Questions About Al Anon

Al Anon experiences?

I would like to hear about your experiences with Al-Anon. I also have a few specific questions. My boyfriend and I are both from alcoholic families and we have been thinking about going to some Al-Anon meetings. Here are some specific questions: In part because my parent was quite secretive about drinking, I feel that my situation wasn't really that bad, though it's definitely had an effect on me, particularly toward the end of my time living at home. Will I feel out-of-place at meetings because my experiences are probably much more mild than other people's? Is it a good idea for us to attend the same meetings? (Our situations are rather different - his was much more severe, and neither of his parents are interested in AA or any other kind of treatment, whereas my parent has been in AA for the last few years and is doing pretty well.) What is the general age of participants? Is it heavy on high school kids? College kids? Children-of-alcoholi

scala specs2 error: anon is not equal scala.collection.immutable

I'm running the following test

Idea.findById(1).get.tags must equalTo(List[String]("internet, tecnolog?_a"))

and I'm getting the following error

[info] Idea.tags should
[error] x should retrieve a list of tag names for the idea
[error]    'internet, tecnolog?_a': anon is not equal to 'internet, tecnolog?_a': scala.collection.immutable.:: (IdeaTagSpec.scala:42)

this is the method I'm trying to test

lazy val tags: List[String] = {

I could solve it with this ugly hack

( Idea.findById(1).get.tags.toString 
    must equalTo(List[String]("internet, tecnolog?_a").toString)

But I'm sure there's a better way to do it...

-- EDIT --

sorry, it was a silly mistake on my part (It should habe been List("internet", "tecnologia") instead)

anyway the error message was quite misleading, that's why

Complete List of Al Anon Meetings

Where can I get a list of every place and time for an Al Anon meeting in the United States? I was asked to gather a list of every Alanon meeting for a website and I can not figure out how to do this. The only solution I can see is to manually go to each state and each county of the map provided at the Alanon website. How long would that take, where could I get help for that, and is there a place I can get a full formatted list?


Work colleague accidentally cc'd me an email containing personal insults directed at me and now wants to meet to discuss the issue. How do I diplomatically and professionally say that I don't want to meet and would rather just ignore the email and keep working? Colleague (who is superior in the company, but not MY superior, not in my department, not someone I have interacted with in my previous 3 years with the company until this week, and not someone I'm likely to interact with again) accidentally cc'd me on an email containing personal insults of me. They followed up with an immediate apology for the accidental "reply all," an excuse of being frustrated about other things and taking it out on me, and an invitation to meet sometime next week to talk about it. My supervisor, who was the only other person in the email chain, replied and asked to be included in the meeting, and then emailed me directly to make sure I was ok and to offer to come to the meeting to sup

I have been to 2 Al-Anon meetings so far. Can someone tell me how they help you cope?

Half of the meeting is going over the rules and regulations of Al-Anon. The other half was, for example, last week, they talked about service. Yesterday, they talked about sponsors. I thought i would get more out of it. Most all of it is just reading from the books. Nobody much says anything about their personal experiences. I am having a really rough time and need some help. Not sure if this is going to help. My husband is an alcoholic. Sober almost 3 weeks and fell off the wagon sunday and yesterday. I guess every meething they have to go over the rules and regulatios. All the people are very nice, i just don't see how it helps you cope if nobody talks about their own experiences.

What Anon goggle lenses would suit me best?

I am planning on getting a new pair of snowboarding goggles soon and have been looking at the Anon Hawkeyes. But if i got them i wouldnt know which color lenses to get. I really like all the solex mirrored lenses, but they seem to be only good for bright days, and I board just about as much during the day as i do at night. So which color lenses do you think would be best for me that look cool and are good for day and night riding?

anon, anent!

Know any rare English prepositions? I just learned a new preposition this week: anent, which means "concerning or regarding." I was floored -- it's not that uncommon to learn new nouns. New verbs seem a little more unusual, but they come up now and then. But a new preposition? I would have thought that I learned all of those a long time ago. Am I wrong?

Are there secular alternatives to Al-Anon?

Looking for secular alternatives to Al-Anon. My partner has some ongoing problems with alcohol, and while he's working on treatment, I am also feeling like I need some help doing my own dealing with the situation. I'm looking into finding an individual therapist, but meanwhile, I thought maybe I'd look into an Al-Anon meeting for some support. I am very determinedly atheist, and at least the particular meeting I went to had more of a religious flavor than I was comfortable with, and I won't be going back. I've got a list of some other meetings and will probably try out the ones that I can make work with my work schedule since I gather the religious component can vary from group to group, but I'm wondering whether there might be explicitly secular programs out there for friends/family of people with addiction problems. I've looked through the couple of previous thread about sobriety and recovery and found a couple of suggested secular programs for people wi

What can I expect at my first Al-Anon meeting?

What can I expect at my first Al-Anon meeting? I'm gearing up to go to an Al-Anon meeting, and I always feel better going into emotionally stressful situations if I have some idea what to expect. I guess it's entirely possible that these things vary so much from group to group that maybe no one can tell me what to expect. But any input from someone who's been there would really be helpful. What is a meeting going to be like? Will I be expected to do/say anything as the newcomer? Is anyone going to ask or care about me being completely non-religious, or can I sit around and quietly interpret any "higher power" references in my own non-religious fashion? If it helps anyone to answer, I am concerned about a long-term partner's drinking, and will be attending a general meeting, not one specifically geared to newcomers. I am not at all convinced that Al-Anon is something I would want to be part of, but it seems like something I ought to at least try.

Atheist ISO non-religious Al-Anon-style support

I am very deeply in love with and married to a man who has substance abuse problems - particularly alchohol and cigarettes. I am not interested in leaving him. My powerlessness to help him causes me pain, and my misguided attempts to "fix" him are painful for him. Watching him destroy himself is destroying me, and is making me less loving a partner than he deserves. I've looked into Al-anon but, being passionately atheist and unable to reconcile myself with its higher power BS, I have not been to any meetings. Please help me find alternatives. We both have depression. Mine seems to be kicking in at the moment, and I am feeling overwhelmed and worthless. I worry that I am being emotionally abusive to my husband (I never actually SAY "if you loved me you would quit" but I know my actions and affect communicate it loud and clear). I will tear myself apart with worry and feeling betrayed if status quo persists. The website that serves as agg

Trying to play Santa for anon 14yo boy

Can you help flesh out this Xmas wish list? 14yo boy; "sports clothing, gift cards, books." And that and a first name and 'men's size small/medium' is all I know. This is via a pick-a-name-off-the-community-tree thing. My budget is very roughly $250 and every year I shoot for: a good spread -- lotsa loot, a pleasing pile-up; decent quality stuff, fearing as I do that kids ending up on this tree have probably had enough of things that break; things that could be brought to school, either to be useful (nice pens) or to boost status. Having grown up in the 1980s when even the brand of one's pencil case could affect one's social life I...yeah. It's not ideal but I don't want to pretend it doesn't exist. Usually I have a better idea of what to get but I am drawing some blanks this year. The wish lists were written by a 3rd party and I don't know if "sports clothing" means "find a hoodie with an NHL logo," or "stuff I could wear to

Hi, I'm anon. Am I a philistine?

Do you honestly enjoy reading free verse? Can you explain to me why I should enjoy it, too? This question is partly prompted by a recent AskMe on poetry. I’m in the same boat as many responders, in that I really enjoy pre-twentieth-century poetry, and have read a great deal of it, but find myself completely put off by free verse. Stylistically the last straw seems to drop somewhere between “Prufrock” and “The Wasteland,” with Sylvia Plath being Right Out. I have a decent background in literature, and I’m aware that in most literary circles admitting any of this will immediately tag you as the sort of person who thinks that his four-year-old could probably have painted that Jackson Pollack. I’d love to figure out whether that’s actually the case—whether there’s something about free verse I’m “just not getting,” (so that I could potentially be educated into an enjoyment of the form)—or whether I do get it, but just don’t happen to like it, the way I natu

Is Nar-Anon or Al-Anon for me?

My live-in SO is addicted to the fake pot (spice, niceguy, whatever name it goes by) and I need advice on support groups for me, a la Al-Anon or Nar-Anon. He is 20 years sober from alcohol and was a die hard member of AA for many years. I was a member of AA and am familiar with the group, but I'm looking for something along the lines of Al-Anon for marijuana addiction. Is Nar-Anon appropriate for me? He has lost custody of his beloved children 3 times due to marijuana use. So he turned to the fake pot that is legal in our state as an alternative. He smokes it constantly, even when he has the kids. He has had 2 episodes of "bad trips" so far, which have caused him to stop, saying "I'm poisoning myself and I'll never do this again", only to pick it up within a couple of days. I've tried talking to him about it, but he's one of these people who professes to know exactly what he's doing and is aware of his addiction and why am I judging him, e