Questions About Bay Fair

Car insurance in the Bay Area?

BayAreaInsuranceFilter: What's the best and most reasonably-priced Bay Area insurer? I am moving to the San Francisco Bay Area (specifically the Silicon Valley) permanently next month and will need to get new car insurance as I migrate off my parents'. I got quotes from a couple of the big dogs (Progressive and Geico, the latter being cheaper), but would like to know people's experiences in the Bay Area with both of those companies as well as any others -- as well as the kind of insurance coverage you find necessary out there. I'm aware California probably has many more uninsured motorists than other places (a fair if un-PC assumption), but probably has less in the way of the acts-of-God kind of damage (hail, rock chips) that I'm used to here in the mountains. I am 24, have only one accident (not my fault) on my record, and none in the last five years. I did recently get cited for running a red light, though. Also, my new job has pretty significant medical coverage

Organic vegetable delivery in the Bay Area

Any recommendations of good services for organic vegetable delivery in the Bay Area? My cooking skills are fairly limited (some Indian, Thai, and Chinese) and I am concerned about how the whole random seasonal vegetable thing will work out. We eat a lot of salads (love a good tomato). Bonus if we can also get small orders of fruits. I am located in Mountain View. Its just two of us, and we eat out some as well, so we would like to be able to order a small box.

Fine art digital photo printing in the SF Bay Area?

Fine art digital photo printing in the SF Bay Area? I've just been contacted by someone looking to purchase a fine art print from one of my photos. Previously I'd made prints for clients myself using an Epson 2200 on either matte or rag paper, but I no longer have a printer in-house and I'm not sure where to find a printhouse nearby for something a bit nicer than a standard Fuji@Costco print. The catch? Well, it's not the size -- I'm looking at a fairly modest 11x14 or 13x19 -- it's that I'm looking for: a) somewhere accessible by public transit, i.e. BART/MUNI/etc (I'd be starting from Berkeley); and b) very fast turnaround, within a day or two at most. Price is not really an issue since I'd simply pass the cost on to my client. Are there any Bay Area photographers out there with recommendations? FWIW, the photo in question is in black and white, and while I've done some printing myself with the Epson 2200, I still don't have a whole lot of experience wit

Help me find a volunteer position in the Bay Area.

Suggestions for legal internships / volunteer positions for a recent college graduate in the Bay Area? Since graduating from college in May, I have had more free time that I know what to do with. Now that I've burned through two and a half months of it, I'd like to do something worthwhile. I am interested in pursuing a volunteer position or an internship at an organization like the Electronic Frontier Foundation. However, as I've found out, the EFF is not currently looking for new interns. Are there any other similar organizations I can turn to? I am open to both paid or unpaid positions, and I am fine with doing work on-site or from my home. Essentially, I am just trying to find a volunteer position with an organization that does something in the field of free speech, legal aid, digital rights, civic and religious freedoms, individual rights, etc. As far as my qualifications go - I have a B.A. from UC Berkeley, graduated with highest honors, and completed a m

Getting a second job at a bar/restaurant in the Bay Area: which one? how to survive working two jobs?

I’m thinking of getting a second job at a bar or restaurant in the Bay Area, on top of a serious day job. Any tips on 1) places to apply and 2) how to survive working two jobs? Here are my various criteria: 1) A fun place to work – cool, interesting people and a fairly relaxed atmosphere. Part of why I'd do this is to meet people I wouldn't usually meet. I couldn’t deal with fine dining. In fact, the less of a required “uniform,” the better. 2) Location. It’s a bit tricky, because my day job is in SF (south of the Montgomery BART) but I live on the Oakland/Emeryville border. The most convenient location would be Emeryville or anywhere on the San Pablo corridor. The second most convenient would be somewhere near my work. I could start earlier if I worked in SF, but getting home would be harder (after 12:30 AM I’d be limited to the once-hourly All Nighter bus). More broadly, I could probably work anywhere in downtown SF, the Mission, down

Help me find a dentist in the SF Bay Area.

I am looking for a dentist recommendation in the SF Bay Area, preferably Oakland. My entire family has been seeing the same dentist in Sacramento for the last 20-odd years, but I have a bit of distaste for his personality and some experiences I've had there have resulted in a deep dislike of dentists -- I always leave the office feeling like I'm some kind of asshole because I don't floss regularly, and even sometimes forget to brush. I've found an excellent solution to this problem: I don't go to the dentist. Surprisingly, this has caused my dental health to decline further. I had a filling fall out a couple months ago, and it feels like it's getting to the point where I can no longer ignore it. One of my front teeth also needs attending to, as it was chipped after someone knocked me out at a party over 2 years ago. Yeah, I haven't been to the dentist in about 3 years. And before that, I took an 8 year break -- which is pretty ridiculous for an otherwise f

Pay Option ARMS in SF Bay Area?

How can I found out how many homes in the San Francisco Bay Area (East Bay in particular) were financed with Pay Option ARM mortgages? I've seen recent reports that a large number of Pay Option ARM mortgages are due to recast in the next few years, which will likely result in a substantial amount of defaults and further lowering of home prices. I've also heard that these mortgages were fairly commonly used to finance home purchases in affluent areas, as compared with so-called sub prime mortgages (which tend to be concentrated in low-income areas). I'm currently in the market for a home in the East side of the SF Bay Area -- Berkeley, Kensington, El Cerrito, and the nicer parts of Oakland, like Rockridge, etc. I'd like to know how the recasting of these mortgages over the next couple years is going to impact this market, which so far has not been as hard hit by the sub prime defaults as other areas. Can anyone tell me how I can find out how many homes

Keep the black dog at bay

Depression in University/College: most of you seem to have been through it, do you have any tips? According to my research, about 90% of Mefites suffered from depression while they were in university [citation needed]. You gave me some amazing advice in my previous question about taking a year out from my course, and I'm happy to say I feel like I'm mostly out of the woods now and ready to start second year again in September. However, as someone who's fairly prone to depression, I'm a little apprehensive about trying to keep up with my work, socialising and looking after myself (when I don't have my mum on hand to feed me!). I've read this question on a similar topic, but I'm looking for general advice and tips on how to depression-proof my time at university, and how to do well academically without driving myself absolutely potty. What do you think, Hive Mind?

Boxing events in Bay Area, CA

Where can I see professional or amateur boxing and/or fighting in the Bay Area? My googling has led me to some listings and ads for past fights and some fairly expensive pro fights in San Jose, but what I'm looking for is a list of upcoming boxing, muay thai, mma, etc. fights in the Bay Area. Where do those generally take place? Anyone know of a site that aggregates that kind of stuff?

Is there a standard and proven "this is fair use" litany?

If I plan on posting a clip from a TV show to my blog, is there a standard "this is do-able under fair use" disclaimer that has been shown to keep lawyers at bay most of the time? Does it even matter if "fair use" is called out? And does my usage qualify as "fair use"? I want to do this often, but the case in question right now involves a short clip from an episode of Mad Men. I want to embed it in a blog post because it evokes an idea about people and history that is one manifestation of what the blog post will be about. The connection between the video and the text is pretty abstract. But it's not a parody, and it's not a review. It's almost more like a "sample" or a "quotation." I uploaded the clip to youtube, but apparently YouTube scanned it and found that it's copyrighted material, so I got an alert that I was trying to upload something that belongs to LionsGate, and therefore it was blocked worldwide. So this

Virginal vintage letterheads sought in SF bay

I would like to purchase old-school unused letterheads in San Francisco or, less optimally, environs. 60-90 years old would be ideal (older than that and I assume we'd be getting into money). But I don't know where I can do this. I got ~10 such letterheads from an antiquarian bookseller in Hyde Park, in Chicago (at $1/per), but haven't been able to find any other such booksellers in SF who have such items. (I have to admit I haven't exactly gone haring all over town, though.) Postcards yes, letterheads mostly no. I am aware of the Vintage Paper Fair and went to the last iteration but the only letterheads available were already written on (and quite spendy). This is useless for me, since I want to use the letterheads myself, to write letters on them.

Where Should I Move To In The Bay Area?

Where should I live when I move to the Bay Area? Here are the facts: Later this year, I'm moving to the Bay Area for work. I will know very few people outside of work when I get to town. I'm moving by myself. I have a reasonable budget (around $2k / month, maybe a touch more) and don't need much space. Would love to spend less, but willing to spend that much for the right situation. Work will be in Palo Alto, at a location that is just about right off of I-280 and the Page Mill Road exit. My inclination is to live in San Francisco, because I want to live in a city. That said, the commute worries me a little ... I'd have to drive (train's won't work with my unpredictable schedule), and I wonder if I'll be unhappy. I also don't know what neighborhoods/etc. in SF are best for this kind of commute. I'd likely be commuting around 7 or 7:30 am, sometimes earlier, sometimes a bit later; coming home no earlier than 6, likely later in many cases).

What hourly rate for a 10+ year UNIX (Linux) admin in Bay Area?

What hourly rate for a 10+ year UNIX (Linux) admin in Bay Area? This is for maybe 2-3 visits a month, each 3-4 hours in duration. I've seen the various posts here and in google space regarding charging hourly rate. One site says $55/hr but this seems low compared the doubling salary method (I'm currently at 120k/annual). I have a full time job already so this isn't so much about the money but 1) building rapport with the company in case I want to switch to a consulting mode 2) helping them out 3) getting the experience with this sort of gig. Ultimately, I do need to make it worth my while. I'm considering throwing $95/hr and if they balk I'll adjust and move on. But does this seem obnoxiously high? I consider myself fairly experienced with the salary negotiation game but this one is entirely different.

Help me find an orthopedist in the Bay Area!

Can you recommend a great orthopedist in or around San Francisco? I have a congenital disability that manifests in a number of orthopedic issues, one of which is severe scoliosis. This was partially corrected when I was 11, but I used to visit an orthopedist annually after that just to make sure everything was looking okay. Since I moved to California about five years ago, I've not visited an orthopedist, and it really hasn't been an issue. However, lately I've been having some back pain, and think it might be a good idea to check in with someone. Sooo, with that TMI background info, my question: Can you recommend a wonderful orthopedist in or around SF that meets the following criteria? 1) Has some pediatric experience, but will accept adult patients (largely as a result of my scoliosis, I am very short-statured which leads to some particular orthopedic complications, so pediatric experience is a plus) 2) Is fairly easy to reach via BART/bus/Muni (it's

Suggest a wedding photographer in the Bay Area

Suggest a great wedding photographer in the Bay Area? My fiance and I prefer the "photojournalistic" style that feels a bit more spontaneous, intimate, and creative, rather than the typical lineup of portraits. I'm finding a lot of photographer portfolios online have what I call the "7 degree tilt", where their idea of creative photo is taking a regular photo but tilting their camera a bit. It's surprisingly pervasive. Anyhow, looking for an easy-to-work-with photographer who won't require an astronomical budget, but we're willing to pay a fair rate. The ceremony will be at a family church in Napa, the reception in Yountville. We're open to photos either before or after the ceremony.

What local bay area companies offer regular delivery services?

I enjoy my CSA immensely, especially the delivery aspect. What other (local) food and products can I subscribe to in the Bay Area? A few months ago I signed up for a community supported agriculture share, which is delivered weekly to my apartment in downtown Oakland. I love the delivery aspect (I don't own a car), and also that they are a local company selling a local product. This has led me to wonder - what else can I have delivered on a regular schedule? I am interested in local companies, not Amazon toilet paper subscriptions. Special snowflake details: -I live alone, but I cook a lot and work from home a fair amount. Small weekly deliveries would be great, or something like monthly for things with larger minimum orders? -my building is live-work and mostly offices, so I can get away with places that deliver to businesses only My first thought was coffee, but none of the local roasting places have delivery info on their websites even thoug

What is fair compensation at a start-up?

I'm a medical student, taking a year off before residency. During the year, I'm going to be working for a new start up that creates medical apps. I will be creating content for their apps and working on their social media strategy. Does anyone have any ideas about how I can determine what I should be paid, and/or how to negotiate it? I'm a late stage medical student, taking a year off before residency. During the year, I'm going to be working for a new start up that creates medical apps. I will be creating content for their apps, and have questions about how to determine a fair wage. One twist: I've been asked to work on their social media strategy, and start tweeting under their company account, before my actual start date. I have some experience doing this. So, here are my questions: 1. How can I determine what a reasonable compensation package would be? I'll be working part time, about 20 hours per week. Should I focus just on an hourly

Nasty surprises for East Bay homeowners?

What's horrible about owning a home in Berkeley, Oakland, or Albany? Asking for a friend: My friend is thinking of buying a house in Berkeley, Oakland, or Albany, sometime in the next five years or so. He's been a renter in San Francisco for several years. What annoying surprises might await him? Are there any little-known weirdnesses about city ordinances or culture that are likely to drive him crazy? Is he more likely to find his city government irritating if he lives in Albany or Oakland? Is it true you're not allowed to have a backyard grill in Berkeley? He's pretty Californian and green, so the general vibe of the East Bay will probably be pretty comfortable for him. Likewise, he knows that Oakland is not one big murder zone, and that all three cities are likely to have safer and less-safe neighborhoods. He's fairly handy, and somewhat prepared for the extra maintenance of being a homeowner vs. renter. Any info about specific annoyanc

Should I buy my friend's car? How can we fairly value it?

One of my oldest friends is selling his 2002 VW Passat Station Wagon (GLX V6). He bought it new and has taken good care of it (I've known him for 30 years; he takes care of things). He has all of the car's records. As it turns out, I'm in the market for a used car. The car drives beautifully. He is listing it at $6K. But a thorough pre-purchase inspection uncovered several problems, for which he is willing to take the price down. How can we find a fair value for the car? And should I buy this Volkswagen at all? BTW, here's a link to the Craigslist ad. A bit about what I want it for: I will be driving it around the Bay Area (trips to the mountains, beaches, etc) for the next five months, then driving it cross-country to Cambridge, MA where I have a one-year job lined up. After that I am not sure where I will be (I'm an academic). I'm also hoping to have a kiddo within the next year or two, and I like the fact that it feels so sturdy and safe, and can fit three kid