Questions About blue atlas cedar

Blue Atlas Cedar dying?

My husband and I bought 2 blue atlas cedars this past March or April and planted them about 3 ft. apart in the same bed. One is doing great, has new needles budding out and looks wonderful, the other one isn't doing so well. We live in Oklahoma where temps get around 100 degrees and the heat is sweltering. They're planted on the West side of our house and they get watered about every other day. I'm at a loss as to why one is doing great and the other one isn't when they were both planted the same way and receive the same amount of water. The needles on the one are turning yellow and falling off and that tree never had any new needles budding out on it this spring. i called our local nursery and they said I might give it more water. I'm just wondering if somebody else might be able to tell me what could be going on with my tree and if it's saveable. These trees aren't cheap and I'd hate to lose one. Also, I have the same sort of problem with a dwarf alberta spruce that i plante

Planted a Blue Atlas Cedar a month ago, I live in East. OK it's losing needles. 6hrs sun per day. In shock?

Blue Atlas Cedar is about 6 1/2 feet tall. Needles are turning yellow and falling off. Have noticed a small limb (3 inches) has no needles on it now. It is planted on the south side of our house and receives about 6 hours of sun per day. It is planted in a flower bed. Can I put slow release fertilizer on it now or should I wait?

Atlas Cedar?

To celebrate my first birthday in our first house, my finace brought home a tree for our yard - very poetic and I absolutely love it. We planted it as a landscaping tree in front of the house, but now I'm reading conflicting reports on how large it will get. It's a Blue Atlas Cedar - the kind with weeping branches and a twisted trunk. Currently about 5 ft tall, and we have the capacity to keep it in its current location provided it stays under 12 feet. Any thoughts on how large we can expect it to grow?