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Why does yahoo pirate its way into my companies domain name "aapexmrtg" to advertise its website "

I pay-for-click with yahoo, as if that is not enough, yahoo is using my domain search to advertise its websites, and aloud others to do so as well. Proof of keyword search, "aapexmrtg" and result is listed bellow. Yahoo! Answers - what is a REVERSE MORTGAGE and how does it work? ... Aapex Mortgage - No money down... - 32k - Cached - More from this site - Save Find Today's Rates on Mortgages, Refinance Loans, Home Equity Loans, and Mortgage Calculators on Yahoo! Real Estate ... No money down and 100% financing for first and second homes. Mortgage Loans Information Center - 28k - Cached - More from this site - Save Yahoo! Answers - is rajarhat in calcutta a good place to invest in property ? ... Aapex Mortgage - No money down... - 28k - Cached - More from this site -

Do you think you know all of the answers to this anime quiz?

last anime quiz for the night. i need to sleep. haha. the answers are anime characters with white/silver/gray hair. name of the anime character is not necessary just the name of the anime series is enough. 1. she can manipulate the petal-like segments of her dite which she can use for searching, communication, and offense if necessary. she is also the younger sister of the student council president and has a crush on the main male protagonist. 2. she is a fourth-year student whose brother is part of the student council. she has a pet rabbit who she named yukimaru 3. she is a "mail carrier" whose job is to deliver after death letters. she also suffers from a dissociative identity disorder due to the abuse from her father. 4. his name is a number! he is part of the disciplinary committee at his school. his weapon of choice is a gun. his family was killed by vampires. 5. he is involved in a partnership with a girl. he can transform into a weapon, more precisely a scythe. he has red ey

Are some questions destined to just not get any answers at all? And why is this?

I have a few that have either been ignored or placed in the too hard basket. Will this kind of thing be a major problem in time to come though? I mean it's disheartening to think that some users won't even bother to reply for whatever reason. A real shame. [1] Why do people have speech impediments? [2] Just watched the documentary "Murder on a Sunday Morning" about Brenton Butler. What is he doing now? [3] I keep seeing dead things everywhere. What's the significance of this? [1] [2] [3]

Look at this answer- is it ok to term Sikh community as k*****? Should such termonology be allowed here?

A girl asked this very genuine question (;_ylt=Ah0WirSge_ftor1b86K8Fe6QHQx.;_ylv=3?qid=20081011152407AAXWPb2&show=7#profile-info-GzBkproMaa)and some very thoughtful answers are given even by some Sikhs too. However, look at this answer ( 'oops') and the person claims to be Sikh! : I am a Sikh and I hate it when people of my community try to get oversmart. ( If you mean Sikhs when you say Punjabis ) But instead of crying on yahoo answers why dont you hit back at them ? Ill give you some anmmunition. Attack 1 - You are not a Sikh , you are a pretender. If a person like you can claim to be a sikh, evey Muslim can claim to be a sikh ( this will really bug them )........ basis for attack 1 - Because almost every Sikh breaks his religious laws. Of the 5 K’s the Kesh ( hair and beard, eyebrows, body hair ) is shorn by a massive ( maybe 99 %, yes 99 % ) majority of the young Sikhs, weather they are in the UK or the fields of Punjab . Even the Si

Why is it that those that think it is OK to breed dogs, only answer about breeding?

Why don't they answer questions about what to do with the puppies and answer questions when people have dogs that had puppies and want to know where to sell them? Why don't thay answer questions like this?;_ylt=AsAmwu5YatfYujytMPMttbrsy6IX?qid=20070907080747AAPzTp4 They want to be so helpful when people are breeding without knowledge or breeding their so called designer mixes so where are they for the other problems associated with breeding? If they do not help when problems arise with the people they have encouraged to breed, why get angry and offended over the term BYB or puppymill? If you are not breeding responsibly by doing all necessary health screens, genetic test, vetting pups yourself and not getting them vet checked and not selling pups with a contract or taking back any and all pups created by you, how can you really consider yourself ethical and responsible? Doesn't the term BYB fit?

How you think these people will feel knowing that Yahoo thinks their names are unacceptable?

The Negro Leagues Baseball Museum in Kansas City, which celebrates the history of black baseball players in the days of segregation Vinny del Negro, head coach of the Los Angeles Clippers Goya Foods Inc., which sells frijoles negros (black beans) The United Negro College Fund, which provides financial support to many historically black colleges I just happen to think THIS is rather stupid:;_ylt=ApLilUHYZCQTcdQLAHyl5pjsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20110802175652AAoNFQ6

Calling all convicted Yahoo Guidline Violators: What does a Yahoo Violation notice REALLY mean?

This morning after I came-to from my black-out, I found a Yahoo violation notice in my in-box. Dread!!!! What did YOU do to get busted? How many incidents did it take? Does this mean I cannot live within a certain distance of places children or families gather? Although I feel shameful & dirty now...I know I'm at high risk to re-offend. I'm going to hide this from my Yahoo Contacts as long as possible for fear I will be ostracized by that sanctimonious bunch of pious do-gooders. Why does everything always happen to me? Somehow my offensive answer and original got copy/pasted into this question before the violation. This tragic event has put my fallopian tube implant on hold....;_ylt=AsoWazeRExExM9t0WnIM0Zzsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20081023120457AABALVx&show=7#profile-info-2NzwAcqyaa Or maybe it was this related exchange?;_ylt=ApJTvcpJNMDkdj7ayVxlDCDsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20081023131318AAoXTvn&show=7#profile-info-EmYckZU