Questions About best online guitar lessons

Where are the best online piano lessons?

A couple of months ago I AskedMefi about online guitar lessons. You pointed me to a justguitar which worked out great! Now, could you do the same thing for piano, please? I recently acquired a crappy garage-sale electronic keyboard. I'm trying to learn how to play it! What I know about guitar has been minorly helpful (whole-whole-half etc.), but I'm really looking for online lessons, discrete, focused tutorials. Any suggestions are well appreciated!

Best online guitar video lessons for a beginner player?

I have been playing guitar for 2 years. I already know all the major chords, minor chords, and some 7 chords. I know how to read tablature, the notes on the fretboard, and some basic strumming patterns. I can learn to play simple songs with a few chords pretty easily. What are the best free videos online where I can just go on everyday to practice and learn better techniques so that I can get better at barre chords, fingerpicking, scales, and music theory.

Help me pick the best first instrument for a very small 6 year old.

Help me pick the best first instrument for a very small 6 year old. My daughter is six, and would like very much to play the guitar. The problem is that she's very small. She's too small to properly place her fingers on even a student guitar fret. There are other, cheaper, smaller guitars, but as you can imagine they aren't very good instruments. I've been reading online that some people start young guitar players with ukeleles instead. They're smaller, and apparently the chords are less complicated (which makes sense, since the ukeleles they're suggesting only have four strings.) Would that be a good way to start her out, and help her transition to the bigger guitar, once she grows into it? Should I just buy her a cheap tiny guitar and get her lessons? Or should I let her duke it out with an oversized guitar and hope she grows into it before she's too frustrated to want to play it? I don't play an instrument, so I don't know and I was hoping for some


Guitarfilter: Looking for the best online guitar instruction sites. By the best I mean any and all of the following: Multimedia, Comprehensive coverage of styles and skill levels, Lots of material and lessons, Professional presentation, availability of tabs. Would expect to pay, but don´t have any problem with free if such an animal exists. In the last few months I came across a couple of very impressive sites that meet the above criteria (also with downloadable tabs/sheet music - copyrighted stuff required a small fee each) but I cannot remember them or find them now. Any help would be much appreciated.

Need Guitar Recommendations

$1000, and I want to buy an electric guitar + accessories....what guitar should I get? So I have $1000, and I'm going to upgrade to a new guitar. I'm going to be giving my current setup (Fender Squier, practice amp, and other things like picks and a capo) to someone else as a gift. I'm going to be taking serious lessons in the summer, and I think it's worth it to buy a nice instrument. So I'm going to be buying quite a bit...I need the guitar, a case, possibly new strings, a practice amp, etc. I've got it all covered except the guitar itself. I'd like to spend around $500-600 on the guitar, but I could probably go up to $700 for something really awesome. After doing some research, I've noticed that the Epiphone Les Paul and Fender Strat and Telecaster are all in my price range, but I'm not sure which of those might be the best, or if I'm missing something important. So what would you guys recommend? I realize I need to play them to see for myself, but I'm interested

Anyone can play guitar... Fewer can play it well.

I'm an okay guitar player. How can I become a good one? I've been playing guitar off and on for over ten years now. I started out on bass, and am still a pretty competent bass player. I know how to practice, I can tell what I need to work on, and I can usually figure out ways to improve. With guitar, not so much. I picked up the acoustic guitar about a year after I started playing bass, and not long after, I sort of hit a wall and have never really become any better at it. I can play a decent number of songs, as long as they don't have any barre chords or many melodic bits that require any kind of finger gymnastics. (So, basically, I can strum and keep rhythm okay, as long as we're using open chords only.) What is the best way to improve? I'd love to get lessons but I'm worried about how expensive they are. Sometimes I'll try to learn songs on my own, but usually, I'll just find things that are already in my comfort zone. When I do try to move past that, I seem to h