Questions About Armstrong Line

How would a traffic-free urban playground, go over in Chicago?

NYC Experiments With Traffic-Free Urban Playground NEW YORK - In Paris, they call it La Plage, or the beach. And in Bogota, Colombia, it's Ciclovia, or bikeway. For six hours Saturday in New York, it was called Summer Streets: Nearly seven miles of Manhattan that were stripped of traffic, creating a weekend playground for bikers, walkers and loungers. "Bellissimo!" declared Antonio de Lucia, a tourist from Caserta, Italy, who read about the event and decided to walk about three miles from his Chinatown hotel to a friend's Times Square restaurant — with more than 90 pounds of luggage. An hour into his hike, he was smiling as he sauntered up a stretch of Park Avenue awash in cyclists, pedestrians and in-line skaters. One man on a bicycle swooped down a sloped section of the avenue yelling "whee!" at full voice. "It's a moment of truth for this city. People are participating — New Yorkers are united with their city," said de Lucia, a 29-year-old business consultant. Bike-loving celeb

"Luxury Vinyl Tile"?

Retiling kitchen..maybe. Always been for ceramic as it's very durable, but it's so labor intensive. I read that Armstrong makes a "luxury vinyl tile" that is supposedly top of the line. This is not peel and stick, but is installed with a troweled adhesive. Supposedly very durable flooring. Anyone know the cost per square foot of this grade of vinyl tile?

How underrated is Dirk Nowitzki that it's considered a crime to put him as a top 15 all-time player?

I actually wasn't going to bother with this, because I already realize if your opinion doesn't agree with the consensus, that you'll get criticized or insulted but I could care less simply because i'm bored. Dirk Nowitzki has proven time after time that he's one of the upper top 15 most IMPACTFUL players to play this game yet he continues to be underrated because people will say "player A is the more "complete" player so he's automatically better" when in fact that's not always the case. Dirk's not a great defender. He never was, and never will be, but understand, I weigh IMPACT heavier than "completeness". The Mavs were a dreadful franchise during the 90s, then ever since Dirk became an allstar/ all nba performer, they won 50 games a season for 11 straight seasons, plus the playoffs. The only players to accomplish this were Tim Duncan, Bill Russell, and Magic Johnson. They each had at least two all nba/ allstar performers (Manu, Parker, Robinson, Cousy, Havlicek, Kareem, Worthy, etc

Do you like my 2011 free agent team? What would yours be?

Please make your team of 2011 free agents to :) Here it is. Coaches Frank Maholvich Brad Park Denis Potvin Goalie Coach Grant Fuhr GM Doug Armstrong Al Coates Scout David Berard Owner Pavel Bure Active Roster Line 1: Jay Pandolfo, Jason Arnott, Matt Bradley Line 2: Aaron Voros, Max Talbot, Fredrik Sjostrom Line 3: Ville Leino, Tomas Kopecky, Chris Thorburn Line 4: Adam Berti, Ryan Carter, Pat Dwyer Defense 1: Steve Staios, Trevor Daley Defense 2: Tom Preissing, Hal Gill Defense 3: Kent Huskins Adam Pardy Goalie 1: JS Giguere Goalie 2: Mathieu Garon Oh and I called them the Quebec City Spartans :) There would be no way to afford that team. I meant realistic, but apparently you didn't realize. -Toronto Maple Leafs- What the heck, you dont even have a bunch of your players playing the right position...

Do you think the veto of this bill is unfair for cyclists?

The Texas governor, Rick Perry, vetoed a bill that would have required motorists to give at least 3 feet of clearance to cyclists, pedestrians, among other vulnerable road users on a road with at least 2 lanes in each direction. Commercial vehicles need to give 6 feet. Also, do you agree with the following comments regarding the veto of this bill: 1. "if cyclists are going to continue complaining about road usage then since they are considered vehicles then they should have to register their bikes, get a liscense plate for them, pay insurance and learn that the white line is a divider not a place to constantly ride on. If caught riding on the line they should be stopped and ticketed by the police for failure to comply with rules, too often these idiots are the cause of accidents and the states could have a new source of income to help with the budgtet. they could collect millions doing this. want to complain about th e ro

What can we rumba to?

Wedding Music Filter: My fiancee and I are taking rumba lessons and we need to pick music for our first dance. Would "paper moon" played by our three-piece jazz band work? Any other rumba-able song suggestions? Anything along the lines Louis Armstrong or Ella Fitzgerald would be great. Our dance instructor has suggested using recorded music for our first dance because it's more reliable in terms of tempo etc... but it seem like a wasted opportunity if we don't use the band, thoughts?

When does one really know that they and their dream of enlightenment are both illusions?

I'm standing at the edge of becoming indifferent to everything in my existence, but yet I hesitate. I feel like Neil Armstrong standing on the ladder of the lunar lander but still unwilling to take the final step and say my line. Still I get the feeling that expedience is in order, and still I hesitate. I don't know what I'm waiting for, it will not change the circumstance of my physical life. It is peculiar.

FullMetal Alchemist questions! Need answers (easy 10 points)?

History Portion 1.) Prior to the recent reemergence of the old assembly our fair country of Amestris was run by a single ruler who brought us through many of our countries greatest wars and gained most of the land area. What was the name of our previous leader? 2.) What was the reasoning behind the reemergence of the old assembly? 3.) One of the greatest minds of our time The Sewing Life Alchemist made many breakthroughs in the alchemical study of the creation of chimeras. What was Sewing Life's birth name? 4.) The Fullmetal Alchemist made many discoveries in the fields of taboo alchemy. His studies focused mostly around the creation of the Philosopher's Stone. One such discovery was the method of creating a Homunculus. Give details on how to create one.(anime) Geography Portion 1.) What city is also known as the auto-mail capital of the world? 2.) Which Country boarders to the North of Amestris? 3.) From the Eastern Boarder of Amestris across the desert lies which

where can I find the rules of who can sit on the English Throne ?

Need to settle an argument, One side says Queen Elizabeth should abdicate and the job should be passed down to Charles ( or William) Side two says if the Queen Abdicates NONE of her descendants can get the job ( though they keep royal titles like prince/princess etc) and the job goes to David Armstrong Jones, Viscount Linley wo is the son of QEII sister and who is currently 14th in line.

Do girls like guys who have a diverse taste in this?

!!!, 1000 hours of staring, A Tribe Called Quest, A Perfect Circle, Air, The Album Leaf, Amon Tobin, Antibalas, Archive, Arrested Development, Asian Dub Foundation, Average White Band, Avril, BB King, Banyan, Beastie Boys, The Beatles, Bebel Gilberto, Beck, Beef + Nougat, Béla Fleck & the Flecktones, Ben Folds, Ben Harper & the Innocent Criminals, Ben Kweller, Ben Ironside, Bernard Herrmann, The Beta Band, Bill Frisell, Billie Holiday, Billy Cobham, Björk, Black Flag, Black Sabbath, Blackalicious, The Blind Boys of Alabama, Blind Melon, Blind Willie Johnson, Blue Oyster Cult, Blueprint, The Blues Brothers, Blur, Boards of Canada, Bob Dylan, Bob James, Bob Marley & the Wailers, Bobby McFerrin, Bobby Womack, The Books, Bootsy Collins, Boredoms, Brian Eno, Bright Blue Gorilla, The Brothers Johnson, Buddy Guy, Buena Vista Social Club, Bugge Wesseloft, Bukky Leo & Black Egypt, Busta Rhymes, Cab Calloway, Café Del Mar, Cake, Camille Saint-Saëns, Cannonball Adderley, Carlos Santana, The Cat E

Who makes the best quality wrenches, that won't round off parts?

Who makes the best quality combination wrenches on the market? I have worked with Snap-on / Blue-Point, Matco / KD Tools, Craftsman, Armstrong, Stanley, and Pittsburgh... though not many of the "professional" lines of these brands, and no Mac yet. To be honest, none have really stood out from the rest. I have worked in a Tool Room in an auto shop before, so I've been told by sales reps how great so and so's wrenches are. Now I'm looking for third party experience of people who have been in the field a long time and know their stuff from trial and error. Who sells the best wrenches you've worked with (disregarding price)? I added Pittsburgh because there is always some wise guy to pop in with the "you can't beat Harbor Freight, their tools are the best!" line. But anyhow, there are lots of bolts in an automotive application that you can't use the box end on... most notably the bolt on a tie rod you need to break loose doing alignments. I am glad someone here realizes that the open end