Questions About Coach Leather Goods

What kind of leather planner should I get?

I'm such a helpless human being. I need a leather planner to write down various things (meetings, important information, what VDs I have, etc.). This cost will be alleviated by my corporate sponsor. The question is now, being that I for some reason have an unnatural hate for PDAs... what do I get? So far the "Coach mini planner" looks like a good thing to get. Now I want to be able to retain semblences of my youth and wish not for the planner to reek of 50 year old man, suggestions? There seem to be so many choices both expensive (Versace, Louis Vuitton, Coach) and not so expensive but a lot more dorky ones (Franklin Convey). I'm seriously looking for both quality, design, and functionality. I'm really clueless about the world of agendas/planners. Does there exist in the leather agenda world a company whom you'd immediately buy given the chance because they're just that good? Normally I'm not that picky, but I loathed and never carried those planners they g

Good birthday gift for Mother's 60th birthday party?

Budget of under $100. We know her friends and our siblings have larger budgets but it's all we can do. Was considering a Honora pearl bracelet but thought others would do jewelery. Coach leather gloves were another idea. Figured they were practical but kind of a luxury at the same time. Any ideas? Thanks!! She received tons of pictures and frames for Christmas so that's not an option.

Shoppingfilter: new mum wants a posh leather backpack, is getting a bit neurotic about it

I used to have nice purses. Now I have a baby. I want a posh, probably leather, backpack to tote around for the next few years. Previous bag threads have had some good answers, so here goes... I have a few 'good' purses that I rotated -- mostly Coach -- nothing with logos or fancy designs; just very sturdy high-quality leather, plain and classic. I want the backpack equivalent. Most nice-looking leather backpacks are wee things, purse-size. I need something large enough for use as a diaper bag. Most large leather backpacks are a little blah-looking, like somebody took a bookbag design and sewed it together with mediocre leather. My thinking was that nice purse + nice shoes = better-looking jeans and t-shirt. Now that 95% of my wardrobe really is that sloppy, I am a bit neurotic about getting the bag and shoes just so. I bought this. The idea was fine but the quality is surprisingly lousy; it's going back. I think this is sweet but I'm no

Where to go homecoming dress shopping?

My family is taking a trip to San Fran this August and I am hoping ot find my homecoming dress while I am there. My budget is about 300 dollars for the dress. What stores should I be sure to go to and look around in? We will be staying on Union Square and that is where I would shop. I am looking for something glamorous and fun! Thanks! Here is a list of stores in Union Square: 7 for All Mankind AG Adriano Goldschmied Allen-Edmonds American Apparel Anne Fontaine Anne Taylor Loft Anthropoligie The Archive Aricie Lingerie de Marque Babette Banana Republic Barcelino - Men Barcelino Per Donna BCBG bebe Ben Sherman Betsey Johnson Clothing Borrelli Menswear Bottega Veneta Brooks Brothers Burberry Cafe Coton Celine Chanel Boutique Christian Audigier Christian Dior Coach Couture Cop Copine David Stephen Menswear Designer Consigner Diesel USA Downtown Woman Ecco Emporio Armani Ferrari Shop, The Forever 21 French Connection G-Star Raw GAP Giorgio Armani Gucci Guess Harper Greer Hats on Post

Looking for a good black leather purse - brand?

I have owned Coach purses for several years, but the newer styles do little for me. I saw a lovely Cole Haan purse I liked (Devin Village tote), but the price was a bit steep. I like shoulder bags with a plainer/classic style that will keep for years, but perhaps cost less then $350-400! Confession - my Coach purses have been purchased through the outlet store or off ebay. I have a nice brown purse, but need to replace my black one.

rate the top designer brands?

in terms of designer prices for shoes and leather goods heres the order: Tell me if you agree #1 Hermes Even though shows are not their forte, their leather goods, such as the birkin and kelly go from $5,000 to up to $60,000 (super fine crocodile skin.) Their thin enamel bracelets go for $600 and scarves are usually about $350-400. #2 Louis Vuitton Wallets for women start at around $800, and that is for a canvas made wallet. Go for a leather one and your looking at around $1200. Their canvas purses start at $900, but once you opt for leather collections like the epi, or patent leather, purse prices can easily go to $5,000. I have seen crocodile speedys at the Champ Elysees store for $35,000 and there is even a small clutch that once retailed for $101,000. Their shoes are very expensive for both men and women, with heels in the $900-$2000 range and means shoes from $600-1500. Perhaps what makes Louis Vuitton so exclusive is that it has never ever had a sale. Most people do not know that

What higher end/luxury brand is good for everyday purses?

I want to invest in some nice leather purses that will last. Even though I rotate out my current 'stock' seasonally, I feel like they fall part within a year or two and I'm just done with cheap purses. I'm hoping the life of a higher end/luxury purse will be double to triple that. I have a LV that was my mom's and it looks amazing after over a decade. Can anyone recommend brands and/or specific lines? (or those to avoid) There are lots of retail stores and outlets in my area, so pretty much any brand, I'm not picky, though I have been eyeing COACH and BCBG purses...

Can you rate and give opinion on part of my story?

Carter Atkins propped his feet onto the glass table. Savannah Ripley and Holly Drake sat on either side of him. They were idly watching the football game. It was the hardest day he had ever endured. At school he had to take tests in all of his classes. And too make matters worse, he failed one of them. That killed his spirit. "What are you doing for Thanksgiving?" asked Holly, playing footsies with Carter. "I'm going to visit my family in Massachusetts." His cousins Ellie and Jason were his favorite. Especially his Aunt Martha. Aunt Martha was like his best friend. He told her everything. Thanksgiving was one of his three favorite holidays. Savannah leaned her head on his shoulders, focusing her eyes on his. Carter patted her gingerly, planting a kiss on her forehead. He still remembered when they had first got together. Savannah hadn't been too happy with him, but he made it up by kissing her. It was the best night of his life. "You're sexy." he teased, tickling her under her armpi

Pick Your Purse - St. Louis Y98 - Sept 30 squares / on-going list?

I missed all the plays yesterday, Tuesday Sept 30. This is what I know: 9/28 1= Badgley Mischka Cynthia Rowley Caterina Satchel (play 3) 17= Louis Vuitton Canvas Speedy 30 (play 1) 26= Burberry Haymarket Chester Bag (play 2) 36= Coach Large Stripe Convertible Shoulder (play 1) 44= Badgley Mischka Cynthia Rowley Caterina Satchel (play 2/3) 9/30 13= Christian Dior St. Tropez Medium Zip (play 2?) 34= Dooney and Bourke Chiara Patent Leather Bag in Navy (play 2?) ? = L.A.M.B - Portmore Handbag with Double Front Pockets (lady who picked it today said she had a match now, so I assume one of these was called yesterday) ?= 10/1 25= L.A.M.B - Portmore Handbag with Double Front Pockets (play 1) 42= Michael Kors - Hudson Leather Hobo (play 1) If anyone has all of yesterday's squares could you please post them or at least email me at Thanks! And good luck to everyone who is playing! 40= L.A.M.B - Portmore Handbag with Double Front Pockets (Won! 10/1 - Play 2) So I

The only handbag I'll ever need?

I’m looking for the ideal grown-up handbag: classy and trend-proof, durable, and nice enough to wear with a suit. But I have very specific tastes, and I’d rather not spend an arm and a leg. For the past several years, I’ve carried messenger bags as my everyday bag. I love my messenger and won’t be giving it up anytime soon, but when I have to dress up, it looks out of place. My current “nice” purse is a ten-year-old nylon Kate Spade bag that’s showing its age, and I’d like to replace it. However, I’m really really picky about handbags. I’ve been looking online and in stores, and very little has come close to meeting my standards. I’ve also searched previous AskMes and various style blogs for recommendations, but still haven’t found what I’m looking for. My ideal bag would be classy enough to wear to a job interview or work event (since that’s what I mostly need it for), but also good with a cute weekend outfit (say, the casual end of the Academichic style). I’d like

I'm looking for a fancypants Bag of Holding

I recently received an unexpected amount of money, and after doing grown-up things with it, I want to treat myself with a new purse. I paid off a credit card, set aside money to redo the flooring in my living room, and socked a good amount in savings. Because I acted like a big girl with this windfall, I'm allowing myself about $400 to buy a new bag. But I'm overwhelmed with choices. I'm looking for a large (at least 12 x 12) bag with good storage options. I'd prefer leather, but other materials are okay as long as they aren't stamped with designer logos. Nothing hand-held, I need to wear it on my shoulder, or cross-body if it's really awesome. I've shopped at the Coach outlet for so long that I don't know where to look. As this is a splurge, I'd like a designer bag, but I don't know what's in my price range. Please help me find an awesome vessel for my stuff!