Questions About Both Airlines

What will happen to the gate layout at the Indianapolis International Airport after the airline mergers?

Just wondering if anybody knows what will happen to where the gates are at the Indianapolis International Airport after all the airline mergers. United and Continental are merging into one, but they are at two different terminals, which terminal will they relocate to, or will they stay at their same gates? Because Delta has all of terminal A except for the gates operated by Continental. Will United move to the Continental gates, or will some other airline take over those gates? What will happen to the gates after the Southwest and Airtran merger? Both airlines are at the same terminal, but they are at different ends. What will happen to those? Plus, I heard that Branson Air Express was at terminal B, where are all those airlines gonna go?

Packing food for airline travel

Can I check a cooler full of food when flying state to state? For Thanksgiving I was hoping to bring some food (mix of cooked and raw) from California to Pennsylvania. Though it doesn't say anything about food on the TSA permitted/prohibited list(pdf), I'm worried that I'm going to show up at the airport and it will be a problem. Also, assuming it is allowed, are there any special precautions I should take (both to ensure food safety and minimize security hassles)? Will they get pissy if I duct tape it shut? Are there any foods that you aren't supposed to take to another state? Any other tips?

Help us use our free airline tickets wisely!

I just won two tickets that will take my husband and me on a round trip from our home in Brooklyn to anywhere in the continental US. We'll be traveling with our one-year-old. Where should we go to make the best use of our tickets? More details inside... Our son is 14 months old now, and we have a year to use the tickets. We're thinking we may want to wait until next fall or so, so he'll be older and better able to enjoy himself. There are specific requirements, naturally. The destination should be: ...somewhere it would normally be expensive to get to. No point in using our windfall on $79 tickets to Fort Lauderdale. ...somewhere that has decent hotels appropriate for toddlers, in the price range of $125 a night or so. ...not a theme park. We don't like Disney or anything with a Disneyesque feel or an Orlando-ish vibe. ...somewhere that has hotels, stores, restaurants, amenities. A well-populated place -- a city or town. We want to be ab

Airline "Weather Weasling" out of rule 240?

My United Air flight from Washington, DC to New York (departing 4:55pm yesterday) was canceled. I asked to be booked on the next flight, based on rule 240. The airline refused, claiming it was canceled due to weather. But at the time of cancelation, there were clear skies at both airports, and plenty of other planes on the same route at similar times were not canceled. How do I call bullshit, and make them pay for my inconvenience (an extra day in DC, taxi w/2 small kids, etc), and for being such big liars?

How do I solve my airline woes?

Help me figure out an air travel fiasco. So, about two months ago, I bought plane tickets home for winter break via Orbitz. The odd thing was that they were paper tickets for flights on Northwest and Cape Air printed on Delta ticket stock. Weird, but not really an issue if it gets me home, right? Fast forward to a week and a half before I leave, and I realize that I was going to cut my departure time way too close to the end of my last exam and may miss my flight (which was originally on wednesday). So I call up Orbitz and find out that at this point, because of my paper tickets, I have to actually go to the airport to get my tickets changed out. I go to the airport and tell the lady at the (Delta) ticket counter my issue, and then ask to change the tickets out, to which she told me (after a few calls to the higher-ups) that even though she was the person to talk to about changing the ticket, she couldn't actually reissue my tickets because there were no Delta fligh

Anywhere American Airline Flies

Where to travel with the follow criteria: expensive flight, strong dollar, late fall or winter trip, and under a week to visit. I have gobs of American Airlines miles that I need to burn by February. Where can we go to maximize the value of our flight? About Us: Mr. 26.2 and I are both seasoned travelers and have been to most of the typical spots in Europe and Mexico, but I'd love suggestions for places there if the dollar is strong. We like art museums, libraries, theater and hiking. We can enjoy touristy stuff, but prefer to have a more authentic experience. We like to relax with locals - a picnic in the park is fine by us. I'd love a place where we would not have to rent a car. We're late thirties, no kids. He's fluent in Spanish. I can understand basic French and Italian, but have trouble responding quickly. This should be a relaxing trip, because we've had a stressful couple of months. I'd like to skip the more stressful/sketchy destinati

How can I trust airline reviews when they're in all caps?

NYC to Mumbai. Air India or Kuwait Airways? Phrased differently, should I arrive late night or early morning? I'm flying from New York to Mumbai next month, and faced with the two airlines above, I have no idea which to choose. Both seem to have downsides. Air India seems like a more sensible choice if only due to the nationality. However, they'll drop me in Mumbai at 10:45pm, which seems like a bad time for someone unfamiliar with the city, and who will have to find a hotel or hostel right off. I could stay up all night, wander around, and deal with it in the morning, but this hardly seems like the best way to do things. Kuwait Airways will put me in Mumbai at a much more workable 4:50am, but I've heard far more bad about the airline than good. Thing is, I'm not picky. As long as I arrive at my destination intact, I don't much care if the flight attendants are late with my coke (or don't even bring one at all). My in-flight entertainment is a long book, so I

Need 1100 miles on American Airlines to reach Gold.

Need 1100 miles on American Airlines to reach Gold. What is the most efficient way to do this? I'm in DFW and i'm *THIS* close to regaining my Gold status on American Airlines. I need just a hair under 1100 miles before Dec 31 to get there. Obviously I need a "mileage run." I've tried hitting the runner's forums and they make my head spin. I just need a quick in-and-out trip (hopefully on the cheap) so i get finally get my status back. My available time for the next two months is almost zero. I've got two trips already booked, but both are using miles/points to redeem tickets, so neither will be generating me any EQM's. Can anybody offer any help on a leg/itinerary i can take out of DFW that won't make me crazy but still get me over that magic 25,000 mile marker? Alternately, are there any tactics i might be able to try on a AAdvantage rep to try and get that last 1100 miles waived? i've even considered buying a ticket and NOT flying

how do I fight an airline service charge?

How do I fight this absurd airline service charge? I bought plane tickets to from Toronto, Canada to Cairo, Egypt for my wife and I back in December, before the demonstrations started. The flight isn't until April 21. We were planning on visiting friends who are teaching there for a year. The flight is on Turkish airlines, and it has a layover in Istanbul both going there and coming back. Because of the government travel advisory which asks Canadians to avoid unnecessary travel to Egypt, I called our travel agent last week to cancel the Istanbul-Cairo portion of our ticket. Turkish airlines wants to charge us $500 for the change, plus the amount that the fare has increased since we bought the ticket. If we don't show up to get on the Istanbul-Cairo flight, the airline will cancel our flight home. We feel this is unfair and unreasonable. We aren't asking to change flights, we just don't want to use a portion of the ticket we paid for. And we are making the chan

partner airlines check-in question

I booked a flight from Stockholm to San Francisco, connecting in Frankfurt, through Continental Airlines website. However the flight from Stockholm to Frankfurt is operated by SAS, and from Frankfurt to SFO by United. Which airline should I check in with in Stockholm: SAS, United, or Continental? Will they give me tickets for both flights when I check in in Stockholm? Will they check my luggage all the way through to SFO? I can't find any info online, thanks for any help!

Connecting flights , different airlines; what about my luggage?

I'm planning on travelling from Montréal, QC to Lake Charles,LA. I have a Montréal - New York ticket with Air Canada and a New York - Houston flight with Continental Airlines. Will my luggage follow between both airlines or do I have to get it back and check it in again in New York? The problem is I don't have much time in NY and I feel checking in my luggage there would make me miss my connecting flight. I know that when you're flying the same airline, it's checked to your final destination. What about for different airlines?