Questions About Cisse

I need information about the french castle Chateau de Poce Cisse?

So I'm doing this project about Chateau de Poce Cisse but I can't find any helpful sites, can you guys (french people) help me with some of the questions about the castle?? Who built it? Who is *important person* assossiated with the castle (a leader, king, emperor)? Some interesting facts about it. Can you visit it? when? how much does it cost to enter? Are there tour guides? what can you see inside the castle? I will be so so thankful for the help. thanks :D

For YAPpers residing in the Philppines : Do you have your inkjet printer cartridge refilled ?

For YAPpers who have their inkjet printer cartridges refilled by an ink refill shop, does you inkjet printer detect that you are not using original ink ? I am looking for an ink supplier whose ink quality is very close to the original that the inkjet printer cannot detect the difference. Thank you for your help. For those answerers who are using the CISS, may I know where you buy your refill ink and if your printer can detect that you are not using original ink. Thank you.

Would you like to see an all-stars league like this?

ROME STRIKERS •Messi •Suarez •Henry •Honda •Mata •Hamsik •Ayew •Vidal •Thiago Alcantara •Carrick •Hernanes •Chiellini •Pique •L. Neill •Walker •Gibbs •Schwarzer •Adler PARIS POWER •C. Ronaldo •Di Natale •Fernando Torres •T. Cahill •Necid •Kaka •Gerrard •Pedro •Song •Park Ji Sung •Marin •Dani Alves •Hummels •Richards •J. Boateng •Jones •Handanovic •De Sanctis LISBON FURY •van Persie •Cassano •Eto’o •Hazard •Lavezzi •Afellay •Valencia •Beckham •Rosicky •Dzagoev •Mascherano •Evra •Terry •Agger •Vrsaljko •Carvalho •Cech •Akinfeev RIO ROVERS •Rooney •Adebayor •Gervinho •Robben •Kagawa •Eriksen •Cazorla •Sahin •Shea •Ballack •Dempsey •Ramos •Puyol •Lescott •Rami •Alaba •De Gea •Abbiati MILAN S.C •Ibrahimovic •Welbeck •Dzeko •Pato •Busquets •Muller •Ramires •van der Vaart •Arshavin •Cambiasso •Keita •Pepe •Jose Enrique •Arbeloa •Mexes •Danilo •Hart •Muslera TOKYO WIZARDS •Gomez •Hernandez •Higuain •Modric •Khedira •Young •Moutinho •Lucas Moura •Ramsey •Kuyt •Malouda •A. Cole •Kolo To

Another soccer/football question

I've played soccer my whole life, compared to my European brethren I know very little about the sport (and its stars). Anyone know a good book about soccer/football that will allow me to speak with authority when someone references Michel Platini, Franz Beckenbauer, or even Cisse or Ronaldinho? Also, if you've been watching the World Cup, you've probably seen this great commercial (different from the question below). Does anyone know what the song is?

Do you know where I can get the installation instructions for a BROTHER continuous ink supply system ?

Most if not all of the continuous ink supply systems ( CISS ) used for inkjet printers are manufactured in China. Where I can get the installation instructions for a BROTHER continuous ink supply system ? for BROTHER refillable ink cartridges ? Thank you. The CISS was made in China. The package did not include installation instructions. The contact details of the CISS manufacturer was not printed on the package.

Why does the waste ink tank in my printer filled up so quickly?

I have an Epson Stylus Photo R1900 with continuous ink supply system (CISS). On average, I print four 4x6 photos in every 3 days. I installed a waste ink tank two weeks ago and now it's already 1/3 full. That's about 30ml ink wasted in only 2 weeks! Considered the fact I don't use the printer too often, I think there must be something wrong in my printer. I'd appreciate any information regarding this matter. Thank you.

Do Continuous Ink Systems (CIS, CISS) for inkjet printers totally fuckin' stick it to the Man, or are they more hassle than help?

I have fairly recently learned about [CIS]( systems for inkjet printers. It seems like these may be really good ways to get around the bullshit scam system that inkjet printer manufacturers try to perpetrate. It would be great to be able to buy i…

Who would of thought Kaka tops list of highest paid players?

..I mean his not even worth it!! (in EUR) 1. Ricardo Kaka, AC Milan — 750,000 2. Ronaldinho Gaucho, FC Barcelone — 710,000 3. Frank Lampard, Chelsea FC — 680,000 4. John Terry, Chelsea FC — 680,000 5. Fernando Torres, Liverpool FC — 660,000 6. Andriy Shevchenko, Chelsea FC — 650,000 7. Michael Ballack, Chelsea FC — 650,000 8. Cristiano Ronaldo, Manchester Utd — 640,000 9. Thierry Henry, FC Barcelone — 640,000 10. Steven Gerrard, Liverpool FC — 640,000 11. Didier Drogba, Chelsea FC — 615,000 12. Wayne Rooney, Manchester Utd — 610,000 13. Iker Casillas, Real Madrid — 600,000 14. Michael Owen, Newcastle Utd — 560,000 15. Sol Campbell, Portsmouth — 550,000 16. Raul Gonzalez, Real Madrid — 535,000 17. Ruud Van Nistelrooy, Real Madrid — 535,000 18. Rio Ferdinand, Manchester Utd — 505,000 19. Darren Bent, Tottenham Hotspur — 495,000 20. Carlos Tevez, Manchester Utd — 490,000 21. Fabio Cannavaro, Real Madrid — 490,000 22. Luca Toni, Bayern Munich — 460,000 23. Robinho, Real Madrid — 460,000 2

kickstart partitioning error with LVM

In Kickstart, I keep on getting the error;

Adding this partition would not leave enough disk space for already allocated logical volumes in vg_ibus

I do not get why I am getting this error. This device (ciss/c0d1) is 450G. I simply want to make one Logical Volume inside that Volume Group.

These commands are from the Kickstart script that I am using;

part pv.d1 --size=1 --grow --ondisk=cciss/c0d1
volgroup vg_ibus pv.d1
logvol  /ibus  --vgname=vg_ibus  --size=450000  --name=lv_ibus

Epson Photo Stylus 1400 won't print black after using CIS

After using a third-party continuous ink supply system (CISS) on Epson Stylus Photo 1400 printer, black ink won't print. My friend prints materials for visitors here in Key West. He uses and is generally very happy with an Epson Stylus Photo1400 printer, and it does well for him ($$$), but there is a problem. The black ink cartridge has stopped working. Not just on one printer, but on three separate machines! It appears that the problem is caused by a third-party continuous ink supply system. This one. He is pretty certain that the machines stopped working each time after using one of these. He uses the CISS, and blammo! The ink cartridges all stop working. So he replaced them back with all original Epson cartridges. All new cartridges are being used but the ink refuses to flow from the black cartridge. He has replaced it again. Still, nada. I have done every cleaning alignment etc there is to do via the Epson utility several times over. I have r

What is the best printer for heat transfer printing - pigment ink?

Hi I am currently looking for a printer for my clothing business. I currently use a Canon Pixma printer, a heat press and heat transfer paper to print onto baby clothes that are 100% cotton. I have been told that pigment ink printers with pigment ink are better printers to use for heat transfers as they do not fade in the wash. Does anyone know of a good cost effective pigment ink printer? As I am a small business I don't have much money. I'm looking for the best A4 printer, that has the cheapest pigment ink per page. I have also been looking at some of the Epson ones and CISS systems. However I am unsure about a CISS system, as at the moment I tend to only print around 100-200 items a month. Thank you for your help Anne-Marie

cheapest printer with cheapest refillable option?

as i google i only find canon 2900b and hp 1007 like mono laser printer that toner cart could be refill many times and may gave 1500 to 2500 print per refill and there compatible comes from rs 700 to more means 5 $ to refill and compatible toner cart comes from 15$ to more and i also see this models in offices and all say best instead of using inkjet cheap printers which original one cart give less print although ciss etc may gave u cheap alternative in inkjet but in past that i also tried in epson t26 and its print head fails after few print as per shop keeper . i also see brother dcp 145,195 and j125 cost 80$ to 125$ and compatible cartidge that half inside and half outside of printer that start from $10 /set empty one could give dirt cheap print and print head last long if we used good ciss ink in it .user says that they are using this brother printers with ciss without trouble and gave better result .but again print head of all above brother inkjets alone cost 60$ . on other hand