Questions About Arnold Fanpics

can you name everyone in this picture for me ? (sailor moon)?

i know the inner and outer senshi and the sailor stars , artimis luna and diana in human form, mamo-chan, chibi usa, chibi chibi , and is that Pegasus or peruru? lol anyway who are the other girls that look like sailor scouts?? and the two girls(purple,red black star shape crystal) with stars on their outfits? wow sake-chan thanks your answer was amazing its really cool that you knew they were from the dark moon circus. i knew they looked familiar lol i just didn't know what arc they were from >.> lol . As to for where or how i found the picture lol funny thing actually, i was searching Hey Arnold FANpics and a whole bunch of Sailor Helga and other un-related bull crap showed up AND SOME how stumbled upon this. I was just searching some old Pics of arnold and helga lol because i heard there was suppose to be a second movie(old news btw,/ was just informed a day ago about some new 2nd movie ....) but some how ya