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A house is built on the top of a hill with a nearby 45 deg slope An engineering study indicates that the?

A house is built on top of a hill with a nearby 45 deg slope. An engineering study indicates that the slope angle should be reduced because the top layers of soil along the slope might slip past the lower layers. If the static coefficient of friction between two such layers is 0.5, what is the least angle through which the present slope should be reduced to prevent slippage?

Is it possible for water to freeze in inside house plumbing if the house temperature is 50 deg. or above?

We're going on a winter vacation and I want to turn our house thermostat down to around 55 deg. (in Michigan) However, I've had people tell us we risk having our water pipes freeze at that level of inside air temperature. This doesn't make sense to me, and the people can't explain how the freezing would take place, only that they've heard of this happening.

I already have a college degree but it is pointless. Should I go back to a community college for an associates degree in the medical field?

I have a degree (basically a local university four year degree business management one of those adult education one night a week things) (not University of Phoenix or anything like that but an actual 4 year local university) I am thinking about going to a local community college and getting a deg…

Why does lowering your thermostat during the day in the winter decrease your energy usage?

I already the know the common sense answer for this. A decrease in temperature difference between the inside of the house and outside of the house means the heat loss is less. Multiply the reduced heat loss by the amount of time the temperature is lower gives a daily (or hourly or whatever) energy savings. I have seen a rule of thumb that for every 1 deg C you drop the thermostat, you get a 2% savings (of course this is over that period of time). Being an electrical engineer (not a mechanical engineer), I want to know what the calculations are for finding this out. Or a link to a site that explains it would be fine. I have already done an internet search, and came up empty after 30 minutes. There are plenty of sites that have built in calculators, but none that I can find that give you the formulas, and the reasoning behind the formulas. It would be nice to be able to input the insulation R value in the mix, as well as the efficiency of the furnace. Thanks!

How to remove linoleum cove baseboard but not the linolleum flooring?

We want to leave the not too bad linoleum floor to tile over, but want to get rid of the cove baseboard. How is this doen? Thx Maybe my terminology is off. The linoleum curves at the wall and goes up the wall maybe 3 to 4 inches. Their is a wood piece that helps the linoleum make the 90 deg turn at the floor/wall junction. The baseboard is not the stuff that comes in a roll and glued on.