Questions About best tanning oil for fair skin

Best Tanning Lotion/Oil for fair skin.?

So I'm going to florida in a few weeks and I needed help on deciding what the best tanning lotion or oil is out there? I am naturally not that tan and have slightly fair skin. I have tanned at pools before and I can get a nice tan on my abs and upper body but no matter how hard i try my face never tans like i would like it to. I was wondering if i should use tanning lotion or tanning oil in florida (I have 4 days while there to get good tanning in) and what kinda of lotion/oil you would recomend to tan the best (especially for the face)? I have been recommended to Hawaiian Tropic Dark Tanning Lotion and Banana Boat Vitaskin Instant Sunless Tanning Lotion are those good products?

What's in your makeup bag?

I'm really looking to try out new products. My makeup is either running out, expired or I'm just plain tired of them. I want new ideas. So, please tell me what's in your makeup bag, even if it has nothing to do with makeup. Also, brush names and brush brands would be nice too. I want brand name, product name, shade name and if you could please tell me what it looks like (the color I mean), that'd be wonderful. Also, please tell me what makeup bag you use. I'll tell you what I have: Makeup Bag: A Sephora bag you get when you order free samples Nail Clippers (Comes with a file on the back and a case. Got it a 5 Below for a dollar) Makeup remover wipe Moisturizing lotion packets Johnson and Johnson Mint Waxed Dental Floss Mini Crest mouth wash Covergirl Pencil Brow and Eyeliners in Black and Brown Tweezers from Forever 21 (Has lipstick, Ooh Lala and heart-shaped sunglasses as the design) Mini Black Comb (Got it from a leave-in conditioner) Covergirl ClumpCrusher mascara in Very black (gre

What can I do to get hot over summer??? College Student!?

I am 5'1" 120 pounds. I have fair complexion and oily, sometimes acne prone skin. My hair is long (mid back) and I wear it straight and teased a little in the front. I'm a 34 b bra and an hourglass figure. I'm not ugly by any means (I was always the pretty popular girl in school) but since I've been in college I have gained 20 pounds, started breaking out, let my hair nails ect go. I have 3 months to get hot again. Lol. Any tips on the following will be appreciated -losing 15 pounds in 3 months -products that stop acne/oil -products that will make your hair bouncier, shinier, softer, and have more volume, -bras that enhance cleavage -good quality light colored lipstick -good quality mascara -how to tan evenly an quickly -best whitening (teeth) products -ways to tone legs well -cute outfits. My boyfriend comes home soon and I want to look great for him.