Questions About Bfa In Painting And Printmaking

Help me turn indistinct desires and ideas into a concrete plan of action.

What kind of art/creative director should I be, and how can I get there? After nearly finishing a BFA in Printmaking, I realized it was not at all what I wanted to do. I took a year off and have been working an office job, and in January I am going to SCAD-Atlanta to get a BFA in Advertising. It will take two years to complete. The program mainly consists of design, copywriting, and art direction classes. My goal is to become an art/creative director as soon as possible. The main problem is that it seems like there are many breeds of creative directors, in nearly every field, and I don't know which direction I should be aiming for. It seems like the major divisions are publishing firms, advertising agencies, creative department at John Doe corporation, or television/film/theatre. Of those, I feel like the first two would be my top choices, but I'd like to know more. I also don't know the best route to get there, as I'm aware creative director is a position you work

MFA Programs

I'm looking for schools with MFA painting and/or printmaking programs that would welcome a student with a BFA in illustration. [more inside] The "illustration" part is a serious black mark, at least according to people I've spoken with, but I've also heard that different schools have radically different character in terms of student work. Are there any MFA programs that are particularly welcoming to figurative, narrative painting/printmaking? Also -- many people have advised me to wait a few years. While this might be a polite way of telling me I suck, I have noticed that a lot of MFA students do exactly that. Will the admissions officer just roll his eyes at the 22 year old who thought she had enough experience for graduate school? My reasons for wanting to go immediately: I want to teach public high school, I want to have time to focus completely on personal improvement before I start teaching (this is why I'm not going the MAT route), and I want to