Questions About Brai

After so many months of not being able to be in school because I can't afford it, I've finally decided to at least try to self educate myself using online classes. Reddit, what kinds of online lectures and texts can be found that focus on biological

I'm really looking for something that's basically just free texts and online lectures. I'm not looking for an "online college" and I'm not even really looking for a program that can get me a degree. I'm simply looking for lectures that I can study and takes notes on in my spare time so that my brai…

Looking for a good price on my ps2,accessories,and gaming account.?

I've been trying to sell these items for days. And i started a bid on Craigslist and ebay for 450.00. And not one bid. Is this to much for what im selling? My final fanasty 11 account is worth 400.00 on its own. What would you pay for these items? Selling Playstation 2 w/ controller,Hard drive,Memory card,Rogue Galaxy,The Suffering: Ties that bind,God of war 2 disc set,Innocent Life,And Resident Evil Outbreak file 2.Also Comes with keyboard and my Final Fantasy 11 Account. Mithra Rank 8 75rdm 33war 44whm 53drk 10rng 67drg 10cor 37dnc 5mnk 55blm 34thf 9bst 40nin 13smn 15pup Craft Fishing 14 WW 10 Smithing 24 GS 53 CC 16 Leather 2 BC 11 Alc 22 Cooking 61 Access to Sea,Sky,Salavage, Nyzul Isle, Aht Urhgan Delkfult Key Ugl,Kuftal, Qsd coffer key Rdm and Drg full af sets All expansions: Rise of Ailart,Chains of Promathia,Treasures of Aht Urhgan, and Wings of the Goddess Missions: Rise of Zilart- #14 Ark Angels CoP- #8-3 When Angels Fall ToAU-#34 Testing the waters Assualt-S