Questions About arbutin eye drops

Eye color change with honey, MSM and Arbutin eye drops?

I am trying to figure out if it's possible to LIGHTEN not CHANGE but LIGHTEN (for example from light brown to hazel) using honey, MSM drops and Alpha Arbutin. I know you will say NO but how is it that a person who uses Lumigan or Latisse have a permanent darkening of their irises? Apparently Alpha Arbutin stops melanin from being produced in the skin & eyes, but some people are saying the eyes don't even produce melanin and just produce it in the first 3 years of a child's life..but then why is it that Caucasian-European children with blue eyes later on in life can develop hazel or light brown eyes...doesn't that mean the eyes can change color somehow..? So you're telling me that you can darken you eye color but cannot lighten it? Why?

Would these eye drops work? I need some doctors or at least medical students to answer, thanks!?

Okay, I found something crazy, but I read rumors that it did work for several people. Okay, so say a person takes these two different eye drops; One contains pure methysulfonylmethane and distilled water, while the other eye drop contains alpha-arbutin and saline solution. Apparently, these eye drops naturally and permanently lightens a person's eye color. Would something like this work?

can you mix arbutin powder with any eye drops to depigment your eyes?

will it have any side effects, where do you get it, how much is it, how many to put in a day and do i have to continue doing it after it changes colour any answers wll be accepted iris colour and someone and yahoo answers said that btw it is extracted from a berry for the eyes to get a different colour-green can you do the same thing but add the arbutin powder to water

Is it harmful to ingest Arbutin?

I'm using eye drops that contain arbutin, and whenever I take them I get a horrible taste in the back of my throat. I did a bit of research and found out that the eye actually empties excess liquid from the eyes through a little little hole in the inner corner of your eyes. This hole leads to a tube thing that transfers the excess liquid to the mouth, where it is swallowed. So, my real question here is whether arbutin is harmful if ingested? And please, do not go into lectures about how arbutin should not be put into the eyes and all. That would be very much appreciated. Thanks in advance! :)

Changing eye color with honey and chamomille or with alpha-arbutin?

Please don't answer this with negative comments as they are not needed. I have done my research and talked with a chemistry researcher. Does anyone have experience trying this? Using either the honey-chamomile eye drops, or the Alpha-arbuting eye drops in conjunction with msm drops (the MSM drops allow the other drops to penetrate the first layer of the eye and get to the iris) I have medium brown eyes that look hazel in the light and I want them to be light brown/hazel. Thank you for your non-aggresive comments!

can you lighten your eye color - eye doctors say no because they want to sell their colored contact lenses?

i see many sites where people claim to have gradually lightened their eye color .. not from black to blue or black to green...but from like, brown to light brown or light brown to hazel/green...etc i know you are able to darker your eyes with certain eye drops so why can't you lighten? i know it might be dangerous but i'm curious.. some claimed that manuka honey, MSM drops and arbutin work... but doctors and other people will say no they don't work when they haven't tried it and have no knowledge at all. honey is actually good for the eyes. i think doctors say no because they want to keep selling the colored contact lenses..what do you think

Does anyone know about this Iris lightener drops made out of natural ingredients?

I found these drops that lighten the color of your iris gradually. It is a combination of 2 types of drops, MSM (methylsulfonylmethane) which is made out of distilled water and the Iris lightener solution which contains 10% Alpha-Arbutin and 90% distilled water. The MSM drops softens the eye tissue to allow the lightening drops to pass through and lighten the iris, the lightening solution will not work by itself. These drops also claim to equalize pressure, repair damaged membranes, help remove floaters, treat cataracts and glaucoma and improve visual acuity. As for the lightener solution, alpha-arbutin is often used to lighten the skin. It is a natural ingredient found in some fruits and in the dried leaves of different plants including bearberry. I have found that it has no significant side effects or damage as for the skin, but I couldn't find anything about this ingredient for the eyes. They say it is a sterile and natural product, but I would like to know if any of these dr

lightening of iris any way possible?

for peolpe who are going to tell me that eye color is strictly controlled by genetics i don't need your help thank you for offering. i know that eye color is controlled by genetics but also by the amount of pigment- melenin on the eyes. is there anyway to reduce the amount of pigment in the eyes? im not asking to change my eyes frm brown to blue. but from brown to light brown- brown to golden brown- brown to hazel? i've heard of herbal iris but can't find it anywhere. i've also heard you could mix Arbutin powder with glaucoma eye drops and it will gradually lighten the color over months. since arbutin is a natural lightener made from pear skins will i hurt the eyes? is there anything possible to lighten eye color? what about extensively detoxing the eyes. I've done this before with the patches and i saw some clearity making them brighter and a little lighter but i mean as detoxified as possible. how would i detox my eyes? i've also heard honey... are there any herbs or homeopathic

I want blue eyes, lighter skin, and light brown hair?

I am latino, have brown skin, black hair, and black eyes aka I'm a completely ordinary latino. I have always, always hated that about me. Plus, I am short, have a big nose, and kind of a fat face. I have heard of the MSM and Arbutin drops to lighten eyes, I know there are bleach creams, and was wondering if anyone out there could give me an advice. PLEASE DO NOT SAY BE HAPPY WITH WHAT YOU HAVE BECAUSE I OBVIOUSLY DON'T! I need advice on what creams are effective and if it's possible that they will lighten hair aswell. And I need to know if anyone has already done MSM and AA drops and were effective.