Questions About 85282

Where is a solid online source that defines literary theory?

Literary Criticism: help me get a handle on it. Is there a good online source (more in-depth than our beloved Wikipedia) that defines and describes such theories as Psychological, Symbolic, Mythological, Archetypal, Feminist, Marxist, Cultural, and Deconstructive? I know I can find this info in hardcopy, but I’m going to be traveling, so I’d rather have a source I can study on my laptop, rather than lugging around a text. Thanks!

What's the best way to find a house painter (Tempe, AZ - 85282)?

I need the wood trim on the exterior of my block construction home repainted in the same (or similar) color. What is the best way to find a reputable painter? Is there a service or a website? I am hoping to find a BBB member or someone with feedback. Am I gonna be forced to use the phone book? Does anyone ahve any referrals for someone who has done good work for them? I'd like to get estimates next weekend and have the work done within 3 weeks. Thanks in advance!