Questions About Calhoun Community College

College Questions?

So tommorrow is registration day for a community college in alabama (calhoun) ive waited to the last day.... mom didnt go to college so i had no clue how it worked, and plus shes not making an effort to make me go which is sad, shes satisfied on me working a 6.50 an hour job than going to college, which im determined to go, i called the advisor center, i found out im late on my financial aid for the fall, :(, so im guessing imma haft to pay out my pocket for clases, my gpa in high sckoo was low, i didnt get a chance to take the ACT(financial problems, but when i filled out the exmpt form they said we made enough money actually alot of money) my mom is a single parent.. so i wonder whats left for me in lifee, i wanna become a software engineer! but its looks like life just isnt on my side, just a person trying to pursue a college degree and seems like everything is goin wrong is there other colleges that i can go to? i mean my gpa was a 2.3 doesnt seem like i stand a chance ne where