Questions About Canadian Immigration Consultancy

Seeking a Canadian immigration lawyer with experience in self-employed immigration.

I'm looking for a lawyer who gives consultations over the phone, as I'm not in Canada at the moment. I have some very specific questions concerning self-employed immigration and a few other things (self-employed being the top priority though), so I'd like to find someone who is willing to answer questions as opposed to plugging my data into their questionnaire for a "chance assessment." I don't care where in Canada the lawyer is located, as long as they are versed in federal immigration procedures. Do you guys happen to know anyone like that?

canadian embassy or immigration consultant?

im a nurse in the philippines and im planning to apply for a permanent resident visa in canada. im just not sure whether to go directly to the embassy of canada and apply for it myself or use the help of an immigration consultant. i have already read the guide in answering the application forms but i still have questions and i don't know if there are persons in the embassy who will help me in this. what should i do?

Immigration and Jobs in Canada?

This is in regards to job opportunities in Canada. I am applying from India. It seems like I have hit a wall with the job search. Most companies are not hiring Foreign workers. Could some one please advice me about my options. 1. Do I keep applying from India or do I attain the services of Canadian job consultants? 2. Which visa would be more preferable? If I apply for PR do I need an offer letter from a Canadian company? 3. Do I need an offer letter in case of work visa? 4. What kind of companies offer jobs to foreign workers? 5. Is it legal to obtain a "visitors/tourist visa" and then apply for jobs once in Canada? 6. What is a sponsorship PR visa? Please do not guide me to a website, its meaningless and I end up asking the same questions. Thank you

How can I find the 60 minutes of legal advice I need, on a very specific visa/immigration question?

How can I find the 60 minutes of legal advice I need, on a very specific visa/immigration question? I’m a Canadian Citizen, planning to do a bit of work in the US over the next months (while still living in Canada). I'm trying to figure out some immigration issues around this work. I think I've mostly figured out what I need to know, but there are still a few puzzled. I suspect that something like 30-60 minutes of advice from someone who really knows this stuff would really be enough to help me finalize my strategy. There seem to be a number of sites online (avvo, lawbench, that let you search directories of lawyers, see who’s well-rated, and find people who will work with you on the phone. The thing is, the visa situation I’m looking into is very specific, and I figure if I’m going to look at the whole internet to find someone, I’d like to find someone who’s not just an immigration lawyer, but an immigration lawyer who really know

Help me lawyer up!

I've got a special-snowflake immigrations issue that leads me to believe I no longer know enough to handle the problem. I need to meet with an immigrations lawyer/consultant. But how do I choose? (Location filter: Montreal) I've got an immigrations issue related to my girlfriend which we don't know how to handle, and while guidance would be great, what I really need is meta-guidance. I believe I need to speak to an immigrations lawyer/consultant, pronto. Thing is, I've never spoken to a lawyer before, nor received legal advice on anything. I live in Montreal. - What's the difference between an immigrations lawyer and an immigrations consultant? - How much is this likely to cost? Are these folks paid by hour of consultation; on retainer; some other way? (I'm certainly not rich.) - Are legal clinics likely to be any help? I know of a few community legal clinics, but I suspect those are more about things like rent disputes. - How can I filter for so

Moving to the USA

I'm a Canadian looking to move (and work) in the USA. Not necessarily forever, but more than the three months a tourist visa allows. I've got a 2 year college degree and 8 yrs experience in IT. Where do I start to figure out how to do it? There's so much info on the web, and it seems like half the websites are lawyers trying to sell me their special immigration service deals. I just want to know simply what I need to do, how much it will cost, timeframes, etc. Has anyone actually done this here? Bonus points if you're working as an independant consultant.

Is it worth pursuing accounting designation at 39?

Is it worth pursuing accounting designation at 39? I am about to immigrate into Canada and am considering CGA (Certified General Accountant) certification as a way to jumpstart my career there. However, I have doubts whether my age (39) is going to be an issue. Brief background: I have MBA degree from an American University; it's not a top tier -- just a small private university in the Northwest -- but they are often voted among the best regional universities in the US. I don't have prior accounting experience, but while in business school I was an A-grader in all the accounting and financial classes I took, and enjoyed them greatly. Due to personal reasons/decisions I made I haven't worked for the last 5 years full-time (let's call it early semi-retirement) and been mostly doing freelance translations (dealing exclusively with business topics, if it's of any relevance). Before that, my professional experience included management consulting, B2B sales/acc

How do I apply for jobs I can’t take for the next ten months?

For immigration purposes, I need to apply for jobs ten months before I move. How to do this productively? First AskMe, please be gentle! Backstory: I am a dual Canadian/US citizen, born and raised in Toronto, doing an MFA in the States. I also did my undergrad in the US, and met my wonderful boyfriend of five years (US citizen only) there. I will graduate in May 2010 and at that point would like to move back to Canada permanently, particularly before my school health plan runs out and my Ontario health plan gets cancelled. I would also like to take my boyfriend with me, also permanently. The problem here is not proving our common-law relationship, that’s easy. The problem is that, though I pay resident taxes in Canada, Canada does not see me as a resident for immigration purposes, and thus I need to prove I intend to cut ties with the US and move to Canada. Immigration lawyer, when consulted, told me that the best way to “prove” this is to apply for jobs in T

Can't find the wife.

How can I find out if I am still married? Back in a previous century, this Canadian guy was living with a student from overseas. (It was a standard boyfriend-girlfriend situation, lest someone assume that marrying someone from abroad is only an immigration scam or a mail-order bride deal.) When the end of her visa was approaching, things went south in her homeland and she would have been in danger due to her ethnicity, and the best short-term answer I could find to help her stay here was to marry her. We went to city hall with some witnesses and said the words. Everything was fine, and two things happened subsequently: the situation in her homeland calmed down, and we drifted apart. First we were together, then we were living separately, then work took me away to a different city. We lost touch. She had my contact info but didn't use it. When I came back to town a few months later, she had moved from her last address and the people she had been living with sai

Can I move to Canada if my boyfriend is offered a job there?

My boyfriend was recently laid-off from his job in a competitive industry where companies are concentrated in certain areas -- he can't find another job in the industry just anywhere. He is looking for a new job in the industry. We (both US citizens) plan to go together to whatever place he finds a job, and there are a good number of opportunities in Canada (relatively speaking), so we are trying to decide if he should apply for jobs there. If he were hired by a Canadian company, would I be able to move with him there, and work after a certain amount of time? I searched MeFi and didn't find a relevant previous question -- though I definitely found some basic 'Moving to Canada' Q's that were pretty helpful, such as this this and this, but none of these questions addressed our specific case. I looked at the CIC website and I think I have a decent idea of what the plan of attack would be, though I'm not sure I've/we've totally understood everything correctly and any