Questions About Association For Counselling

Online therapy

Your experiences of online counselling / therapy? I'm considering online therapy for depression, partly because of anxiety about meeting a therapist face-to-face. I'm interesting in hearing from anyone who has tried it. Links, particularly to research, would also be useful. I have looked at the site for the Association for Counselling and Therapy Online.

Why counseling?

Why does my brother have to see a genetic counselor for a disease that his child only carries? I should probably know the answer to this, since I am a molecular biologist, but I don't... There's a counseling aspect that I am not familiar with. My brother has several children, all healthy, and their baby has tested as a carrier for an inborn error of metabolism. This means either my brother or his wife is a carrier. (Or maybe both of them, and they dodged the bullet. But SIL just had a tubal ligation.) The other kids may also be carriers, and knowing this, should be tested before they have kids of their own. This disease is recessive and there isn't a disease phenotype associated with being a heterozygote. So my brother asked me why their doctor has referred them for genetic counseling and what they can expect to happen when they go. Does anyone have any experience with this?

Help with buisness card for counseling job?

I have my associates of arts degree...major is biblical studies with a minor in counseling. This included classes in marriage and family counseling, crisis counseling and counseling the battered and abused. I am currently working on my bachelor's. I am trying to find a job in a womans shelter, or school as a counselor, and most employers have been asking me for my card...what can I put on my business card that will currently show what I've done thus far?

What do you think is the reason for the recent 50% drop in domestic violence cases?

Personally, I see it as a good thing that domestic violence has fallen by half, but it has been falling for the last 20-years. The most significant change from the improved training of police officers, as a result of the Violence Against Women Act, that has driven down the rates, is the major increase in the arrest of women for domestic violence. Check arrest reports, and especially talk to any female police officer, and you will find that almost 40% of DV arrests are women, with the majority by female officers. That, in and of itself, is significant, in that female officers make up only 13% of police forces. I hope they keep up the good work and that the Associations for Female Police Officers & Women in Law Enforcement will push to mandate female officers be at least on of the responding officers on all domestic disturbance calls. Check any study on domestic violence, but look at the data charts instead of just reading the summary and you find that men are the victims in 39% of t

This really won't let me go. Please be my internet friends and counsel me.

How do you deal with a bad social experience that cannot leave you alone for years? This is a (very) long post about a bad social experience that affected my life long term… About 5 years ago, when I was in school, I decided to join a student organization. It was a decision I made on a whim, and being still very immature, I didn’t really follow up on it after being elected. I did not fulfill my duty and I slacked off. At the same time, I had to spend one semester travelling around with 25 people for university. One of these classmates was also a member of the same student organization, we’ll call her Jane. Jane and I started the semester being friends. Spending day and night with these same 25 people did not suit me. I was not part of the crowd, and my behavior (I was a loner, and also quite different in many ways to the rest of the group) did not help the social aspect of things. I kind of went on doing my thing and exploring my surroundings, meeting local p

Tool for building a reference guide website or document generator?

Is there a word for these types of web-based tools, and a widely-used way to make them? One: a way make a web-based reference guide / glossary / help centre. Two: a tool that will generate a custom 20-page PDF based on complex user inputs, complete with table of contents. Are there open-source, well-supported solutions for building these things? Maybe a way to combine some plugins for Drupal or Wordpress? I really have no idea how to tackle this. I have a client who has a unique need. I'm trying to figure out if I can provide what they're looking for, and if not, where I should point them. Let's call them a non-profit association (NPA). They support small member organizations (MO's) by providing legal counsel, and one of the legal services they provide is a toolkit for new non-profits to write their documents of incorporation and bylaws. Currently this is a Word document that has all the legal language the MO needs, in several optional variations, with notes where t

Can someone help me with my legal homework?

In 1968, the ABA resolved that the legal profession recognize that paralegals A. have as much education as lawyers. B. may handle minor legal cases without supervision. C. should have to be licensed and take an oath. D. may perform many legal tasks when supervised by a lawyer. 2. Which of the following skills must you have to pursue a career as a paralegal? A. Good written and oral communication skills B. Knowledge of a business field, such as importing C. Fluency in more than one language D. Experience in investigation and police work 4. When writing correspondence to a client, it's professionally unacceptable to express A. concern regarding the client's financial and legal difficulties. B. possible results of a motion or hearing in broad terms. C. personal interest in the client and his or her activities. D. compassion about the stress caused by the litigation process. 5. In the reference 32 U.S.C. ' 1722, the number 32 refers to the A. section number. B. statute number.