Questions About Andy Period

Why do many African Americans not enunciate the last consonant?

For example, instead of doinG, they will say "doin". Or, instead of happeninG, they say "happenin". It is very common among African American entertainers and celebrities. Even if this is a cultural artifact, doesn't it say, "ghetto"? If the point of the black liberation movement, beyond just unshackling the political binds, was to liberate the black mind and mentality, isn't this really taking blacks back to the stereotyped Amos "n" Andy period? It isn't much of an effort to enunciate, is it?

Can you give opinions on this story?

Honestly, Holly meant to help Savannah. What friend wouldn't help their best friend? It was like Holly to be the shoulder to cry on whenever you were in a terrible mood. It was part of her personality. But she didn't feel like telling Savannah the same thing over and over again. She had tried her best to give Savannah good advice, but Savannah just wouldn't take it. How was she supposed to improve if all she did was get herself in a whole lot of mess? "Did you hear what happened to Savannah Ripley's dog?" Skyler Hamilton asked Connie Ratt. They stood in the cafeteria on a Tuesday afternoon waiting by one of the long tables Holly and her friends usually sat at. By chance, Holly just so happened to overhear their conversation. "Yeah, it was hacked to death." said Connie. "I bet Savannah had something to do with it. Did you know she was psycho?" "Gosh, I knew she was a little weird, but I had know idea she was a complete nutcase. Poor doggie..." "It totally makes sense, though." continued

interesting facts?

An average ear of corn has 800 kernels, arranged in 16 rows. An average human drinks about 16, 000 gallons of water in a lifetime. An average human scalp has 100,00 hairs. An average person drinks about 16,000 gallons of wate during his life time. An average person laughs about 5 times a day. An average person uses the bathroom 6 times per day. An average pig squeals at a range from 100 to 115 decibels. An average secretary's left hand does 56% of the typing. An eagle can kill a young deer and fly away with it. An ear of corn always has an even number of rows because of the genetic formula which divides the cells. An ear of corn averages 800 kernels in 16 rows. An earthquake on Dec. 16, 1811 sent the Mississippi River backwards. An electric eel can produce a shock of up to 650 volts. An elephant can smell water 3 miles away. An elephant could carry up to 2 gallons of water in its trunk. An elephant has 4 knees An elephant may consume 500 pounds of hay and 60 gallons of

What is this Book Called?

I read this book a couple years ago and i cant remember the author or the title, i want to read it again, andi also want to read the second book of it but i cant remember what its called :/ its about this boy, his father and mother who move into this new house, which im guessing is haunted by somehting. Because this boy's mother is then kidnapped by this shadow monster thing and taken into this corridor where there are alot of doors. The boy then tries to find his mother and everytime he opens a door, the room he walks into has objects or items from certain time period and location , i.e ancient rome, egypt, antarctica etc.. when the boy puts on anny of the clohing or items, another door inteh room opens and he is whisked away to that time period. ...... any ideas? The cover had this creepy looking house on it. i think the second book was called the shadow in the woods? the watcher in the woods? im not sure but someting along those lines. Any help appreciated, thanks in advance :)

Art history from the Renaissance to now?

I was assigned an essay that traces the development of style starting with Leonardo's Mona Lisa and ending in Andy Warhol's Marilyn Monroe. I need to include at least four other works of art between them and talk about the changes in style as the time periods change. The teacher gave some examples such as a Rembrandt portrait in the Baroque or a Courbet figure painting in the 19th century. Does anyone have any ideas that could possibly help me out?

This is how it should be - two of the greatest names in European Cup history ?

contesting the showpiece final at the end of another CL season....two teams taking to the field with 'envious' glances from madrid, munich and manchester.... Date: 25th May. 2005. Venue: Atatürk Olympic Stadium, Istanbul Turkey. Attendance 72,059 Weather Clear night 18 °C (64 °F) 78% humidity mentality of ac milan fans: gigantic titanic massive club - a club steeped in history that has tasted the pinnacle of success and has had some of the worlds greatest super-stars in world football grace the turf at san siro and steer them to domestic and european domination. Italian footballs arrogance personified. Entered this final as 6 times winners of the CL. mentality of liverpool fans: fearless, faithful and fiercely passionate - a club that during its bleakest times has performed 'miracles' defying belief and logic, and the night of 25th May 2005 in Turkey was going to be no different - the world was watching ^_^ lol Backdrop ------------------- The 2005 final was the sixth time Liv

I Feel All sticky and uhh , uncomfortable ?

Ok i have has a excessive Perspiration problem sine i was 5 , ( no joke) since then - i am 12 now- i have tried EVERYTHING! Secret Degree Speed stick , men's deodorant , you name it , ive tried it! Even the clinical protection and the last time i used a prescription one , i got a rash. ( it wasn't really prescription it was SUPER STRENGTH DEODORANT/ANTIPERSPIRANT) i have tried everything!! ( if i forgot to mention my B.O never smells it just leaves nasty wet gross circles under my arms. i can never wear like anything. i always put on and apply it right i put it on then let it dry For ike 1-4 min. it sucks. i hate this and if i wear string straps , well i cant cause of my dress code , and trust me this excessive thing isn't cause of puberty - i have had it since i was 6 andi did not go through puberty when i was 6 , i don't even have my period yet. i have no idea what to do , i have the most gorges shirts , that i can never wear :( please anyone , do u have ANY advice or anything?

What are the passport requirements when traveling to the Philippines from the US?

I was looking at the other day on information on getting a passport for travel to the Philippines. I just 2 questions on the matter. When first-time applying for a passport and once I receive it, is it require to wait at least 6 months before traveling to the Philippines with the passport? I just read something about it, but maybe I am thinking of where I read it needs to be valid for at least six months beyond the intended period of stay. Question 2: I was looking at the DS-11 application for US passport and the very last part where it says Travel Plans, I was wondering, is this require to be filled out? I mean, given the exact date of the trip. I don't have any plan date yet and just looking for what is involve if I ever did decide to travel to the country. I figure I could get a passport in the near future so I will at least have that. Hope none of my questions are too stupid :P Thanks! Andy

Were Zimababwe good at handling spin than England those days?

After being Inspired by a half drawn rant I decided to ask this question.. I am basically talking about the period from early 90's to mid 2000's where Zimbabwe showed some improvement as a test playing nation thanx to players like Andy Flower, Neil Johnson, Eddo Brandes, Murrey Goodwin and Heath Streak. 1995-to 2005 period was the prime of the two greatest spinners Murali and Warne. Murali averaged 19 in England while just averaging 27 in Zimbabwe. As for Warne he just played one match at Zimbabwe and averaged 22.83 while averaging 21 in England in 22 tests. For further proof, look at England's poor performance in India. The last test series win was the first test series victory for them in India after more than 2 decades! England were surrendered to Indian spinners fair and square. In 1998 England Oval Murali took 16 English wickets for 220 runs (155/7 & 65/9) helping SL to clinch their first ever test victory in England. I mean English batsmen couldn't even handle Murali on a gre

ELI5: Who do most of our "traditional" Christmas songs, images and TV/movies come from the 1940s to the 1960s?

Think about it: Bing Crosby Nat King Cole Andy Williams Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer (TV and song) Frosty the Snowman (TV and song) White Christmas (song and movie) Norman Rockwell All of these enduring images, songs and other forms of media seem to come from that time period. I dont see…

Didn't the GOP destroy the idea of Universal Health Care?

Conservatives said that Universal Health Care meant you would have to wait a really long time to get an appointment at a doctor. If we don't have Universal Health Care, why do I have to wait 10 weeks to see a specialist for my back? He isn't the only one in the area, but the only one my insurance will cover. If we had Universal Health Care, I could go where I wanted and get treated sooner. Does the GOP like making people suffer? To Faithful: I'm so happy a Governor/ wealthy person, was able to come here, throw enough money down and get his problems taken care of. But I sir am not a governor nor do I have a bunch of money to throw down. I'm wondering where you are getting your information from about the Canadians having to wait for an exam? You see, my sister in law, who is a duel citizen and lives in Canada, has never had to wait for an exam. Nor did she have to wait for more than 3 weeks for a non emergency surgery on her ankle. You see, I have facts from people who actually experienc