Questions About Bush Cherry

How do I know that my Bay Laurel is not a Cherry Laurel?

I have a small, evergreen aromatic bush with leathery leaves, 9.5cm long by 4.5cm wide, dark green in colour, lighter underneath, smooth and shiny, but thin, not fleshy. I have been led to believe it is a Bay Laurel (Laurus nobilis), but am now worried about using the leaves, as I understand that Bay Laurel is often confused with Cherry Laurel, which is poisonous! Can anyone give me some pointers to distinguish between these two, please?

What state has the best soil & garden conditions for what I want to grow? Is your city and state idea?

I grew up in Northwest Indiana and my Grandma had a GLORIOUS garden. She was from Mississippi and boy did she have a green thumb. I will likely be relocating in 2 years & we're open to a hundred places around the country.. we love adventure AND family.. Here's what I'd like to grow and please don't say it can't all be done, because Grandma did it! Thank you!! Apple tree, a cherry tree & eucalyptus tree or plants. Pergola with grapes. I will grow onions, carrots, potatoes, celery, green onions, strawberries, cabbage, collard mustard and spinach greens, tomatoes and brussels sprouts. I'd like flowers, too, but I'll leave those to my hubby who loves landscaping. Lilac bushes (my favorite) !!! Lots of herbs like cilantro, basil, rosemary, lavender & such for cooking and making soaps & candles.

Is there a Law that hybrid plants have to be stated as such in there description when selling.?

I am trying to start planting several cherry bushes, blueberrys, and vegitables. I want to be able to save my seeds and replant them, but I dont' know how to make sure the plants I'm buying are not hybrid so that I can do that. I noticed in some of the plant catalogs the description states Hybrid. Is there a law that hybrid plants have to be stated in the description. Thanks jada

Any adcvice to make my essay better?

It is supposed to be really discriptive. Due today. Cherry Street In a suburb of Dallas where I used to live is a street called Cherry. Throughout most of my childhood Cherry Street was the place I lived and breathed. I remember everything about that street, the smells, the sounds, the tales of all the harebrained neighbors and the rumors about the oddly quiet ones. The first thing that anyone would notice when driving down Cherry Street is the colors. The houses like rainbows blended perfectly together down the pavement and came in an array of colors. There were school bus yellows, soft spring lavenders, and peaches with crimson hearts painted on the shutters. Our house was more subtle, a clean white trimmed in baby blue. Though it didn’t stand out like some of the other houses our house had the most trees and that is the main thing I remember about living on Cherry Street. Every house was covered from front to back with dozens of trees.

Need suggestions for nice front of house shrub!?

We are trying to find a nice shrub for the front of our house. I'd like something around 6-8 feet tall and wide. We will have several evergreens already in the plant bed, so this doesn't need to be. I'd like something with some nice flowers and/or fall color. Any suggestions? We were going to use a purple leaf sand cherry, but have heard that they don't live too long due to disease and pests. Prefer something that will last as I don't have the best greenthumb! We are zone 5. The other plants in the area are some yews, holly, viburnum, wine &roses weigela and some tall reed grass. We'll probably add some perennials down the road, but are trying to get the structure first. It's a full sun area. I DON'T want a burning bush, but any other suggestions would be appreciated!

How eclectic is my music list?

this is a list of every artist on my iPod, tell me what you think. AC/DC Aerosmith Alan Jackson Alice Cooper Alice In Chains Armor for Sleep Ashes Divide Atreyu Audioslave Avenged Sevenfold BB King Beastie Boys The Beatles Black Sabbath Bob Dylan Bob Marley Bob Seger Bon Jovi Bowling for Soup Brad Paisley The Bravery Breaking Benjamin Buckcherry Buckethead Bush Chris Cornell Clay People Coheed and Cambria Cold Coldplay Course of Nature Cream Creed CCR The Cure Daughtry David Cook David Gilmour Deep Purple Disturbed Dream Theater Drowning Pool Eagles ELO Eric Clapton Eric Johnson Evanescence Finger Eleven Five Finger Death Punch Flobots Flyleaf Foo Fighters Foreigner Genesis George Strait Good Charolette Green Day Greenwheel Guns and Roses Hank Williams Jr. Heart Highwaymen HIM Hoobastank Incubus Iron Maiden Jimi Hendrix Johnny Cash Josh Turner Judas Priest Kanye West Kenny Chesney Kid Rock The Killers Korn Lazlo Bane Led Zeppelin Linkin Park Louis Armstrong Lynyrd Skynyrd Marianne & M

Garden Beginner in Minnesota?

I'm planning to eventually plant a garden at my new home. The house is still in construction and I'm thinking I should at least start landscaping with trees right away in the spring so they can get a head start. I'm in northern Minnesota and hoping someone can give me suggestions for hardy types of trees or flowering trees to plant. Any ideas are welcome. I'm in Zone 4a. I'm considering Nanking Cherry and hoping butterfly bushes will also thrive here.

Would you use these names?

These names were voted by MSNBC to be "the silliest, craziest and downright cruelest names of all time." These names were collected from the database at What do you think? Would you use any of them? CELEBRITY Bronx Mowgli Zuma Clementine Jane Knox Leon Sunday Rose Apple Moxie CrimeFighter Hopper Pilot Inspektor Sosie Destry Aurelius Cy Kal-El Cappola Bluebell Madonna Audio Science Sage Moonblood Tallulah Kyd DISEASES Fever Bender Leper Priest Cholera Priest Rubella Graves Typhus Black Hysteria Johnson Emma Royd Kathryn E. Coli Mumps Sykes PROFESSIONS Cook Cook Governor Bush Lawyer Low Doctor Love Teacher Blackbear Judge Savage Editor Honeycutt Mayor Bland Sales O. Justice Gamble Moore SINS Lust Garten Greed Sister Mancini Avarice Sullivan Sloth Washton Wrath Gordon Envy Burger Pride Saint Greed McGrew Pride Saint Lust T. Castle IRISH LUCK Lucky Green Lucky Jewel Lucky O'Brien Lucky Pleasant Luck Fortune Shamrock Hardeman Shamrock Dates Shamrock Holland Saint Patri

I'm looking for some obscure band any?

I have thousands of CDs/vinyls, but so you can get an idea of my taste in music (and so I don't get a long list of bands I already have), here are some of the artists that I have on my computer. Like I said, I have a lot of music so please try to be as obscure as possible with your suggestions. Thank you! ? And The Mysterians 10 CC 13th Floor Elevators 38 Special The 5ths Dimension A3 Abigail Washburn AC/DC The Action Adam and the Ants Aerosmith Agnes Strange Al Green Al Kooper The Alan Parsons Project Albert Hammond Albert King Alice Cooper Alice In Chains The Allman Brothers Band Almendra Amazing Rhythm Aces The Amboy Dukes America Amon Düül II Amos Lee ...And You Will Know Us by the Trail Of Dead Andrew Bird Andromeda Aphex Twin Apocalyptica Apollo Sunshine Apples In Stereo Apriil Wine Aretha Franklin Arlo Guthrie Art Art Garfunkel Arthur Brown The Artwoods Asia The Association Asylum Street Spankers Atomic Fireballs Atomic Rooster The Attack Audience Average White Band Ayreon Azt

Does anyone know what kind of tree this is?

My neighbor has this tree in his yard and I would love to know what kind of tree it is. It is a smaller tree that actually consists of two trees intertwined. It has multiple trunks (it was more of a bush to start with). The bark is smooth and seems to have some paper like qualities to it, like a birch or a sycamore. One side blooms white, the other a deep pink color. It flowers similar to a cherry, but the flower petal are totally different, they are one very small petal that is curled and ruffled. It has small fruit-like pods that dry, open, and drop seeds. It is currently growing in Southern Indiana, but the original planter was known for bringing saplings and seeds back from vacation, so I do not know if it is native. Here are some images of the leaves, fruit and flowers: Help! :)