Questions About Crayon Campus

clueless about teaching street children...Help!!?

I'd like to apologize for It being this long in advance. Please have patience with me. I'm in law school and It's a new building and we have about 20 of the laborer's children living on campus and I feel terrible that I have made no real attempt at teaching them. I'd like to get started and have no clue how to. They are between ages 3-11 I have already bought each child a little drawing book and some crayons . The children will get a snack while being taught. I will spend about an hour a day with them. Language is a little bit of a problem but I can manage. How do i get them interested and what do i teach them and what will I need ? I have a few charts on alphabets and animals and a basket of fake fruits. I don't know what else I will need. I'd like to teach them English before I finish up with law school . I have a year and a half left there. I'd like to teach them about manners and personal hygiene. Should I have treats for them like colorful hair clips for the girls and I don't kn