KB for a 4x6" print out on plain paper. I DO need a wide angle, as in taking a photo from the corner of an office to show the layout of desks and computers. I DO need a splendid night shot. I DO need a good lens that can take in the entire inside of a large industrial building. I tried hard and went to camera shops. One guy sold me the D-50 Nikon compact camera. Not even close to what I need. Eats battery pretty fast but that is not much of a problem. Another sold me a Canon SD 1000 compact camera. Confusing controls, slippery to hold. Unfathomable instructions. Poor design for my 70 year old eyeballs. Apparently what I need is a physically large lens. Is there a Sony or Panasonic that is not too large physically, has large lens, has a long list of settings available on the outside selector ring?: Takes REAL photos instead of snapshots?