Questions About Cork Mount

How can I remove cork wall tiles without damaging the original wall?

I am looking into soundproofing my rooms using cork tiles for the walls. Some websites advise using a liquid adhesive to mount the tiles, while other places sell tiles that have adhesive backs (I am leaning towards the latter). What is the best way to remove the tiles when I no longer need them without damaging the wall underneath? A little paint coming off isn't an issue, since I am able to simply repaint it afterwards.

Looking for plumber / carpenter / handyman that services SW19, London

Looking for plumber / carpenter / handyman that services SW19, London. Hi all -- we have the following bits and bobs we'd like to get done in the next few weeks: * Install new dishwasher and washer dryer * Install new cork flooring in kitchen and nursery * Install new retractable ladder into attic * Replace rotting door frame * Replace shower pump with new one. * Mount couple of large heavy mirrors --- If you have had success with someone at a reasonable price please do pass on their details :)

Not handicrafts AGAIN!

I know we've got some fabulously crafty people hanging out on the Green. What have been some of your best appreciated, cheap Holiday projects? I'm trying to come up with this year's creative, fun, possibly even useful gift project for the Christmas --something so cool as to delight 17 members of my extended family, and yet so cheap as to be do-able, in time for shipping, 17 times on an extremely limited budget. In the past we've done: Birdhouses from scrap wood & salvaged paint (cost: drill bit & finish ~$30) Ornaments from sculpey (One variety pack + string ~$15) Photo calendars from the huge backlog of un-mounted photos on hand (calendars + mounting tape ~$20) Ceramic tile hot plates w cork feet (tile + studio fees & cork...maybe 60$?)