Questions About Armani Hotel

What's the best

Is the Atlantis Hotel Dubai the best hotel in Dubai for families? It's very confusing reading all the reviews on sites like tripadvisor etc. I lived in Dubai many years ago and now am about to return for the first time and things have changed drastically. I don't really know many people who are there any more, and asking around people say that the Atlantis would be great fun for the family. We want to stay for about 10 days in October. Ignoring money, which would you rate as your top three hotels for families in Dubai? I have been recommended the Atlantis, but searching on the net recommends places like the Armani Hotel, the One and Only Royal Mirage and Burj Al Arab. Please help - it is a little confusing and I would love some advice from people who travel regularly to that part of the world and know it well. I live in London with my wife and 7 year old twin daughters and 10 year old son. Thanks.

How much to it roughly cost to go on holiday from the u.k to new York?

I live in Bridlington in the uk and I really want to go on holiday to new York,will I have to take flights? Btw we don't have a car so can't drive anywhere,how much wud it round about cost? what travel agent would you recommend to make sure we get there safely and get it cheaper? Btw do u have to pay to see the Brooklyn bridge and the empire state building? is there brand shops that sell d&g,Chanel,Armani and any other good brands? Wat hotels is thr?

Am I a spoiled kid!!?

I'm so bored of people telling me I'm a spoiled brat so am I??? I'm 13, I have: my own room My own bathroom Room for my clothes Designer clothes (Ralph Lauren, Armani) Burberry bag Chanel and YSL sun glasses Laptop 4 Ipod Blackberry Travel every weekend to do some shopping (France,italy...) Stuart Weizmann and prada shoes iPad Credit card 3000$ for bday and presents Don't have any shores ( the cleaner does it for me) Eat and sleep in 5 stars restaurant/hotel Been to lots of country in the world My family gives a lot of money to charity (10000$) You don't have to believe me but I know that it's true!! An iPad's not boring do you even have one???!! And when daddy dies I'll get the heritage!!!! Lol!!! Jks

Low cost gift ideas for my amazing husband

Help me come up with a fantastic birthday gift for my husband. Special circumstances make this challenging. (Maybe a little NSFW). Ok, so I had a baby two weeks ago. I've been on bed rest since two days before the birth, and will continue to be on almost-bed-rest for another month or so. My husband has had to do EVERYTHING, including caring for our 2 1/2 year old, bringing me food & bev, cleaning, groceries, laundry. On top of all this he came down with bronchitis (verging on pneumonia) 12 days ago. It's been intense, and I want to show him how much I appreciate his fabulousness. Going out for a fancy dinner is tricky, 'cause his birthday is November 5th (not quite the 6-week mark, when milk supply is established and I'm released from resting all the damn time). I'd like to treat him to a dirty hotel weekend, but the reason for the bed rest is my girl parts aren't behaving as they should, and money is tight right now. That's a lot of "but but but". Here

Am I considered "Rich" (In America)?

I live in a 8,800 Square foot, custom built house. It overlooks the Cascade Mts. and the Columbia river. It has a full sized basketball court (Indoor), and a tennis court (outdoor). 3 car garage. It has a trampoline, a pool, hot tube, and garden. It is situated on 4.2 acres of Scrubland for our purebred German Shepherds, and two Schnauzers. The house also has 3 flatscreen televisions. A 90" in the living room, a 62" in my parent's bedroom, and a 42" in my media room. There is a massive downstairs library, with over 10,000 books (My mom and I LOVE reading), with a grand piano (I play). Most of the furniture in our house is quite new, and all the couches and stuff are leather. The dining room tables and chairs are custom cherry wood. Our kitchen has a subzero fridge/freezer, twin ovens, and a $300 toaster oven, and just as expensive microwave. The kitchen wood is cheery. Our silverwear and china is actually silverwear and china. My mom drives a 2012 Lincoln Navigator, and my dad drives