Questions About Dart Rail

Is it illegal to hop over a small public fence to kill some time?

I was leaving Dallas this New Years Eve on the Dart rail. As i approached the station after a lot of line waiting, I decided to briskly hop over a short fence rather than walking 20 uneccessary meters to the right for an empty section to pass through. I wasn't cutting in line or acting indecently, and there was no way the iron fence would ever break or fall from a small frame like myself (or a larger one, for that matter). I was told by a larger lady police officer (rather rudely) that i "couldn't do whatever I wanted" and then made to hop BACK over the 3ft fence only to walk around it and back to where i was a minute before.. I was very taken aback and felt a little suppressed. Is this America? Has anyone ever heard of Parkour?

ELI5: why did DART (Dallas Area Rapid Transit) shut down its light rail lines due to ice while the kept the busses running?

In the Dec '13 ice storm, DART shut down light rail service for days due to ice while they kept the busses running. (We're talking about an initial accumulation of an inch or two of ice and sleet.) I would think that simply running one train over the ice at slow speed would solve the problem by cru…

Question about DART fares/tickets in Dublin?

I will be traveling to Dublin soon and hope to use DART to get around. I want to buy a three day pass known as the "adult rolling rail 3-day" on the website. But depending on the stations I depart and arrive from, the fares change. Can I buy a three day pass and be allowed to travel between any stations under that price category? If you can, please explain how the DART system works. I'm a little confused and I think it works slightly different than other typical subway/metro systems. Thanks.