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I have a 1990 Volvo 740 GL 2.3liter non-turbo?

It seems to idle ok but when we drive it it shifts at odd times and does not go faster then 50-53 mph. I did get a code 2-3-2 from it. It has to do with the Lambda system lean / rich at idle. I changed the O2 sensor and cleared the code. It came back. I was thinking it might be the catalytic converter being clogged? It is 2x as hot as the rest of the exhaust. I checked it with my heat gun. Before the cat it was 85 degrees, after the cat it was 100 degrees, but the cat was about 140. Is it normal for it to be a lot hotter? It had sat for about an hour when I checked the temps. It has had a complete tune up (plugs, wires, cap, rotor, air filter, fuel filter, cleaned the flame trap). I also checked the timing with a timing light. It was at 12 BTDC degrees which I think is right on and it was steady. Please help. Thanks

timing marks for ford f150 4.9 6cyl 1992?

I have a 1992 f150 4.9 6cyl.Gas mileage was getting worse.Thought it was the timing.Hooked up the timing light and looked at the passenger side sawtooth marker with the round peeper and hole in it at 10deg TDC.Unplugged the spout/Could not find the spout at first/ .There are TWO sets of timing marks,one on the drivers side of the harmonic balancer and the other passenger side sawtooth.I have experience doing auto repairs so this was no big undertaking,UNTIL, I hooked up the timing light to the No1 cyl wire and loosened up the Distributor tighten down nut.rotating the distributor and looking at the passenger side timing marks -the harmonic balancer has a notch machined into it and im thinking that is the timing mark- I could not even see the timing mark on the harmonic balancer/which i marked with chalk/ and on the drivers side marks/engine timing marks/I could not see the 10deg BTDC either.SOOO Can someone with FORD experience HELP ME please.Gas is $ 3.85 per gal and i want this truck