Questions About Ashra

Ashra fertility spells?

I found a spell caster -Ashra, I have found a bunch of negative and positive results on her spell casting and I am just wondering if anyone has used Ashra for a fertility spell. I don't want the spell "haters" to respond, I don't care how ridiculous it sounds to you, I know for a fact that spells work, I just cant find the person I use to go to for spell casting (forgot his name) I am desperately trying to have a baby and sure promises that I will get to have a baby despite medical procedures so has anyone had success with her????? DESPERATE

How to get a job at an HVAC Engineering Firm?

I am trying to get into the HVAC Engineering sector by working for a firm. I have a degree in Mechanical Engineering, I just took the PE exam and am trying desperately to work for a HVAC firm here in SC. I know AutoCAD very well, I have read the ASHRAE Fundamentals book (I also have the other 3 ASHRAE books and the McQuiston HVAC book as well which I plan to read through slowly), I took a state energy auditing course, I am now trying to learn how to use EQUEST for energy modeling, I worked for three years doing custom bus design for switchgear units, which is mostly an electrical application as opposed to a mechanical application. Anyways, I am doing this hopefully to update my resume next month to make myself more appealing (I also will know by then if I passed the PE exam). Is there anything else that I can/should do that would increase my chances of being hired for an entry-level position for a HVAC firm?