Questions About Community Charter

Is Charter's phone/cable/internet package a good deal?

Has anybody had experience with Charter Communications (in western Massachusetts, if that makes a difference)? My wife and I are moving to Hadley in a couple of weeks and are thinking of taking advantage of Charter's bundle (available through the end of the month) of basic cable + high-speed internet + phone service (unlimited calling in US) for $69.97/mo. This seems like a good deal. Anybody have experience with them? And if you live in the Pioneer Valley, how worried should we be about the likelihood of an electricity failure disrupting our phone service?

Where are all the up-and-coming, innovative charter schools?

I can work in any US city and am committed to doing so for two years. Where can I teach that will be stimulating and engaging, in a community I will love? I currently work at a charter middle school in Boston, MA. I'm looking for a change of scenery. After this school year, I will have the ability to teach in literally ANY US city with a school. So how can I go where I am most needed? I'm open to urban or rural, any geographic location. Where are some great start-up charters, or established, innovative charters? Also important: what are great cities for a 20-something female?

Should we take a chance on a charter school

What are your experiences with choosing a charter school over the public school system for your elementary aged child? I have a son who will be in 3rd grade next year. He's been in our neighborhood public school since kindergarten and this year was staffed into the gifted pull out program (on Mondays he's bussed to a different school for the day) as well as diagnosed with ADHD. We have not been very happy this year with the gifted program and communication with the school or the teachers. He's been accepted to a gifted magnet school for next year through the DCPS, however with Rick Scott's enormous budget cuts there may not be any magnet programs and/or we'll go to a 4 day school week. There's a new charter school opening closer to us that seems to be amazing, however we've heard horror stories locally about charter schools not meeting standards, closing unexpectedly in the middle of the year or basically being run more like a daycare than a school. This

Chartering a course for the next eight years

What have you experienced/what would you ask about at a soon to be opening charter school? When I moved where I moved in Florida, I picked some pretty decent public school areas and thus far with my exceptional* kids, it's been ... okay. In some ways fan filliping tastic, in other ways okay, in other ways meh. They say the plan doesn't always fit the planning, so we're looking at adjusting courses. The only thing I knew about charter schools before this week (an oppty has come up that might put all our kids in a charter school) was that they existed, sometimes they fail loudly, and I wished that their apparent flexibility could be done in county-run public schools. Overall I'm still iffy about the concept but my kids don't have time for waffling. Thus far, we have the kids at two different schools, two different tracks, though they all are qualified for education plans (basically what passe

Thank you cons for increasing Internet rates and billings?

Your defeat of Net Neutrality has paved the way for increases in Internet billing. Hope it was worth it. Fox News isn't always right you know. Web usage-based billing on its way Alex Sherman, Bloomberg News Thursday, December 1, 2011 Print E-mail Share Comments (45) Font | Size: 121 Hulu/ Netflix via Bloomberg Hulu (left) and Netflix, film and TV show streaming sites, have driven up Internet demand, prompting providers to start charging based on data use. View Larger Image Get Quote Symbol Lookup Most Popular Bloomberg headlines U.S. Stocks Fall as Massachusetts Sues Lenders Merkel Shuns ECB Role in Favor of Budget Limits Dollar Proves Best Bet as Investors Shun Stocks Spanish, French Bonds Climb After Auctions U.S. Jobless Claims Unexpectedly Rise The days of watching movies on the cheap via the Web may soon be over. Time Warner Cable and U.S. pay-TV companies, weighing how to profit from surging Internet demand spurred by Netflix and Hulu, are on the ver

What is the Song Played on Greek, America's Next Top Model, Charter Communications?

mk. so there is a song on when someone gets kicked off America's next top model, and in the Charter Communications commericail. and the new tv show Greek is playing the song by the plain white t's..and for 10 seconds during their promo switch to this song...i'm going crazy!!! help! i think its so fabulous! about 5 minutes and 58 seconds in...