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Questions About body mist meaning

what's the difference between perfume and body spray?

I was wondering what the difference between perfume, body spray, body mist, body splash, eau de toilette, eau de perfum, eau de cologne and cologne. If someone could give me the meaning for each AND the differences between them that would be great! I would also like a good, not too expensive place to shop for body spray. Thanks! also what's a fragrance mist? i mean i know what it is but i want to know the difference between fragrance mist and all the other things i mentioned above.

Skincare questions (Clarisonic)?

I'm thinking very seriously about getting a Clarisonic facial system. I'd be getting the Mia 2 I think. I'd be getting one of their cleansers (the gentle hydro one or the refreshing gel one) and I'd probably get the deep pore brush head. I do have some questions - 1, I know this entire line, no matter what you buy, is pretty expensive, so first and foremost - is it REALLY worth what you're paying? 2. I read you need to replace the brush heads every 3 months. That's pretty fair. What about the actual device though? Do you ever…

Can someone help analyze larry levis' "in 1967" poem?

Someone please help me analyze the meaning of this poem? I also need to analyze why this author's depiction of the way the narrator copes with his potential future is convincing? Some called it the Summer of Love, & although the clustered, Motionless leaves that overhung the streets looked the same As ever, the same as they did every summer, in 1967, Anybody with three dollars could have a vision. And who wouldn’t want to know what it felt like to be A cedar waxwing landing with a flutter of gray wings In a spruce tree, & then disappearing into…