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How to survive/thrive in Mexico City

Advice on moving to Mexico City. Background: I’m leaving at the end of October to move to el Distrito Federal for a job. I expect to be there for one to two years. I speak Spanish well though I’m not a native speaker (and my accent marks me pretty easily as a foreigner who spent time in Spain). I’m not looking for travel tips, which is all a search of AskMe dug up (although I won’t turn down any recommendations). More precisely, I need advice on how to live well and safely while I’m there. 1. Housing. My research so far suggests that the Condesa neighborhood would be a good fit for my tastes (cafes, art galleries, restaurants, etc.). It’s also pretty close to my workplace, which is central (on Reforma, near the Monumento de Indepencia). Any experience with this neighborhood, or nearby Roma? Other recommendations? How much should I expect to pay per month for a smallish one-bedroom apartment, preferrably furnished and with a terraza or some other outdoor space? Strate

Can I find sanity and peace in life having the mother that I have??

Just in time for Mothers Day - How do I resolve long-standing issues I have with my mother??? [WARNING: LONG POST] I am a 35-year old female with a 5-year old son. I have been with my partner for almost five years. We have a great relationship so there are no complaints there. The problem is my parents. I am an only child. Ever since I can remember I have never gotten along with my mother. She has always been verbally abusive, critical of me and has made my life a living hell. My father has not meddled too much in this dysfunctional dynamic as my mom has a knack for convincing him that I am the one at fault so he ends up taking her side. He also is hardly around. My mom comes from divorced parents. Her father was a drunk and she used to see her father beat her mother. As I said, I am an only child. However, my parents were not the doting parents I would have hoped for. My mother worked constantly, my father worked and had his hobbies on the side that occupied h

Life in the Quad Cities?

We are semi-retired and live (and grew up) in Chicago. I went to college in a little river town along the Mississippi in Iowa and we're now thinking about moving to the Quad Cities as we are sick of the density, smog and crime in Chicago and long for slower, more peaceful days. There are some great running trails and fantastic old homes in Iowa in the Historic District, near the River, which appeal to us very much, but I'm worried about the lack of top notch hospitals/doctors and the fact that Iowa taxes both out of state pensions and Social Security. Any thoughts on the benefits or lack of same of the Quads? My husband and I both have some health problems but not immediate ones . Our specialists are in Chicago but I hate to think that we will not be able to enjoy the rest of our lives (we are 63 and 64) waiting for the Grim Reaper or trip to the ER. Thanks for any help.

Peace and Quiet in Turkey in August?

Help me relax in the Turkish countryside. Sandy beach not required. My partner and I are attending a wedding in Istanbul in August. Afterwards, we're hoping to escape the city for 5 to 8 days and just hunker down somewhere beautiful, quiet and interesting. We're experienced travellers - between us we've visited over 50 countries - and we like small hotels, guesthouses, pensiones, etc. What we don't like are crowds. ...And August is high season in Turkey, so I turn to you all. Where can we go to read, hike, eat and drink in something resembling peace in Turkey? (Specific towns are great, regional recommendations are, too! And we don't hate the beach, we just don't require it.) Thanks!

They used to tell me I was building a dream/with peace and glory ahead.

Job and apartment search turning out to be a far more painfully drawn out process than anticipated. How do I keep my sanity and some sense of optimism? After some derailments in the direction my life was going to head for a couple years, I find myself relocated to a new city (by choice, and it's Philly, which I really do like) with a temporary living situation that is going to expire at the end of November and no source of income. I am trying to get an entry level office job in the nonprofit field. I know this may mean getting an entry level position in some other office field first for experience. I'm being as proactive as I possibly can: I check room and job listings multiple times a day, on multiple sites; I've signed up with a temp agency; I send out emails about rooms; I send out an average of two job applications a day. The problem: I haven't had a job interview in two weeks, the temp agent I have is acting incredibly slowly with my paperwork (it will be

Peace and quiet in Catalunya mtns

Off the beaten track in the Catalunya mountains? Similar to my question last year about my trip to Scotland (which was awesome, btw), this query pertains to my planned trip to Spain later this summer. I have got it into my head to go to Barcelona. Upon some initial research, Barcelona sounds like a nice city but a bit of a zoo in August (which again, is my best time frame for vacation), but I really don't imagine wanting to spend my entire 9 days there. Could anybody recommend a place in the mountains where I could chill out away from the maddening crowds, and do some hiking? Or should I just grit my teeth and wait till September. Bonus points for access by public transit, and for being not expensive. The books that I have looked at so far do not offer a ton of info on accomms, etc. Thanks in advance!

City Mouse needs to chill

Help me relax and enjoy a long weekend in the country. The lonely, no cell signal, no internet country... Every few months, plus extra time at holidays, I leave my urban existance behind to visit my grandmother whom I love dearly. She lives in the house she was born in, outside the small city where I grew up. The old homeplace is out of cell phone range (except in a corner of the east meadow on a clear day. Really.) and there is no internet. The pace of life there is slow and each day is much like another.Most of my family reckons it peaceful but for some reason going out there makes me really antsy. I'm a voaracious reader & I do embroidery so electronic entertainment is not required but for some reason knowing I can't get online/text/make a call etc. makes me feel trapped for lack of a better word. It bugs me & embarrasses me that I can't chill out and enjoy it. Possible underlying factor: my family, typical of the region, ranges from conservative to very cons

Quiet, peaceful escape near Vancouver

Where to go for a quiet budget vacation near Vancouver at end of August? We have a week off before school starts again, and we (2 people) have no idea where to go for a few days to a week that would be quiet (no parties or other excitement) with good air, and good for a student budget. Maybe somewhere on Vancouver Island, but I have no idea where. The west coast of the Island is appealing in theory, but how busy is it nowadays? A previous askmefi question shows a 3-bedroom house for $200 a day -- nice but we only have two people. Too expensive for us. Campgrounds are inexpensive, but my experience with them is noisy kids, radios and smokey fires. I expect renting a boat and taking it to a marine park would be similarly noisy, not that I have experience with boats in that way. The air in the city has not been good with hazy smoke from the Interior fires. We'd love to escape for a few days. We like exploring nature, but I've had pneumonia this summer, so really high-e

Can a country mouse become a city mouse?

It looks like I will get a job offer at NYU. I am not a city person. Please help me figure out whether this is a good idea and where I might like to live in the NYC area. I have looked at previous questions on where to live in New York but I have slightly different desires. I currently am very happy living in Boulder, Colorado. It looks like I may have an amazing professional opportunity at NYU. I have lived in NYC in the past and visited extensively, and the thought of living in Manhattan makes me want to cry. So can you tell me things about the New York area that might make it sound better as a place to live? Then, I need to figure out where I might be able to live and be happy in the NYC area. My ideal place to live would include, as top priorities: - a 30 minute or shorter commute, door-to-door, to NYU, that doesn't require driving. 20 minutes or less would be even better. - a quiet, peaceful neighborhood. - an area with houses or townhouses. I wo

How can I be at peace with my newly progressive town?

I feel like I am turning into a crotchety old woman about newcomers in my town and I am only 25 years old. Help me get this chip off my shoulder. I was born and raised in a rural town. Lets call it Podunk. I lived in Podunk until I was 17, went to college at the state university, poked around in the "city" and did some traveling until I was 23, and then moved in with my parents. About a year ago I moved in with my boyfriend (from one town over) into a barn on some property my dad owns about a mile away from their house, still in Podunk. My boyfriend is a carpenter and I am enrolled in a technical program about 1.5 hrs away, which I love and I'm excited to work in the field. I've always wanted to live and raise a family here in Podunk so that I could be close to my parents and extended family, but since I was little the town has changed a lot. A lot of people from out of state has moved in (we are close to a progressive university town) in pursuit of

Seeking peaceful NY Christmas getaway with dogs

My husband and I live in New York City. We have two weeks of vacation that we need to use by year's end, and are looking for a place to go during Christmas- outside of the city- for some natural beauty and relaxation. We have two large dogs that for *many* reasons cannot be boarded, so we are looking for an affordable place that will allow us to bring them. Any suggestions for areas driving distance from NYC that are beautiful and soul soothing- near nature, state parks, empty ocean beaches, or an old farm house- that we can seek out? Any experiences with renting a spot that you loved, that will allow a dog? Resources on where to look?

I hate conflict - help me make peace with a breakup gone bad

Help me make peace with the way a relationship ended while processing a major health scare, family issues, a new job and new city. The way my boyfriend of 2 years ended things is troubling me, (f) early 30's. I loved him and we clicked on many levels, but things weren’t at the level of emotional intimacy / discussing a shared future I hoped for. I thought worst case we’d talk and decide we wanted different things or he wouldn’t want to take it further and it would be really sad but we’d agree to end it with no hard feelings. Instead, when I tried to raise the future of the relationship I got a month of silent treatment and excuses that he was depressed before drunkenly dumping me and revealing that he felt hurt and incredibly angry by the way I’d treated him, namely that I was selfish and hadn’t expressed enough affection (but no specific examples). The irony: it’s the same reason I was dissatisfied, but my earlier attempts to address it by talking were always rebuf

Do you guys prefer living in a town/city or in the country?

Town/city- neighbors, close to all the stores and activities county- no neighbors or just a couple, big yard, peaceful I love them both but I like a country setting down a dirt road but only takes like 5 minutes to get to the main part of town that is so ideal...I want to be close to the store but far enough out where its peaceful and you can do whatever you want without everyone watching How about you??

Living outside the city - Seattle: Which suburb? (and why!)?

If you chose to live outside the city of Seattle-in a 'burb, which area would you live in and why? When you answer, please take into account things like: 1. Food, fun, entertainment, sights. 2. Access to parks, recreation, the sound, etc. 3. Transit to & from work. Keep in mind that work might be in Seattle, in a 'burb north (think Mountlake Terrace or Lynwood), or even in the Seattle Eastside (Belleview or Kirkland). 4. Crime and safety. 5. Cost of living. 6. Overall enjoyment of living. 7. Housing, and value for your money. (condo vs townhome vs house) 8. Peaceful and quiet, or fast and fun. Kirkland, Belleview, Belleview, Redmond, Lynwood, Mountlake Terrace, Bothell, Mercer Island, Edmonds, Mill Creek, Bainbridge Island, Issaquah, Sammamish, etc. For this question, I'm considering West Seattle to be "in" the city. By the way, I have a separate question about living in the city-so if that's your inclination you can make your suggestions there. Thanks! wow... bonney lake