Questions About Bay Clearwater Fl

Where is the best laser hair removal business in Tampa Bay Florida ?

I just moved to the Tampa Bay area and I will be at the Clearwater and St. Pete Beaches as often as I can so I need laser hair removal. I have been to those franchise places and they wanted me to sign a contract for hair removal. I think not ! Anyone know of a licensed laser hair removal business in the Tampa Bay Area that does NOT require a contract and is not a franchise? I think hair removal is pretty personal and I would like a more private setting but also someone who is absolutely the professional. Please advise.

Any good offshore charter fishing tours in central Florida?

Me and some buddies are planning a offshore charter fishing trip for one of my buddies bachelor party. It is going to be the weekend of Jan 11th . We live in and around Lakeland Florida so it's Central Florida. We are fine with traveling to the east coast to Daytona, Port Canaveral, as well as the west coast, Tampa Bay, Clearwater and St Pete. We have been looking and can't seem to find what suites our needs. We can't really afford to be spending $1000 bucks for the trip. There will be 7 people attending including the groom. We don't want one of the offshore boat that have like 50 people onboard.. Just us.. Also would be nice if the boat provided beer!! anyone know of a good charter?

What makes people prefer Miami over Tampa Bay other than nightlife?

I lived in Fort Myers for a while and now I live in Tampa. I have gone all over Florida, with Miami and Tampa Bay being the most visited areas since I began living in FL. I have always liked Tampa more than Miami and now that I live here I am in love with this area. Miami is a nice area, but I don't get what makes it more preferred than here. I personally believe it is kind of smoke and mirrors, glamour and the general perception from the media, but no offense, Miami lacks a lot of things Tampa offers, and Tampa (Bay) has almost everything Miami offers, albeit some of these things in a lesser extent. Some people consider Clearwater beaches better than Miami, and while Miami has absolutely no hills anywhere close to it, Tampa has many suburbs that offer great views- Dade City, Zephyrhills, Brooksville, San Antonio. St. Pete and Tampa has great city skylines, and it is much more sprawled and distributed. Miami is way too small for all the people it has making it way overpopulated. It ha

Fishing question! What kinds of fish can you catch offshore in the Tampa Bay?

I'm visiting family next week in Ruskin, Fl which is on the Bay. My father is staying on his 40 foot yacht but can't take it out because he didn't get it insured yet so I'm going to fish off a pier about a 1/2 mile away. What can I expect to catch and what is the best bait? What is a cheap but decent pole kit that I can pick up at somewhere like Walmart? I don't want to spend a lot because no one else fishes and I don't want to bring it back on the plane. When I fished on the Gulf in the past I used shrimp. I think live bait is the best. Also, how much is a temp. fishing license right now for out of state visitors and where are some places that I can get one? If you don't know, I can research that when I get there. If you live near Ruskin,Apollo Beach, Sun City, St.Pete, or Tampa where are some "hot" spots to fish? I see a lot of people on that huge causeway coming from Clearwater/ST.Pete. Isn't there a fishing area there???? Thanks!

Tampa Bay vs. Clearwater. Florida!?

Hello(: I am a mother with 3 children. I'm planning on moving to florida but I can't seem to decide on tampa bay or clear-water because of my kids. I want them to grow up with a lot of neighborhood friends and a good school district. I am only 29 same with my husband. I have one boy and two girls Jakob, Skye, and Kali. They are very young. People who are from there, been there, or lives there please tell which is a better family city. Thank you!