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new zealand custody law?

my husbands son from a previous relationship has been living with ex's parents for three years now because the mother couldnt have him we were not eligable for legal aid so couldnt afford to do anything legally to get him back, he went to his mums for a holiday she decided to keep him her parents were not happy applied to the court for custody the police are going to pick up the child and send him back to the grandparents he is 10 and dosnt want to go, how can this happen why does it seem the grandparents have more rights than either of the parents when there is no issues of care or neglect or abuse they just want him they have money that we just don't have to fight this. he is missing out on growing up with his siblings and family. any advice?

He's sick, I'm scared, and I'm 3000 miles away. Help!

On Tuesday, my boyfriend is having an anterior cervical fusion of C5 and C6 as a result of being on the weak end of a car-bicycle collision. He's in Los Angeles. I'm in Boston. I'm worried, and I have lots of questions. How can I help? He was hit by the car two Thursdays ago, finally made it in to see a doctor (long story) last Monday, and in the intervening week has had four separate and unrelated doctors, including two non-surgeons with no interest in unnecessary surgery, look at him and go, "Oh, shit, it's a good thing you're not paralyzed." So we're pretty sure this is the right thing to do. Flying out isn't really an option, due to the expense and my job, etc., nor is it particularly necessary; he has family and friends in the area who will be around to help. It's rational for me to stay in Boston and go about my life; it doesn't mean it's what I want to do. I've basically been put on internet research detail, but I feel so very helpless and use

can you pls. rate my speech?

Good afternoon everyone. I am here to talk about badminton. Games with a shuttlecock are widely believed to have originated in ancient Greece about 2000 years ago. It was an old children’s game called battledore. In England since medieval times a children's game called Battledore was popular. It was played by many children who tried to keep the shuttlecock in air. In India, the game was called Poona during 18th century. The game was spread via through out the world. In the 1860s, British Army officers in Poona, India, began playing the game of Battledore, but they added a competitive element by including a net. Malaysia, China, Korea, Denmark, Indonesia, and Singapore are the countries who are involved and of strength. The international federation has more than 130 countries now involved in badminton. The Asian now dominate badminton and they continue to be in charge as far as the tournament go.The Badminton World Federation (BWF) was established in 1934 with Canada, Denmark, England,

Buy when its low...

i know of a small business that is doing well profit-wise, but it's owner is a flake and the Feds are threatening to lock the doors and impound the inventory. Help me buy it. Long and short: i installed a server, a workstation and some business software for a small business where a close female friend works part time. its a little niche business, but it does well enough with cash deposits around $4k a month. thats only about 20% percent of its business. the owner is on an 'extended vacation' in New Zealand. Her store seems to be in serious tax trouble. she's been open 15 years and never paid anyone on the books, not even her managers. she sells her wares, but apparently hasnt been paying sales tax. She's missed 3 court dates this year, actually showing up stateside the day AFTER the appearance date. i did my work in September. The software handled all of her business. it would have taken taxes for her employees, paid her taxes (state and federal) and printed tax chec

What are the correct Listen & Win as well as trivia answers for US 99.5 for Monday August 11,2008?

Champions To celebrate the 2008 Olympic games in Beijing China Champions trivia will be all about the Olympic games. Learn about the history of the games, as well as some notable athletes who have competed since the modern games began in 1896 Every gold medal taken home by Ethiopia since 1960 has been in what event? (Enter in the LETTER of the correct corresponding answer). - b) Athletics,Country Music Trivia This artist won the Denbo Diamond Award, the top award given to Oklahoma's young entertainers.(Enter in the LETTER of the corresponding answer) - a)Blake Shelton,Country Music Video On Demand The beautiful Sara Evans sings the lyrics, "Do me right, don't do me wrong," while wearing a yellow outfit against a yellow backdrop, looking almost like Big Bird in the video for _______.(Enter in the LETTER of the correct corresponding answer). - A.Cryin' Game To find the answer, visit. Famous Firsts In 1949, the Federal Bureau of Investi

What book should I read next from my

My Enemy the Queen- Victoria Holt Book Details: My Enemy the Queen tells of the rivalry between two dominating sixteenth-century women - one Lettice Knollys who tells the story, related to Elizabeth through the Boleyns; the other the Queen herself. When Elizabeth came to the throne and wished to help her relatives on her mother's side, Lettice was given a post in the royal household which brought her into close contact with the Queen. Lettice, the most alluring woman at Court, was soon noticed by Robert Dudley, the Queen's favorite, whom many believed she would have married but for the mysterious death of Amy Robsart, his wife. When Elizabeth learned of the secret marriage, her rage was terrible. She called Lettice 'That She-Wolf' and banished her and Leicester from Court - although she soon relented in the case of her favorite and revenged herself on Lettice by keeping him always at her side. Even Leicester's death did not end the conflict, for Elizabeth's hatred of the woman Leices

Do you know who owns everything you read and watch on television?

GENERAL ELECTRIC -- Television Holdings: * NBC: includes 13 stations, 28% of US households. * NBC Network News: The Today Show, Nightly News with Tom Brokaw, Meet the Press, Dateline NBC, NBC News at Sunrise. * CNBC business television; MSNBC 24-hour cable and Internet news service (co-owned by NBC and Microsoft); Court TV (co-owned with Time Warner), Bravo (50%), A&E (25%), History Channel (25%). The "MS" in MSNBC means microsoft The same Microsoft that donated 2.4 million to get GW bush elected. Other Holdings: * GE Consumer Electronics. * GE Power Systems: produces turbines for nuclear reactors and power plants. * GE Plastics: produces military hardware and nuclear power equipment. * GE Transportation Systems: runs diesel and electric trains. ================================================== WESTINGHOUSE / CBS INC. Westinghouse Electric Company, part of the Nuclear Utilities Business Group of British Nuclear Fuels (BNFL) whos #1 on the Board of Directors? None other than: Frank

Should UK-trained Osteopaths who Illegally call Themselves Doctors in a Medical Context be Prosecuted?

[Recent comment]: "You mean [a certain bullshipping osteopath] has a PhD or actually had the balls to go to medical school? Surely not even he would have the audacity to claim he is a Doctor just because he is a UK trained Osteopath [with a bachelor's degree]." That's exactly what he's doing. He claims to use his Doctor title only "occasionally" in his osteopathy/massage practice, but it's likely he will feel the psychic needs to expand usage. The roots are deep: This bogus "Doctor" left school at the age of 16 with no A levels and a serious inferiority complex, so it is highly unlikely any legitimate medical school would take him. He did get accepted into a School of Osteopathy, around that time absorbed by polytechnic-turned-vocational-university Oxford Brookes (not the real Oxford, of course), but it turns out Oxford Brookes School of Osteopathy very nearly closed due to shortcomings so serious it could not get accreditation, and had a nasty reputation for years even after obtaini

Articling for Lawyer moving to Canada?

I'm an Attorney potentially moving to Canada (Vancouver) who needs to go through the articling process, but wants to do it outside of a traditional law firm. What advice can you give? So I will be moving to Vancouver, Canada (yay!) if my spouse moves there with their company (quite likely). I have 4 years of PQE as a Lawyer (3 years in New Zealand as a Barrister and Solicitor of the High Court, and 1 year as an Attorney at Law in the Cayman Islands). In addition I have a further 2 years of other legal experience in the USA (paralegal type roles for non-profits and commercial firms). Most of my legal work has been in non-commercial law fields such as human rights, native land law, immigration, environmental law etc. I have my LLB from NZ, I'm also a good way through my Masters in International Law (LLM) and have a Post Grad Diploma in International Law as well. So - putting aside the whole Certificate of Qualification in Canada (I can deal with the exams, e

Heterosexual Civil Partnerships and UK Law

My girlfriend and I want to do that 'public display of commitment' thing, but we don't want to get married. Heterosexual Civil Partnerships are not yet available in the UK. Can we do it elsewhere with legal status? Or should we wait? Marriage has always been a problem for me. I'm adamantly non-religious, and cannot ritualise my love for someone under a set of legal obligations committed to law in the name of God/The King etc. What's more, having now been to a lot of apparently secular weddings, the issue of female/male equality has also become a nagging problem. One that both my partner and I share. Basically, even our most secular friends have had ceremonies where the registrar has uttered the awful lines, "I now pronounce you man and wife. You may now kiss the bride." Patriarchy is alive and well and my generation seems to be ignoring it. So, we want to get a Civil Partnership, because it is not as rooted in a history of religion ad patriarchy (and

How do I get rid of squatters?

I have just returned from a three week holiday to New Zealand and found squatters have moved into my home and changed the locks. I own the house outright and have lived there continuously for 18 years. Now I am having to sleep on the floor of my friend's apartment. The police say they cannot do anything because I cannot prove the squatters broke into my house and that they must have gained entry legally. I feel totally shocked and desperate. Any advice welcome - I live in the UK. Thank you for all of your helpful advice. I have consulted solicitors and I have been told it takes up to two weeks to get a court order. Fortunately last night the squatters left my house voluntarily. In the meantime they have been eating my food, watching my TV, using my computer and sleeping in my bed. And I have been homeless. Beware - it seems that squatters have more rights than legitimate homeowners.