Questions About Cathedral And Pyramid

Books and Movies Documenting Complex Organizations?

I like to learn about how complex organizations and projects are run behind-the-scenes -- to see how decisions get made, how responsibilities are divided, what tools and technologies are used, how knowledge is documented and new workers trained. Recommend books, articles, films that do a good job documenting / explaining how a complex organization functions. For example: Large construction projects, professional sports teams, offices of government -- these organizations employ a lot of people with specialized expertise, they have to process and synthesize a great deal of information, and they must constantly make decisions while considering logistics, cost, personnel, etc. I want to read (or see) how they do it. I'm a little hard pressed to cite complete examples of what I'm looking for (this kinda of stuff seems to show up as background bits within articles and books) -- but from my childhood, maybe the David Macaulay books like Cathedral and Pyramid that show in

What should my concluding paragraph be on my essay about the Freemasons?

I'm always stuck on what to write for a conclusion paragraph.. It doesn't have to be elaborate, but my teacher placed a 500 word limit on our research paper. If you see anything else that needs revision, let me know. Constructive criticism is nice, but you don't have to be harsh about it :P The thirst for power is no stranger to our society. For many centuries, mankind has dealt with the corruption of organizations and individuals who sought to conquer the world. Although many of these groups are deemed nonexistent and false, many believe the truth lies behind a good conspiracy. Freemasons are the core of conspiracies related to the quest for world domination. Substantial facts have proven their existence, revealing their origins, use of masonic symbols, and scandals. It is said that Freemasonry originated from the stonemasons guild. During the Reformation era, Masons were hired to build cathedrals and castles throughout medieval Europe. Their occupation required much traveling; t

What are some easily identifiable landmarks?

I'm working on a project and I need to create a collage of landmarks (the idea being a sort of national or global skyline, if you will). Specifically, I need US-based landmarks, and then international landmarks. I'm looking for help coming up with any visually obvious landmarks I might have missed. Here's what I've got so far: US- Hollywood sign, Space Needle, Golden Gate Bridge, St. Louis Arch, Mt. Rushmore, Washington Monument, Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty International- London Tower, Stonehenge, Eiffel Tower, Tower of Pisa, Pyramids, Taj Mahal, St. Basil's Cathedral, Great Wall of China OK, hive mind- what have I missed?

Are there any more landmarks destroyed in disaster films besides these?

1. Empire State Building (ID4) 2. Chrysler Building (Armageddon) 3. World Trade Center (ID4) 4. Washington Monument (2012) 5. Eiffel Tower (Armageddon) 6. Big Ben (Mars Attacks!) 7. Mt. Rushmore (Mars Attacks!) 8. Taj Mahal (Mars Attacks!) 9. Moai (Easter Island Statues) (Mars Attacks!) 10. United States Capitol (ID4) 11. Randy's Donuts (Mars Attacks!) 12. U.S. Bank Tower (ID4) 13. White House (ID4) 14. Statue of Liberty (ID4) 15. St. Basil's Cathedral (ID4) 16. Grand Central Terminal (Armageddon) 17. Arc De Triomphe (Armageddon) 18. Notre Dame (Armageddon) 19. Washington Square Arch (Deep Impact) 20. Times Square (Knowing) 21. Brooklyn Bridge (Deep Impact) 22. Trafalgar Square (The Core) 23. Blackfriars Bridge (The Avengers) 24. Flatiron Building (Godzilla) 25. Madison Square Garden (Godzilla) 26. World Financial Center (A.I.) 27. Lever House (A.I.) 28. Seagram Building (A.I.) 29. Rockefeller Center (A.I.) 30. Radio City Music Hall (A.I.) 31. Coney Island (A.I.) 32. Queen Mary 2 (10.5

How much does it cost to for a family of five to travel from dallas texas to london england...?

and make stops at the Ely cathedral, Stone hedge, the Eiffel tower Paris France to Cluny Abbey Cluny France, to Roman Colosseum Rome Italy, and leaning Tower of Pisa Pisa italy. Possibly going to the Statue of Zeus at Olympia Greece and the colossus of Rhodes also Greece. And to Egypt to the great pyramid of Giza Egypt, the lighthouse of Alexandria Egypt, Cairo Citadel Egypt as well as Kom el shoqafa catacombs in egypt. Would it be cheaper to do all the above in 2 separate trips? Would it be possible to do them all in 2 weeks? Or possibly 1 week? I want to know how much I need to save as this is a trip I want to take in the next 6 years. I've already know how much round trip from Dallas to London would be but wanted to know the expense of traveling to the other places. Some places might have charges, and hotels might be more expensive in some areas and less expensive in other. I'm also trying to see what can be done on what time schedule because I've never been to these location or

Art help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

What is one similarity between Caravaggio's The Conversion of Saint Paul and Rubens's Elevation of the Cross? (Points : 3) The use of atmospheric perspective creates the illusion of depth. They use foreshortening to depict the figures projecting into the viewer's space. They use a natural light source to depict convincing space. The glowing figures emerge from a dark background to create drama. 13. What Neoclassical characteristic is seen in French artist Jacques-Louis David's Oath of the Horatii? (Points : 3) the depiction of a subject that teaches about history rather than moral values the depiction of figures that are based on sculpted figures from Gothic cathedrals the use of subdued colors that don't detract from the story of the painting the use of complex backgrounds that draw the viewer's eye away from the figures 14. How was Neoclassical architect Thomas Jefferson inspired by Classical archit

Does anyone like a writing challenge?

Try to put words together to make a sci fi story: ·1,000,000 BC ·17,000 BC ·1863 AD ·1870 AD ·1879 AD ·1885 AD ·1955 AD · 1985 AD ·2015 AD ·2030 AD ·2044 AD ·2054 AD ·2074 AD ·24 hours ·2415 AD ·24th century ·25th ½ century ·410 BC ·555-phone number ·8 Track ·803rd century ·Abusive husband ·Academy ·Acid ·Acidic blood ·Admiral ·Adoption ·Adrift in space ·After life ·Alcoholic drink ·Alice in Wonderland reference ·Alien abduction ·Alien DNA ·Alien burst out of person’s body ·Alien possession ·Altering future ·Altering history/past ·Altering present ·Alzheimer’s disease ·Ambush ·Amnesia ·Amputee ·Amusement park ·Android ·Animal urination ·Antenna ·Antidote ·Antigen ·Apprentice ·Archaeologist ·Area 51 ·Armageddon ·Army ·Arrest ·Artificial Intelligence ·Assassination attempt/fail ·Assistant District Attorney ·Asteroid field ·Astronaut ·Audi ·Autopilot ·Autopsy ·Bacteria ·Bank ·Bank vault ·Bar fight ·Barbed wire fence ·Bare chested male ·Battlefield ·Bayonet ·Beaker ·Betrayal ·Biker bar