Questions About Concetta Pagliarisi Scalia

Can you guys find out the children of these two people...?

Their names are Salvatore Scalia and Concetta Pagliarisi Scalia. Both born in 1886, immigrated to America from Catania, Sicily, Italy. Salvatore immigrated in 1909, Concetta in 1910. I know they had 5-7 children, all boys and one girl, and I know for sure three of the names were Carmelia, Frank, and Anthony. Other than that I am lost! Can you guys help me?!?!!? If it's any use at all Carmelia married to be Carmelia Nicotra. Any help is great! itsjustme, They lived in Little Italy, NY. I'm not sure if they moved or when. but thanks for looking! Can I ask where you looked?