Questions About Chl League

Proposing a new Hockey League, how would you form it?

I think a league in Canada, a league in the US, and so forth would be pretty cool. Like a professional one above the CHL and AHL. Then you can have a Champions League format kind of like in European Soccer, cups and tournaments combining both leagues. In Canada we could have a whole new professional league consisting of several all Canadian teams. America could even have an Alaskan team. They could play in Cups/tournaments featuring Russian and other European teams. Let's face it, it's a global market, and it's competitive. I would ditch the NHL, say it is the end, and move to a new league(s). It would be so exciting and you could have a world showcase. It could surpass all other leagues. What do you think? Fix the NHL, or have new leagues, new commissioners, and new real business people who know how to run things, as well as fair players. Be fair or be kicked out. You want to play hockey for reasonable money go for it. But do not ask for extreme exrtravagance because every few years w

Which is the greatest team in the WHL?

I am not talking about standings for this year but over the years which Whl team has had a strong showing for league championships, mem cup championships, building players to go on to the NHL, strong fanbase, a good barn, history spanning over many years and an overall sense of pride and member of that cities community. Here are some choices. First how many WHL championships each team has, How many mem cup championships each team has, important fact, host team for the mem cup, some of their nhl alumni and first year in the dub. Starting in the East. Brandon Wheat Kings - 2 league championships, no mem cup championships, hold the record for most points in a season for the chl (125), hosting the 2010 mem cup. Produced players such as ron hextall, wade redden, jordan tootoo and ray ferraro, first season 1967 Regina Pats - 2 league championships, 1 mem cup championship, one of the oldest junior hockey teams in the world, hosted the mem cup in 2001 and have produced players such as todd f

Is it possible to restart with a new NHL?

Could the players in the NHL drop out of the NHL and join a a new league that is either started or exists? For example, could the NHL players take over the CHL or another semi-pro league? Also, would it be possible for them to start a new league (i.e. National Hockey Association) in which they get to stay at their same stadiums, but have different owners and new team names and such. It would be cool if new owners could do a sort of fantasy draft out of all the players in the league to get the roster of their new teams in the NHA.