Questions About Chalkie White

Would Chalky White really have sounded like that?

Does anyone have any resources to find historical forms of Ebonics? Sugeneris and I recently started watching Boardwalk Empire, and just got to the third episode, featuring Chalky White. I thought it was odd that Michael K. Williams is essentially using the same phrasing and vocal patterns that he used while playing Omar Little on The Wire, and it got me to thinking: would he have really sounded like that? How has Ebonics, and its vocal rhythms changed over the years? I'm interested in hearing/reading about period-correct forms of the dialect. Anyone know of any? I wasn't really sure what to search for on Google.

Why does my slate tile have a chalky white residue on it?

I have a slate tile patio on the back of my house. One of the tiles has formed a chalky white section. This section is also weaker and is beginning to crumble. I've tired washing the white substance off with water, and while it looks like it washes off, when the tile dries the white stuff is still there. Does anyone know what is causing this and/or what I could do to stop/neutralize it?

Why do people paint their nails a chalky white that looks like white-out?

I think that may be the worst nail polish color ever. I mean, the name "nail polish" implies that it POLISHES the nails, but this stuff is 100% matte. Why would anybody use that color??? I mean, a pearly color looks nice but matte chalky white? Seriously? There's no such thing as trends at my school. It's so huge people hardly glance at each other on a regular basis.

Does anybody know how to remove a chalky white stuff from slate tile flooring?

A while ago I installed a slate tile floor in my bathroom and I have sealed it too. After having it for a little while a white chalky looking substance started apearing on it, i assumed it was dust though. So when i moped the floor with a little bleach and water it some what went away. After having this floor for months now the white chalky stuff has gotten worse and i even hand scrubed the floor with a rag soaked in water, it apeared as if I was cleaning this chalky substance off, but when it dried it was evident it was still there. Does anyone have any suggestions of how to remove this chalky substance. Thank You.

What is the best natural sunscreen that is not over greasy, or sits on your skin making you look chalky white?

I appear to have an allergy to chemical sunscreens.I have tried the body shop, but they only do a waterproof one that will not wash off with soap in the shower! It makes you water repelent. It was so greasy it stained my clothes. I have tried Caribbean Blue sun shield and that dries white on your skin, making you look chalky. Can anyone help?

I'll admit it... I was a huge fan on Old Spice deodorant until they replaced it with their crappy white stick. What are some products that you used to love but have seriously gone downhill?

In my defense, here is why the new [white Old Spice deodorant]( pisses me off: -It is .25 oz smaller but still the same price. (3.0 oz as opposed to 3.25 oz) -It has this weird chalky texture that leaves my pits seriously chaffed. -It is signific…

how can you get your teeth bleached to a natural white?

I see so many people walking around with the most unatural looking teeth due to bleaching them to a chalky, glowing white. I wondered why it was so noticable to me and realized that it was the extreme difference between the whites of the eyes and the teeth. I started looking for people with natural looking but very white teeth and saw other reasons. Often the person's complexion was in high contrast to their teeth. This and their beautiful teeth were a great combination. Maybe the cosmetic dentists need to examine their results and find a new method.

My dishwasher leaves a white, chalky residue on everything, including the inside of the dishwasher.?

All of my dishes have this chalky residue . . . you can actually feel it. My glassware is cloudy. I have a water softener, and it has salt. I can fill my rinse agent dispenser with a rinse agent (which is supposed to last a month), and it empties out in 2-3 washes, so something is not right with that. I have tried using a rinse agent and not using one . . . no difference. To get the chalky stuff out of the dishwasher I used a dishwasher cleaner that I had to run through the cycle when the dishwasher was empty. Worked great . . . but it was all back the very first time I did a load. I am using Kirkland Powder detergent. I appreciate any advice on this one!

What is the white, chalky substance a few inches into my garden soil?

I have discovered the "white soil" in a few places in the garden. I found some in a planter that had tomatoes in it and just found a larger amount in a planter box I had converted from an old bookcase. From what I've found on the internet I think it might be mold and caused from too much moisture. But I am still wondering if there is anything dangerous about it, either to the plants or eating the vegetables or from handling it or breathing around it. Does it need to be removed or is there a solution? I'd hate to have to replace all the soil in my garden, I have a large assortment of things coming up, berries, corn, tomatoes, broccoli, butternut squash and a lot more. If I dig a few inches into the soil it seems like a layer of this substance as if someone placed it on top and then covered it with a few inches of healthy soil. I live in SF Bay Area, East Bay CA

Makeup that wont age me faster and look chalky?

I have very very pale skin and its super sensitive, regardless i love it and want to take care of it, every night i bathe in chamomile and green tea and it helps a lot , then i scrub my face with the wet tea leaves and then use a chamomile face cleaner. i try really hard to take care of my skin but i cannot find a good enough make up that doesn't make my face feel heavy and dry , I basically feel the aging and the liquid make up make me break out and red pimples really show on white skin lol does anyone know a great powder face make up, i heard coty airspun makeup but its from the 1930s soo idk if its good, ive been using baby powder but it doesnt hold even over my sunblock. thanks!

I got the dishwasher blues

Dishwasher residue buildup. It isn't mineral buildup. What now? We have a Whirlpool Quiet Partner II dishwasher, about 1 year old, and have been having lots of problems with a grimy/chalky white film on dishes, mostly on glassware. It can be scratched somewhat with a fingernail. I assumed this was mineral buildup, but for two reasons now, I realize that's not what it is. A few months ago I tested the faucet water with a $25 pool test kit, and the alkalinity came out on the low side. Second, just today I realized I have a vial of 30 molar hydrochloric acid from a rock test kit. It makes a sedimentary rock sizzle and smoke, but it causes no reaction at all on this residue and won't remove it any more than water will. I tried Googling ideas for what else it could be, but most of what I get are people saying it's hard water and to just throw vinegar or citric acid in the wash. I did do that, of course, earlier when I thought it was hard water, even using CL